Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Left My Heart In San Francisco...Wait I'm Still Here!

All I can say is WOW! What a beautiful day in the city! I hopped on the bus and headed to Union Square. I was on the hunt for does not exist because after all these years I discovered it is called Britex!! What an incredible place. 4 stories of all things sewing. I'll have that slide show once I get home.

This was a fascinating window display of floor to ceiling birds and when I took the photo I captured the building reflections.

My sister and I went out for Dim Sum...cause you cannot come to San Francisco without having Chinese.

We did not get to ride in this limo. But I have ridden in a limo in San Francisco...but that story is for another day.

And what would a trip to San Francisco be without a little cross dressing. When I asked "her" if I could take a photo for my quilting blog...she said in a very deep voice..."Honey, you make a quilt out of all this hair and I would love it!". I can say without a doubt...I meet the most amazing people on my travels.
My sister was laughing so hard she pee'd her pants.

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  1. Can hardly wait to see your photos of Britex!! What a fun experience.

  2. Only in San Francisco, can you get dim sum and cross dressers on the same day! Looks like you and Kim are making the most of your time together...looking forward to seeing you'r pix. Love, Colleen

  3. What fun, I havent been to San Francisco in years...take avantage of the weather, cause thats not what we are having here today...can you say snow...

  4. Looks like another great day and definitely some interesting people and great shot of the buildings in the window.


  5. I can't wait for the slide show, I know you are going to have some real interesting pictures after the tease you gave today.