Sunday, February 19, 2012

High & Lows

Life is a series of highs and lows. Lately it seems many of those close to me are sliding down in the lows. What do you do to survive your lows? Post me a comment so the rest of us can get some tips on surviving this experience called life! I tend to do mindless things like playing Solitaire on the computer. Depending on the depth of my low I may not even have the energy to sew...the math take too much work...that quarter inch is a killer! LOL. On the other hand embroidery with one color is mindless and I love the end result!

Starting today this week will be a busy one. I have book club tonight which I am hosting. I chose to host "Bossy Pants" by Tina Fey because I wanted more laughter in my life. I've asked everyone to bring one personal funny story to share. Laughter really is the best medicine in life! And tonight I want to laugh so hard I pee my pants!!!  The beginning of the week I am working and getting ready to fly to California for a meeting...the best part is one of the Fabric Stalkers is picking me up at the airport and we are hitting some of her favorite quilt stores!!! Since I am crossing state lines I am definitely going off my fabric diet!! I am sooooo dang excited.  I have a lot of handwork to prep for the trip....hummm what do I want to do?  It is a good life when you have so many choices.

Finished quilting my blue table runner...I love the binding and I will have a new project done.  This cannot count as a UFO because I purchased the pattern in the last 6 months!

And here is the latest photo of "he who holds the power."  He definitely is one of my highs!  Hard to believe he is only 3 weeks old...he looks so wise!


  1. Yes he does look so wise...and what a sweetie even when they 'hold the power'. Luv your runner...I have a blue one and a red one stitched but not pieced...I'll be working on the piecing soon. I'm working on a few UFO's first...but I will have them finished before the snow flies in is a Christmas gift for 2012. Enjoy your Sunday is a sunny Sunday in Michigan...(o:

  2. Forgot to say...I'm taking a vit D and it has helped me with feeling low...enjoy California!!

  3. I totally agree about the vit. D. It has helped me alot, have fun in Calif. find some fabric that makes you giggle when you see it, thats what
    I do.

  4. I do exactly what you do. In January I lost my 17 year old kitty Gabby and last Friday we had to have our 13 year old dog Sofie put down. Needless to say, a lot of computer games and redwork done. Also worked on wool appliqué that was already prepped. Hope you have a good trip. Things will get better with time.

    1. Hey Jan, I couldn't send you an email because you come across as a "no reply to comment" I have instructions on the right hand side of the blog on how to change that.

      I had to put down my 14 yr old toy poodle and I still get choked up when i think of him. Be kind to yourself.

  5. Yep Vit D. and getting out in the sun when it comes out always helps my mood. ;-) Love your snowmen! At 6 months, I'd call it a UFO. Love the photo of 'he holds the power'~ such a wise one! Yay on fabric shopping! have a fun trip!!

  6. Wyatt is darn cute! Have a good trip to California, ummmmm, just don't forget about Anne and I "starving" up here on our diet, LOL
    See ya at Woolies!

  7. Loved the runner. Can you tell me the name of the pattern? Enjoy your trip.

  8. I do the same thing, when I am in that mood, I blow up angry birds, lol.
    Some days, it is enough to just get through it and see what tomorrow brings. Today I am in a sewing mood, but had to take a break since it is hand quilting.


  9. Hope you have a great week with lots of "highs" - enjoy your shopping across the state line!

  10. I love your blue embroidered table just might inspire me to start one for my old kitchen table that I have taken the table cloth off of...sun, walking and rest, usually help me when I am low and Christian friends help lift me too!!

  11. When I'm feeling down, I frequently resort to those mindless computer games....and find that it allows my mind to focus on the negatives, which causes me to be even further down!

    Here's what works for me to lift me up when I'm down: I count every single blessing in my life, specifically, even if it's just a tiny one.....I exercise, whether it's walking outside or on a treadmill or stationery bike, the endorphins tend to kick in and I start not only feeling better, but start seeing the beauty in things, which makes me feel blessed to have seen them....I spend a day outside, usually in my backyard, and just "be" rather than taking out a book or hand project to focus on. The sun's vitamin D will cause your physical being to heal itself if you're not physically up to par, or just plain work better, as well as your emotional and mental being. Before you know it, you are hearing the sounds of birds singing or bees buzzing or children laughing, etc and have begun to feel better....praying for family and friends, because as I start focusing on the problems and suffering of others I can see that what has me down is not so horrible generally....spending time with a loved one or a friend, whether we just sit in silence or have deep conversations about our dreams in life or a book we just read, just being with that person helps....forcing yourself to put down your concerns or problems that are causing you to be down, to do something nice or good for someone else. Doing something that helps someone else always makes me feel good, and frequently lets me see that there are others in far worse situations and how blessed that I really am....finally, people watch. Just go somewhere that there are a lot of people and sit and watch people. I met a husband and love of my life that way! lol And they were actually the same person!

    Have fun across state lines, but just remember that the "law" states clearly that if you actually buy something, you must send it to me! roflol Kiss California for me and take a great photo of something beautiful if you're going to be in the Bay Area, and share it with me so that I can get going to Los Gatos Roasting Company and having a cup of their delicious mocha java while sitting outside on the little retaining wall, people watching. One of my favorite things to do!

  12. Hey there GF! I love that runner and that baby is just the sweetest thing! Enjoy your trip. I don't really get too down very often, I think its because I'm so busy. I find when I am not constantly busy I have time to feel a little low. Like this past month of being home, ACK! I go back to work tomorrow and the only thing that would be better is getting back to the gym. I find exercise helps my mood a LOT. Also, I find that I feel best when doing things for others. Hope that helps!

  13. Hi Anna!
    Il tuo blog è molto bello, le tue creazioni mi hanno fatto innamorare...Lovely, mi piacerebbe molto saperle realizzare!!
    Wonderful Baby!!
    Un abbraccio forte, *Maristella*.

  14. Wow - that blue table runner is stunning! blessings, marlene