Friday, January 13, 2012

Quiet River

Quiet River was mom's place in Bend.  When family or friends came the door was opened as long as you followed the "book of rules."  The Fabric Stalkers have been enjoying an in-town retreat each February when winter seems to be dragging on and we just needed a little girlfriend/sewing time.  It is different then our other retreats because we can zip away for appointments or obligations knowing our sewing machine and projects are waiting. 

The Fabric Stalkers made some Asian themed quilt blocks with Jane donating the center blocks in memory of mom.  Robin put the blocks together in a wonderful setting, pieced the border and then had our favorite LA quilt it up with all kinds of wonderful Asian designs.  She brought it over to me yesterday when 4 of us gathered for some sewing time. blew me away!  My heart was beating so hard in my chest.  Although my mom believed quilting put weight on ((lol))...I know deep down she was proud that I could sew and she loved that the Fabric Stalkers stayed at Quiet River.  Even when we took a break from the retreat she continued to tell everyone in her neck of the woods that we were quilting away up here! LOL Robin pieced her initials in the border!!!  She would have loved this!!!

Absolutely stunning because of all the love and support woven into the quilt!

I love this border piecing!

This made me cry....I miss my mom but I am blessed with girlfriends.
(backing fabric made in Korea!)

They look innocent...

I know some of you have already seen this video but for those that have not it is a tribute to a woman...who lived life to the fullest and dragged her friends along!

Happy days at Quiet River!  The quilt will hang in the living room at Quiet River as a tribute to the power of friendship.

Have a fantastic Friday!

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