Saturday, February 4, 2012

OMG & WOW!!!

Well, I had to start with a Wyatt & dad photo...seems as if they go to the same barber!

Yesterday was a "normal" day at work.  I had some great laughs with a coworker as we contacted patients for next weeks procedures...not that the procedures were funny...or the patients...but there is nothing better about the work day than when you get to work with someone nice...who likes to laugh!

Plus my son was sweet enough to text me a photo of baby Wyatt and that made my whole day!

After work Robin and I went to First Friday at QuiltWorks!  OMG and WOW, it was packed... claustrophobic packed!  The feature quilter brought out the hoards and with good traveling weather it was the perfect combination.  Unfortunately because of the shear volume of the people I could not get photos of the featured quilters...quilts!  So next time Woolie's meet there I will be some great photos.  I did get a few photos of the Valentine, red and white theme...which was wonderful.  How I wish I could have seen the Red & White Quilts exhibit in New York...but this was the next best thing and now I have decided to make my own Red & White Quilt!!!

I have also had a "Bazinga" moment!  While talking with Suzette who pointed out that all the red, white and pink fabrics were on sale...oh yeah I am on a fabric diet!  She asked how long this was going to last...end of March!  Then I realized I was going to be in San Francisco at the end of this month on business.  But due to scheduling issues the meeting I was flying down for has been postponed by 2 days...24 hrs by myself in San am I going to occupy myself???  Hey Colleen???? want to slumber party Thursday night??? and a trip to Benertex????? on Friday???? I am going off my fabric diet that weekend.  My diet is not in effect when I cross state lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the limited slide show...I'll get actual photos of the featured Quilter next week!

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