Tuesday, January 3, 2012

In The Blink Of An Eye

I am still spending a good portion of my brain matter thinking about 2012.  I have my "word" for 2012 (grace) and I have my quilt challenges laid out before me. But, the biggest impact on my ruminations has been the passing of my mother and the recent passing of my mother "SO."  He would be appalled to be refereed by this moniker.  They met around 1980 when he sailed into the harbor and stayed.  They had been inseparable, sailing and traveling the world.  They both lived large and were committed to each other.  His life totally changed when mom had her first illness in May 2011.  At 94 he couldn't stay by himself and so was displaced to his children.  Then, there was the note on her calendar...Ernie was coming home.  She died 2 days before that was going to happen.  He said he lived a good life and that he had a great run with mom.  He would hang on till Christmas but there was no reason for him to stay any longer...and so on Dec. 31st he peacefully left this life...not taking one step into a new year.  They were together longer than my parents were before my dad passed. He was the only grandfather my sons ever knew. He had lost 2 wives, his first in childbirth while he was away in the military and the second to cancer after raising 3 additional children.  They were two committed, hardworking individuals that found a way to create a life together.  Soooo, 2012 for us will be one of change because we will be paying attention at our age to what we want our life to look and feel like.  We have had 2 individuals who have given us many lessons.  And, we now know...that life can change in the blink of an eye.

Yesterday was a peaceful day spent with HH.  Much to my surprise he had the day off. I got up early and pieced a couple of stars while listening to a book on CD.  After breakfast we took a walk on the river trail behind our house and came upon this little tree that someone had hiked to and decorated for the holidays.  Enzo was so funny....he knew this was not normal and so stretched his body way out...not getting too close to the alien tree but allowing him to sniff the balls for danger.

The as we were heading back and cut through a grassy field we came upon this sight on a picnic bench.  Someone had found a pair of glasses and put them in a baggie hoping for the owner to return and find them.  I love the people of Central Oregon!

Hope you have a good Tuesday.  That there will be sewing and friends involved.


  1. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Ernie, especially so soon after the loss of your mother, but that is frequently the way of things when a couple loves each other so much for so long. Scientifically, I haven't a clue, but then, I don't think science has much to do with something like that. It only has to do with the heart.

    The tree is fun, but my favorite is the pair of glasses on the table. It makes me wonder if their owner is sitting somewhere trying to remember where they were when they lost them. It also makes me wonder what they were doing that caused them to become lost and whether they didn't notice the loss at first or just couldn't find them.

    Have fun with your stars!

  2. My husband's grandparents were like that. His grandmother died and then it was 6 months his healthy grandfather died. My mother-in-law said he did not have the will to live anymore. That is probably what it is. I am sorry for your losses.

  3. I find that so sweet, he followed her home.
    My mom died about a year after my dad, I think with some people you truly do become one.

    Getting cold here, so time to stay inside and get going on my projects.


  4. Greetings, Anna, from a fellow central Oregon quilter! :-) Sorry to have found you under such circumstances; I'm so sorry for your losses! I just happened by while blog-hopping this evening and was so pleased to find another Bend-area quilter. Hope you'll stop by and visit my blog and site, too. Very best wishes to you and yours, and my condolences and wish for brighter days to come in this new year.

    Blessings and Best,
    Jodi Farm
    Bend, Oregon
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    (Hannah's Blog: http://www.hannahspinkeep.blogspot.com )

  5. OM dear, my heart goes out to you and your family. My mom has been gone over 10 years now and my father is aging (85). I was not as close to her but I don't know what I am going to do when he passes, I just try not to think about it! Rest a lot and take care of yourself. I found I was ok most days until the next Mother's day, I broke down in the store when I saw the Mother's day cards, silly huh? Hang in there! BIG HUGS!!!!!