Monday, January 2, 2012

OMG...It's Already Jan. 2nd!!!

The title of this blog says it all...when I reread yesterdays blog which I do each day looking for any spelling errors that might have slipped through...I was shocked!  What am I crazy!  It is too much!  I am not a magician or am I ever going to be able to do all that I have set before me????  Then I got an email from Mary (a woolie follower from the Southwest) and she has been doing all of this and more for 3 years!!! and 2012 is year #4!!!  Mary, you are my guru!    

Instead of clicking my heels together and say, "There's no Place like home" I am going to chant, " you can finish 1 UFO each month, make a holiday project each month, machine quilt one project each month and not buy any fabric for 3 months."  I need new shoes.

Anyhoo, Robin came over all excited to show her 2011 "finished" Free BOM mystery.  BJ's Quilt Basket has a new BOM each year.  They provide the pattern and fabric for the block with you adding a piece from your stash or purchasing new fabric.  They always provide at least 2 different colorways to appeal to different quilters.  Robin chose brights, I chose 30's (mine is officially a WIP)  This program is on the 1st Saturday of each month and you can do it by mail.  You get the next months block free if you have finished the previous months block.  For those long distance you just send a photo of your block.  Tell them the Woolie sent ya!  The biggie, and why Robin's is done...anyone who has their top pieced by the first meeting of the New Year gets their names in a drawing for Quilting by Long Arm Magician Sandy!

Yesterday was day 1 for all the challenges I have set before me.  I started by going through my tops and deciding which ones I wanted to start with...and...then seeing if I had backing fabric.  Here is the backing for an Asian wall hanging.  It was fabric that I used from my stash to make curtains for HH's office a few years ago.  A couple of years later they built a new building, put him on the top floor with a spectacular view.  Which meant the curtains came home. I couldn't part with the fabric.  I have always loved this fabric and am happy that it will get new life.

Here is the thing about UFO's, Pig, and WIP's.  They ended up in that pile because you either don't like the project, grew disenchanted with the fabrics or like me got distracted by a new project.  The hard part is figuring out where you left off and how you originally organized the construction.  So exists my Summer Stars BOW.  I love them but I have a million of them to make.   I decided to try a novel approach to my challenges.  Create a PLAN.  For sewing time will be dedicated to Summer Stars.

But first HH and I have to go to the movie and see Sherlock Holmes!  Have a great Monday!


  1. are too funny! I am going to look through my stash to see if I have any red's and whites to make a free BOM that started ysteday..if not, then I am off to Fabric Depot! I know that I never buy white, so its a given that I will need some of that and my reds are usually with a lot of print in them...will see.

    Enjoy your movie and I hope its "A sparkley Day in Central Oregon!"

    My husband and need to retire there....He can retire and I can teach or substitute teach!


  2. That is my problem, I start something, then get inspired by something else, put it away and then forget what I was doing, lol. I decided that when I start a new project, I will make up a project sheet with the design idea, sizes and fabrics I plan on using, so I don't forget;)


  3. Oh happy day! I found enough reds and whites to start my BOM. I saved money today!!!

  4. You are well ahead of me! Haven't started my January yet -lol. Too many things to do and quilty is my pleasure (apparently along with blogging). I really like those stars! - very pleasing.

  5. You sound like you belong in our club here in the Mid-Valley---we all have UFO's, WIP, and PIG's. Plus I also do some shop samples, so they come first and my stuff gets behind. I go through my unfinished basket and pick one thing I'm not fond of anymore and it gets donated to 'someone' ~~ one less thing I have to finish. Have a Happy New Year.

  6. My problem is i love doing tops, love the colors and the combo of different patterns, then it comes time to quilt. But at that stage i always see another top i want to try. I have a bin full of tops.

  7. My dilemma is the projects that I want to do for myself get pre-empted by projects I need to get done as gifts for others. I'm not complaining; I really like making things for others, but sometimes I just want to get something done for me. I'll work on that. Happy New Year!

  8. Your stars are awesome - and so perfect! Love them! Robin's quilt was gorgeous - always tempted by those BOM's, but they can quickly get out of hand if you have too many of them - my problem last year. Anyway, back to making my list of 12 UFO's for the new year - the problem is which 12? Hope the movie was great!

  9. LOL Instead of repeating such a long and scary mantra while wearing out the heels of your shoes, follow the rule that I've learned to live by....Never eat anything bigger than your head!!! lol In other words, don't tackle that huge ball of stuff all at the same time, find a way that works for you, whether it's a day planner, tablet, journal, a white board, or index cards pinned across the top of a bulletin board in your sewing room. One for each task. In my day planner, at the beginning of each month, there are two pages after the calendar of the month. I use one to list all of the challenges or major tasks/programs that I've got for goals for that month.

    Once it's written down, I don't have to keep it all in my head. Then I try to use one of the items to be done (i.e. finishing a UFO) to accomplish at least one other item (or more) on that list (i.e. FMQ project to be photographed for that challenge). If you're lucky, you can use it for 2 or more and wipe out 3 at once! I'm in not 2 but 2 UFO Challenges, so if I do the FMQ to finish my chosen UFO, I've knocked out 3 of my 6 January projects or goals. That makes my list much more manageable....and if I have finished that UFO to give as a Christmas gift for 2012, I've knocked out 4 of my 6!!! If I use my "UGLY" fabric and didn't need to buy any more fabric in finishing that UFO gift, I've knocked out all 6 of my January goals/projects!!

    Take the time to have a planning session and do some "ground work" before deciding what you are going to do to fulfill all of those challenges or goals. Here's one to help in the choice of the UFO's...Make up a spreadsheet for each UFO you can find, putting all of the fabrics, notions, patterns, etc all together in a ziplock or box or some other container. Give it the name of how you think of it (i.e. Suzie's blue quilt), what stage of development it's in, approximate size, any other info that you can remember about the UFO, date (including the year, if you can remember) started, and a place to put the date when you've finished it. I also add a column for how many of them there are to be done if it was a multiple project (I have one UFO that I was doing 8 of them!), and a column for how many of them are done when you've finished.

    It's a lot of work, but it accomplishes a few things. First, it's easy to see how many you have and what is left to be done on each. Second, it may give you some insight to an issue that needs improvement (many of mine are at the stage where they need FMQ to be done...I need improvement to remove that roadblock). Third, it's easy to choose your next UFO to complete, as you can prioritize by color of the text when you made the list. Fourth, by having a column for the quantity of each UFO, you can have a total at the bottom of the "to be done" AND the "finished!!" columns to see the progress you've made!

    Just a few organizational thoughts that have really helped me . Last year in my local guild I won a prize...for second place in how many finished UFOs I got done. BTW...I have a separate spreadsheet list for USO's (Unstarted Objects...I think you call those PIGs), and yet another with ideas (including all details, materials, embellishments, etc) for quilts that I can use when I need inspiration.

  10. The spreadsheet for UFOs....I meant that you make up ONE spreadsheet and list ALL UFO's on it as separate lines...not one UFO per spreadsheet. Sorry if I confused anyone!

  11. I have four tops quilts,two runner and some projects that I joined last year and will be finished this year and I`d like to empty my top bin