Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Time Cloak"

A team of physicists at Cornell University have created a wrinkle in time which they have called "temporal cloaking,"  Inside it things can occur that are entirely undetectable to the ordinary observer.  I think this is where my grieving has been lurking behind a "time cloak."  The only way I can tell it is there is because i cry at the drop of a hat and I am tired all the time.  So, yesterday after work I came home and fell asleep at 2:00 in the afternoon!  I was awoken by a call from my supervisor who said they are granting me 3 "bereavement" days.  It was like a gift of oxygen.  And so, I have a block of time to regroup.

...and I can regroup in my new chair.  This is the most comfortable chair to sit and stitch.  Even Robin says it is comfortable...the only draw back for her is that she can't fit her dog Brim in with her! LOL

I LOVE the fabric! is a peek at what I have been working on.  When you can't really concentrate, redwork...or in this case bluework in perfect.  One thread color and with the transfer-eze, you just follow the lines.  I have 3 snow people done and 2 more to go.

Have a relaxing Thursday!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you've gotten some bereavement time from work. The blue work is good therapy, as it allows the brain and heart to rest and do their healing work with the time.

  2. I've started those snowmen, but you're already way ahead of me!!!! (smile)

  3. Love the new chair and the beautiful nature toile fabric - perfect! The bluework is so cute and appropriate for your snowmen!

    How very thoughtful and caring your employer is to give you the time off - hope you take time for yourself that you need. Enjoy some quiet reflections and things that make your heart happy! Will be thinking of you....

  4. It is just what you need. I did the same thing, was in school and finals, so had to deal with that and host the family and never really got to grieve. It will be nice for you to sit back and reflect and work on some projects to help you on your new journey in life.


  5. Thinking of you Anna....I'm feeling like you...cry at the drop of a hat...I'm tired all the time but can't seem to sleep. When I should be sleeping my mind is working overtime and I'd swear my heart is about to jump out of my chest....there is a lot of stress in my life at the moment and I have been keeping it all bottled up. I feel the bottle is about to burst....for the first time in my life my Dr. says I have high blood pressure....just something else to worry about. I'm working on the 'Snow Happens' bluework too and I'm about as far along as you are with the stitching. Robin in coming out with 2 new designs....a redwork bunny one for spring/Easter and it is so darn cute.... and a garden one....and she says she has more designs in the works...take time for yourself. Pauline

  6. Love the 'blue' work and the chair looks cozy, Take Care!

  7. Hi Anna, I had to work thru Mom's life to deal with her death. Journaling helped as did making a quilt of her riding her bike thru her garden into the light. Put some crazy quilt stars in, you can guess how that fits. Maybe you just need time to reflect on how her quirks affect your present life. So glad you got some time off. Love, MaryJo

  8. So glad you got some time from work - it's really important. That being said, be prepared for those "time cloak" moments when you least expect them. My Dad passed fourteen years ago and I still have moments, although they are now just that and I find I can quickly go into a happy memory of him. Mom passed 3 years ago next week and my moments of sadness are still sharp. It's all just part of the process. Thank heavens we have our handwork to keep us sane! I don't know how other people cope.
    I love your chair. I bought two big overstuffed chairs this year - totally love them!
    Just continue to take care of yourself and good luck with your UFO/PIG plans! Looking forward to seeing final projects!