Thursday, February 23, 2012

The City of Love

I am venturing into uncomfortable territory. I have traveled all over the world and can duck and jive with the best of them. But traveling by myself and checking into a hotel alone...not my favorite thing. My whole day was made easier because my friend Julie who is one of the Fabric Stalkers was picking me up at the airport and spending the day quilt shopping. The flight was smooth and short because my seat mate was a pleasant woman who had recently relocated to Central Oregon and was heading to Arizona to drive back with her DH who had just retired. We talked the entire way!
Julie picked me up and we headed quilt shopping. You won't see those photos until I get back home because I haven't figured out how to do the sideshows on the iPad. The amazing thing is that at the first shop we were told there was a quilt show at the fair grounds!!! Which means...Vendor Mall!
When we got there it turned out not to be a quilt show but a quilt giant Vendor mall!!! Now you'd think that I would have gone stark raving mad but in fact the quilt diet has done something wonderful...turned me into a discerning shopper! Who would have thought. I bought one wool kit for the wall hanging called "Crow Gossip" in Primitive Quilts Magazine!
The city of love was in her full glory! Warm, sunny and did I say warm.

See the Golden Gate peeking out the top right side of the photo. The shots were taken from the balcony of my room.

This is way different than the town of Bend...I know the ocean is just over that hill!

Here is a photo of my room. There are 2 beds and a Japanese style shower.

And here is my savior! And creator of a awesomely fun day...Julie! Look at her standing so calmly in a vendor mall with NO package in her hands! After the vendor mall we visited one more quilt store and had Gyros for lunch...yummy.

Tomorrow I take the bus to Union Square and try to find Benertex...7 stories of all that is sewing!!!
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  1. Looks like you are having a fun time, I am not a city person, but sometimes it is nice to go to one and enjoy all they have to offer.


  2. Wow! sun and warmth in SF...good timing on your part :-) Love the looks of your hotel room. I'm glad a Fabric Stalker is there to enjoy the quilting wealth of the city with you. Good for you learning will pay off! and you'll still have some good finds. Life is good here too :-)

  3. Your trip sounds wonderful so far. Best wishes for lots more fun.

  4. Julie has definite will power to resist buying something at the expo! lol Now I'm going to have to look up the kit you bought..and the magazine.

    All of your photos of "The City" (San Francisco) are making me homesick. I sure hope that you find Benartex ok...and don't accidentally stumble into Princess Mirah by mistake. lol

  5. I hope you found benertex. It is wonderful. small, compact but Full to the brim with great fabric! It's on Maiden lane if I remember correctly. Lizzie

  6. A beautiful day in "The City" is beyond compare. I was in Sacto on the same day and it was 75 degrees! I'm home now and it's been snowing steadily since 6am! Huh?