Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Years!!!!

This year the Woolie is gonna be a wonderful adventure.  I know I had a blast with the blog in 2011 and now we are starting year #2!!!  I have enjoyed all your comments and getting to know quilters from around the world.  You have been a wonderful support especially for my quilting! Thank you from the bottom of my stash!

So what is in store for the follower who want to follow the way of the "Woolie?"  Well I spent 4 hours!!!!  4 freaking hours trying to figure out how to load this wonderful first ornament and link it to a button on the blog!!!  So far the Internet is winning but my next step is to ask my youngest son...humm just got off of Skyp with him and forgot to ask...dang dorothy (as Robin would say).

I am beginning my Fabric Diet which means for me no purchases that do not include backings, notions and batting.  This will run 1 quarter from Jan.-March.  I am still sweating over this one.  But you can make your own you will only buy 3 yard cuts! LOL

Next, UFO challenge which means I will finish one project a month...and, again you can make your own just have to follow them! Finish for me...means finished, quilted, bound and labeled! And it can be a UFO or PIG (which for me means a kit purchased over 6 months ago) a month! I need to get some of these kits done. I will post a running photo each month of what I finished.

This will be followed by the Free Motion Challenge which for me will me quilting one of my own project each month.  Will help in practicing my quilting.  I used to be a good quilter and even had a long arm...what happened!

...and finally to complete a Fall/Winter which includes a Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas project each month so I will actually have decor ready.

All this will be done with,


my 2012 word

And now for the announcement of the Grand Prize Winner of the 
Wooly Sheep Kit.....

Dya from the Netherlands!!!  who said, "Thank you for another generous giveaway.  I love this pattern.  I had seen it before but didn't remember where or who designed it.  So I'm having all fingers crossed for myself (well after typing this post LOL) Have a great week.


  1. Happy New Year, Anna! Best wishes for great success with your fabric diet :-) and other goals. I'm shopping from my stash right along with you. It feels great to get projects completed.

  2. OK - I'm going on your "Fabric Diet. I won't buy and I will finish!!!! My goal is to go until Pacific International in October. I will be working on my first UFO today - it's from 2008. Enjoy your kit Nya. Thanks again Anna for all the great give aways.
    Happy New Year to all

  3. Congratulations to Dya! Good luck with your fabric diet Anna~ I don't think I can do it, but I am focusing on using stash. ;-)

    Here's to a wonderful 2012!!

  4. Dya is my friend and she just told us all to come and have a look at what she has won... she is doing cartwheels... well if she could she would... LOL

    Oh lovely blog by the way.....

    Cath Ü

  5. A very good, healthy and crafty new year to you .
    wowwww, sigh..... I just couldn't believe my eyes when I read my name LOL.
    You made this a fantastic start of the new year for me.
    Oh, and for the cartwheels: I never could do them, even not in elementary school, so I'll just skip around the dining table LOL. (although the neighbours might think we have an earthquake!)

  6. Congratulations to Dya for winning that great pattern and kit!

    Fabric Diet....I've been on mine officially for 3 full years and am starting today on year number 4. My rules are the same, though for the entire year rather than a quarter...and the additional adviso that I can use any and all gift cards that I win or am given, PLUS I can buy supplies needed for my annual "Make A Christmas Gift Each Month Challenge", if I don't have what I need.

    UFO doing this one in addition to one with similar rules in my local each month. My first one is a wallhanging (one of six that I have left from a project started several years ago) that I am making for a guild friend, with the goal of presenting it to her either January 11th or January 18th.

    FMQ also doing this one and my aim is to use the monthly assignment to finish off a UFO for that challenge or to make my Christmas Gift Each Month challenge quilt item.

    My local and state guilds are going to have a few more challenges over the year that I'll participate in too. The first is the "UGLY fabric challenge" due on Feb 22nd. It's going to be a VERY busy year!! I hope that I can handle them all!

  7. Congrats, Dya! Thanks Anna for the giveaway!

  8. I am going to do a fabric diet of sorts too so let's support each other!

  9. Congratulations, Dya. :)
    Happy New Year, Anna. I am also going to try and use only fabric I already have in my stash for as long as possible. :)