Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello, My Name is Anna...and this is Day 1

Yesterday was a perfect day for me.  You'd have to understand the inner mechanics of my brain to know what a perfect day is...not because it was a sunny day, nor a day filled with fabric...but, in fact is a day where my brain is being fed information (OMG...the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree!) and I receive lots of good information that helps me figure out what the next step will be.  I AM a totally goal oriented person.  I think I might have been a greyhound dog in a former life and someone put the bunny on the track in front of me.

After dealing with some issues related to the recent events in our family's life I headed to the dentist to get a new set of retainers.  Here I am AARP and yes, I do wear retainers.  But, this small step in doing something that is necessary for healthy teeth I started down the path of "what else can I do."  The next stop was Woolies.  Some of my favorite people.  Joyful, informative and supportive. 2 of my fellow woolies are also on the fabric there was a lot of conversation about how good "THEY" felt about the fabric diet. #$%^ I wonder if they got home to THIS in their mailbox.  The fabric devil does tempt...I could just picture myself in the alley behind the quilt store, dirty...clutching this catalog...NOOOOO  I AM in control and since the first of the year I seem to have more money in my checkbook!

So I pondered...if I could do this for a quarter...and in fact, I am making lots of progress on my pile of projects...what else could I do?  Sitting next to Marilyn I got to pick her brain about dream state of being.  I don't care what Suzi Orman says...I want to retire and I want to do it NOW.  But...then I am not impulsive when it comes to what I want to do but methodically planning for success, the sooner the better. it comes...Marilyn said the best investment for retirement is...good health. %^&*  not a bigger stash.  Which means...I am back on Weight Watchers.  I mean "REALLY" on WW, not just stash building weight watchers. But point counting...what do you mean that a rib eye steak is 20 points!!! kinda weight watchers.  Along with my UFO log...I will be adding a weight loss log...Why you ask?  (or maybe you could give a rats a**) I hate WW meetings...I barely survive the 1st Sat. BOM meetings and they are giving me free fabric.  But some accountability is good and so I will do it in writing to myself and whoever else cares.

Enjoy the slide show...lots of eye candy!

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Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I'm doing WW too!!! We can do it together.

  2. yipppeeee! I won't be alone! Just got back from accumulating some exercise points with Enzo!

  3. I can't eat sweets, so that is enough of a diet for me, lol.
    My goal is for health, trying to build up my strength and muscles and center myself.


  4. The issue for me is I take too much of the center up! LOL

  5. I started a Zumba class Monday. It meets again today. It just might kill my 57yr old knees. We'll see. I'm not so good a shakin' by bootie.

    I bought some of that cool blue and white fabric at Eddie's Quilting Bee when I was down at PIQF. Have no idea what I'm going to do with it but it was too cool to pass up.

  6. What great advice about retirement - and if we all listened to Suze we would never get to retire! After reading your blog - I went to my mailbox and there it was - the Hancock's catalog. I haven't spent anything on fabric yet this year! Enjoyed the slide show of the Woolies!

  7. yes the Hancock catalog arrived here too but I put mine right in the recycle bin
    going to be a year of really trying to use what I have and buy very little fabric....and get healthier too!
    love Suze's advice

  8. Thankfully, I am not on that catalog list!! lol But I did get my Keepsake Quilting catalog yesterday. After already being on this diet for 3 years, I am able to resist almost everything, but they have Amish black fabric that I adore and use in many of my projects. It went from about $5.96/yd to $7.44/yd!!! Aaack!! That is the one thing that I miss ordering on this diet, and my supply is nearly gone...but the price has gone up so much! I will wait until I don't have enough for a project before I'll buy it though.