Monday, January 9, 2012

Genius or Insanity??? You Decide!

My college roommate (we are now AARP material) sent me this photo of her latest creation.  OMG!  I am not sure if back in 1974-1975 I was living with a genius or, if unbeknown to me...a future insane quilt individual???  What I do know, this is absolutely beautiful!  She was such a studious roommate (cough, cough, cough) majoring in ??? anthropology I believe.  I on the other hand changed my major regularly. 

The reason she makes such spectacular quilts and I do not is that I am allergic to paper piecing and batiks...I have a doctor's note and an epi pen to be used if I should some how succumb to an anaphylatic reaction.  I even get a little short of breath looking at this photo.  Every year at the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show I look for her quilts.  I don't have to worry about finding them or my allergies because I can never get close enough due to the large crowd standing in front of her quilts with their mouths dropped open!

Anyhoo, I guess I'll get back to working on my UFO's...none are genius material but insane...that is another question.

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