Friday, January 6, 2012

Quilt Blocks By The Inch

Hummm...I am trying to find creative ways in order to stimulate the quilting juices.  I could hire a Quilting Slave Driver...but, I found in my search that it would require me to start more projects.  Because, my slave driver would need a quilted loin cloth!

And then...I thought why not quilt by the inch?!  Yesterday I dedicated the day to quiet time in my sewing between paper work.  Since my summer stars were still lying around I decided to work on them.  They are labor intensive with 12,  1 1/2 inch pieces making up each block.  I was able to make 5 of them which now gives me a 3 inch stack of stars!!!

I still have 35 more stars to make...some other day...

BUT, today I decided to really throw myself over the top!  Since going on this fabric diet, which is now 6 days old I have been entering every "Free" Give Away in Blogland! LOL  and I have been printing out "Free" patterns...what is wrong with me?  I already have a million patterns, kits and fabric yardage!  It is kinda like my patients who cannot eat or drink the day of surgery...omg...they'll eat or drink up until 11:59 PM and then come in talking about what they are going to have as soon as they blow this pop stand!

You ask...what might put me over the top??? The "Free" Scrappy Plate Club at Bunny Hill Designs.  I have always...I mean ALWAYS wanted to make a Dresden plate quilt!  Oh yeah...I am gonna be digging through my stash today, unless I win some fabric Give Away on the net!



  1. Anna, your blog always makes me smile, but today I laughed out loud. Thanks for a good start to my day.

  2. I agree with "mariebeers" I really needed a laugh this AM and got it with your message! I also love the Bunny Hill Scrappy Plate Club quilt and I have over 300 polk-a-dot fat quarters. I don't have to buy a thing!! My cup of tea is got so I better get busy - have a good day.

  3. Thank you Anna, you made me smile today. I have some of the very best blogging friends. I just read Pat's posting today on She said...'It (quilting) is about relationships and has enormous power to heal, bring joy, and form amazing friendships' sEw true. Her posting brought tears to my eyes. I too have always wanted to make a Dresden plate quilt and I'm so excited about this QAL. Anne is the absolute best....can make my heart sing with a smile and laugh that is always contagious, she is an amazing friend. My sister emailed me today and she said do something good for yourself today. I did, plucked the nasty chin hairs out and felt better already...doesn't take much. Have a wonderful day Anna

  4. There are way too many free patterns and contests to tempt us, lol.
    I need to finish something for a group and want to do some hooking later.


  5. Thanks for the smile today, Anna - I think I need a quilting slave driver myself - instead of thinking about finishing UFO's, I am also printing out new patterns and projects. I have just finished the 12 blocks of the mystery quilt that Temecula Quilt Co. offered, want to begin the Just Takes Two year long mystery quilt, Kathleen Tracy's 12 monthly minis and now Bunny Hill Scrappy Plate Club! Love it in the polka dots and am so jealous of Sandy with 300 FQs, but have a large 30's stash to use and already have the template! Oh me, oh my - whatever is a girl to do? Send me that quilting slave driver pronto!

  6. Gracias por el post,aun tengo la sonrisa puesta.

    He visto los platos de Bunnyhill y tambíen me han entrado ganas de hacerlo y espero que tu dieta no dure mucho,por aquí empiezan las rebajas y la semana que viene espero ir.


  7. I just want to say thank you for all your support. I try to write back to every email I get but if you are a no-reply follower I can't send a response and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you reading and hanging out with me.

  8. Roflol And so it goes....the fabric diet definitely will make you more creative about stretching your fabrics without spending money. Another idea is to take fabrics you don't like so much and offer to trade like amounts with your friends.

    I'm going to have to go check out that Bunny Hill design, though I've made a scrap Dresden Plate about 4 years ago.