Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Soul Food

As I walk through this period of time, reflecting on the past...my family...and figuring out what I want from the next few chapters of my life...I am seeking ways to nurture the soul.  Historically not much of a cook I decided to AGAIN try to cook something worth eating.  Split Pea Soup.  Why I do not know!  I have a memory of driving down Hwy 101 in California with my family and stopping at a place called Split Pea Andersons???  They served "all you can eat" Split Pea Soup...but really, how much split pea soup can one eat on a road trip?! Anyhoo, for whatever reason that is what I chose to make.  The recipe was right on the bag of split peas.  The real hurdle was...HH doesn't eat pea soup.  After dropping some soup off to Robin who loves pea soup I stopped at Baldy's BBQ and picked up dinner for HH.  And there we stood in the kitchen, me with my soup and HH with his rib eye sandwich...we were both happy!

Oh Yeah....it didn't stop there.  HH's favorite cookies are oatmeal so I tried a batch from the Martha Stewart Cookie cookbook.  In my opinion are not near as good as Julie's at work but HH loved that I made him cookies and he said they taste good.

Finally...geesh...she sure is jabbering way too much and not about quilting!  Here is a photo of the WIP (work in progress) of a UFO that has languished in my sewing room for a while.  I purchased the pattern and fabrics in 2010 on a trip to Holly Hills with some of the Fabric Stalkers.  It sat in my sewing room until Spring 2011 when I completed one row of large presents.  Then back to the floor in the corner until this week.  I do believe this UFO will be one of the 2012 successes!

have a Terrific Tuesday!


  1. I'm not much for split pea soup, but there is a town in CA that has a name just like you said...here's the url for it: http://www.peasoupandersens.net/index.shtml Personally, I'd have gone for the steak sandwich though.

    As for the cookies, my DH's family has a secret recipe from his late grandma for oatmeal raisin cookies, so they are a favorite at our house.

    I love the WIP with it's Christmas theme. What a good UFO to choose! You'll be ready for Christmas and it's only January!

  2. I got a top quilted yesterday, one down and oh Several to go, thats where i desided to start. My plan is to try to get all of my tops quilted and so far i have 3 ready to bind

  3. I like split pea, need to try it, since I can't eat canned.
    My problem is finding recipes that I can modify, but still taste good.


  4. Hi Anna- love that pattern. I also love pea soup. It is usually a tradition here that when the Xmas ham is almost finished, I put the hambone in a pot with a packet of split peas, diced onion,and carrot and top with water and just simmer away until peas are soft and the meat falls off the bone, I then remove the bone and chop the meat up and return it to soup, then season with salt- ( I leave this until last as some ham is saltier than others.) :)

  5. Just in case you didn't know...Pea Soup is my favourite ALL TIME soup!! If it is the soup of the day at a restaurant that we are at I ALWAYS change whatever I was planning on ordering to the soup of the day! ALWAYS...it's a given! I have had pea soup twice since being on holidays!! LOVE it! Just sayin...
    Love the quilt...looks finished to me!!
    Take care!

  6. Split pea soup is a favourite of mine thanks to my Dutch grandmother.

    I boil my ham separately and after a few hours I pull it out and let it cool.

    Add 1 bag of split green peas, grate at least one large carrot, one potato [I leave the peel on for extra fibre] and chop up one large onion. Add a bay leaf and leave to simmer.

    Remember to stir the pot often, or the peas will settle onto the bottom and burn.

    Cut up and add your ham once the soup has thickened and peas are all soft.

    Add salt and pepper to taste, I don't add any salt when it is cooking and let the person eating the soup do it to their own taste as some ham is very salty.

    This freezes wonderfully and is great to take to work and microwave.


  7. Love the Christmas present quilt - how fun and a UFO too! The soup and cookies look wonderful - makes me want to go bake some cookies. Enjoyed reading about the split pea soup from the comments - may have to give it a try. Food and quilting nurturing body and soul!