Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quilting In America 2010

As reported by our very own Marilyn (who only spent $494.68 on quilting in 2011) the latest statistics on Quilting in America!  This is only the 6th in a series of studies done since 1994  with the intent of determining the amount of time and money spent on their hobby.  

As of 2010 the total number of quilters in the US exceeds 21 million.
The Quilting household spent an average of $219 in 2010 (Marilyn is above average)
Dedicated Quilters spent more than $600 per year on quilting-related purchases (Marilyn is not dedicated)
The Majority (85%) have a room dedicated to quilting activities (Marilyn is in the  Majority)
In the past 12 months each spent an average of $144.10 on thread (Marilyn didn't...Beth did)

As you can see by the photo...Marilyn is quite happy and smug with her $494.68 total purchases! LOL

Now on to what Sandy has been up too in the last couple of weeks!  I love this first is a pillow!  just not stuffed yet.

This one is stuffed...and sooooo dang cute!

Sandy finished this UFO and hand quilted it!

...and like snowflakes...see what girlfriends can do when they stick together!

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