Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lucky Charm

Before I begin today's jabber, jabber I wanted to talk about the front door at Jean Well's house.  There has been some curiosity about how it functions.  When I first walked up I literally stood there wondering how you get in or let someone know you are outside.  It is least 5 inches or more thick.  Heavy.  I wondered if you were just supposed to talk to it...kinda like Dorothy outside the Wizard's palace.  Then I noticed a doorbell recessed into the carving on the frame.  The door does not have a handle on the outside.  It is secured by a bolt that slides into the flooring on the inside.  It swings open by a push from the inside and rotates open on post...most amazing and beautiful!

Tuesday I had my Lucky Charm class.  It is a series where you can use the 5 inch charm packs to make something.  Tuesday's class was a Valentine Day table runner and it will be the first time I will have a Valentine project actually done by Valentine's Day!!! Since it was freezing cold and snowing in Bend Enzo accompanied me to class hanging out in the car waiting for me to come and give him breaks...he is such a good little guy!

Hope you enjoy the slide includes some of my classmates show 'n tell, class samples for the Stitchin' Post upcoming schedule and of course a visual shopping trip!

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  1. You should be a cub reporter. (Actually you are) You do a great job of getting the out the news on what's going on the the quilting world, especially in Central Oregon. Love your blog!!

  2. Wow~ lots of eye candy there! :-) We got snow too~ and rain and ice~ branches are falling left and right. :-( Have a happy day!

  3. What wonderful quilts and projects - thanks for letting us inside the Stitchin' Post - lots of inspiration there. Can't wait to see your foot stool! Glad Enzo had fun in the snow!

  4. Oh how fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!! Love to see how everyone picks the most wonderful fabrics that reflect them!

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  5. Will try this again and see if I can get it in the right place.

    Maybe it's a good thing I don't live very close to Sisters. I would be going to classes all the time. Love all your pictures but sometimes wish I could enlarge them to take a closer look and Thanks!!