Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Friends & Old Friends

Remember earlier this week in a post I said I was going to treat my UFO's as friends instead of enemies.  In my mind (scary place) I had made a rule that I wouldn't start any new project until I got my old ones done.  Yesterday, I had another moment...WHY??? would I make this rule???  I can feel the stress even as I write it here!  I have reclaimed my sewing room as a "No Flogging Zone" and made it again a place I love.  No, I did not burn any sage, nor chant and cast any spells.  I just stood in the middle of it and told my brain..."you're not the boss of me!" and let my heart take over.

There is nothing wrong with making new friends.  I love new friends.  I love it when I check my follower list and I see a new face...so, why would I deny a new project...just because there are old ones around.  With that said...I have seen  positive outcomes with the Fabric Diet. But, I know for a fact that I will only be on it for one quarter (sorry Sandy and Anne)  It has helped me realize I have really cool fabrics that I ignore for the ease of just going in a shop and picking out all the supplies needed for a project. But, I also feel like I am punishing myself by denying that which I might need for a really wonderful project.  Hummm maybe what I need to think about is that whatever project I choose to start it has to have some fabric from my stash included!?

Here is a peek at a new friend. A FREE BOM from the Raspberry Rabbit.  The first block is sooo dang sweet.  I have already prepped my fabrics (from my stash) for the entire project, which is wall hanging size.  And, I had enough of the tone of brown wool for 6 months of the rabbits.  I'll be off the diet by the time I need more brown.

Here is an 'ol friend.  Block 10 of the Summer Penny Garden BOM by Primitive Gatherings.  Only 2!!!  2 more blocks to go! and then there is a substantial wool applique border.  Isn't this the most beautiful block!

Tomorrow a HUGE SURPRISE!!!  Today I am heading over to Sisters for a class and after class I am going to be visiting Jean Wells at her home!  Tomorrow I'll have photos of her sewing studio!!! and stash!!!!  I know there have been articles featuring her spectacular home but there is nothing like a different perspective...and a Woolie one at that!


  1. I love you latest wool block. I'm doing that BOW too, and I finished #8 and started #9 yesterday. I also purchased the finishing kit. Wonder when I'll get that far???? Watching your progress spurs me on. Thank you! (smile)

  2. I'm happy you decided to let go of your "rules". Quilting should be fun for us and no stress - sounds like you are creating a happy medium! I like Jo Morton's one rule - - keeping your rotary cutter closed -that's it!

    Loved the bunny and snowman block and your wool applique - very nice! I'm so excited about the surprise - can't wait to see Jean Wells' sewing studio! Enjoy your class tomorrow!

  3. I try to alternate one new project with one old project, so that they both get worked on. I mean, how do new projects become old in the first place? Presumably old was also new at some point but then you either got stuck on a phase or got excited about something newer and switched. Telling myself that I need to just get this ONE old project out of the way before I can work on that new one usually helps me get through whatever made me stash the old one in the first place. And that way both old and new friends get my attention!

  4. I don't comment very often - usually a lurker but I have to leave a comment. :-)

    Be kind to yourself regarding your projects (old or new) - just enjoy whatever makes your heart smile.

  5. I really love that block, so will save it and see what else comes up. I haven't done much of anything, fighting off a cold or something, so just goofing off this week;)


  6. Me alegro que te saltes tus normas porque los nuevos trabajos son preciosos!

  7. oh how lucky are you! Jean has always been an inspiration to me over the years in my quiltmaking.
    I can't wait to see her studio!!!! and of course the fabric stash....

    thanks and oh ufo's I am working on them too

  8. Making a hard and fast rule to not do any new projects until you finish the UFO's is just crazy talk!! lol It just makes you want to do them even more. The one per month that you originally set out to do, should be a much better goal. Notice that I didn't say rule??? There are some UFO's that are going to take more than a month to finish. What then?? Huh?? Huh?? lol