Saturday, December 31, 2011

Give Away, 12 Hours Left! Grace, My 2012 Word

New Year's Eve, it has sooooo much potential doesn't it?!  It is a day to reflect back on the previous year, reveling in the joy and cry for the losses.  It is the day that we either choose to live in the past or reach for the future...

I would love to hear what your "word" is for 2012.  I have in recent years as encouraged by my cousin chosen a "word" to use as a touch stone for the year.  This year my word will be "grace."  To approach all things that I face in living without my mom, in settling her estate, in meeting a new grandchild, in seeing my youngest son marry...with grace.  Although I suspect there will be no grace in meeting our new grandchild and seeing my son marry...but only full out crazy joy!!!!

I love this quote by John Kennedy.  I have tried to work on "not" living in the past and carry forward the joyful memories.  I have had a harder time concentrating on the present and not worrying about the future.  But the men in my life are more present oriented and that is a gift. And, I have such wonderful girlfriends...they are a blessing to my life, rounding it out in a richness that I cherish.


will be an incredible year for the Woolie!  So many fun adventures we will have together...starting with the Grand Prize Give Away There are 16 hours left to click on this link, be a registered follower, leave a comment you want to be entered and be sure you are not a "no reply" follower so I can contact you in case you do not see you are a winner!  I wish I had something for each and every one of you because you DO mean so much to me!

This kit includes all the supplies to make the wall hanging and if you do not end up being the winner they have more at QuiltWorks  

Friday, December 30, 2011

Give Away, 2 Days Left!!! & Alleluia!!!

I am soooo glad I decided to check my post box yesterday!  Normally when I have made some online purchases I tend to avoid the box...needing to let the purchases rest there before allowing then into my brain and house.  But, yesterday I decided to check the box and alleluia!!!  The Quilter's Affair class and event schedule had arrived!!!  I absolutely LOVE this years poster!!!  OK...I can see there are too many exclamation points in this I'll tone it down...but REALLY!!!  Kathy Deggendorfer created an amazing piece of art!  The class schedule is incredible and the events will appeal to a wide variety of  visitors and locals.  They have expanded the events and so those visiting from afar will have more to choose from.

I had to show you what was left of our Christmas gift from our youngest son and future daughter in law.  The reason...because I think our Emily could be related to Alma of  Blackbird Design .  I have only candy maker, Marilyn Will (a woolie & material girl) who makes a Divinity that is divine.  The toffee that Emily made was incredible.  I am not a toffee person, leaning towards the dark chocolate variety of candy but, HH lives for toffee...the fact that a future DIL can actually make toffee.  Well, he is in candy heaven.  The reason we have some left, it is doled out like precious jewels to be savored and, I love this toffee! HH likes to savor things kinda like Enzo.  Whereas I am like a Labrador...gulp, gulp, gulp...I break off little pieces hoping he won't notice...which reminds me of brownies that Val (a Fabric Stalker) makes for our quilting retreats.  Everyone (except Jane) takes little tiny slivers hoping no one will notice that a whole section has disappeared.  Besides when eaten this way the calories don't count.

Only 2 days left before the Grand Prize Give Away all you have to do is be a registered follower, leave a comment on the link above and make sure you are not a "no reply" follower so I can contact you if you win!!!  Best Wishes!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Give Away Countdown...3 Days Left!!!

 So if you are just checking in on the Woolie Give Away it is this cute Wooly Sheep kit which includes all the materials needed...even the back and binding!!!  All you have to do is be a registered follower and not be a "no reply" follower (you can see how to fix this by reading the "no reply" info on the right side of the blog) finally, leave a comment that you want to be entered in the Random Number Draw on the Grand Prize Give Away post by clicking on this link!  Only 11 more to reach 300 followers and I hope those 11 are as wonderful and fun as you guys have been!  Will I reach it by New Years Day???

For those of you still waiting for your "wins" I will be mailing out the remainder on Friday!  I came back from the holiday right into the work week!  Be patient...I have a nice pile waiting to be mailed!

Just so you know I am not sitting on my bum doing nothing...Robin and I are working feverishly to get the first FREE ornament of the month ready and loaded for New Years Day...will we make it???

I thought I would give you a peek at Block #9 of the Primitive Gatherings BOM!  I have to say...although this is taking me forever...I am loving it!  After this block I have 3 more to go and the border...I must keep focus on the UFO Challenge...and the fabric diet.

Can you see that lunch pail sitting high up on the applique BOM...whatever in the world was I thinking about?!  I wasn't...I was running on pure addiction and now I have 3 days till my Fabric 12 step program starts.  As you can see....I have received 3 months and have not even started month one...why? Because I still have 2 other BOM's that I am working on...and, in reality those 2 were actually BOW's that I was not able to stay caught up on!


what does the new year have in store for you??? 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Give Away Count Down...4 more days!

One of the exciting things about visiting my dear son and family is we got to see the baby's room!!!  See the cute name banner that Robin made for the new little guy!  

We gave them this old dresser and he sanded it down and painted little monkeys all over it!  Adorable!!

Enzo was freaked about their wood floors and wanted to hide under their dining table all day! Their place is 3 stories and I had to escort him down the wooden stairs like a "service" person! lol

...and here is my sweet grandson.  Every time I see him I swear he grows an inch!  He is wild, energetic and amazing...of course that's nana talking.

What can I say...dinner was fabulous!  2 professional chefs fixed an amazing dinner...I had never had truffle oil before!

HH and I just sat and watched the magic! It was just like watching a reality show of Iron Chef!  The dining room in 2 steps higher than the kitchen and this photo was taken through an opening in the wall...just like watching TV! yum, yum, yum! Our son, DIL, her sister Becky (chef #1 with the wonderfully curly red hair) and friend Michele (chef #2) for some quilt talk...first, don't forget to leave a comment by clicking the link and be sure you are registered follower (hoping to reach that magic #300)...oh and make sure you are not a "no reply" blogger.

Secondly....I finished all the blocks for Henrietta Whiskers!!!!  yeah!!!!  I am working on getting some UFO's organized to begin the 2012 UFO Challenge!!!...and...3 days left before we start the fabric 1st quarter diet....I'm breaking out in a sweat!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Give Away Alert Count New Years!

Remember it is count down to the Grand Prize Give Away the Wooly Sheep kit.  Just click on this link and leave a comment...of course you have to be a registered follower!  Announcement on New Years Day!

The trip home was busy.  NO SNOW as we approached Mt Hood!  What the hey!!!  It is Dec. can there be no snow!  Lots of traffic both ways and crazy drivers.

Then we turned the corner and...there was snow!!! sweet!!! we need the snow!

The we get over the hill...NO SNOW!!!  We need snow!!!

I'll be sharing some holiday photos during the week but today I decided to share my trip to Fabric Depot.  For those who want to go on a fabric diet with me...Sandy, Anne and I are starting Jan. 1st.  The only purchases that will be allowed are backings, notions and batting.  We are going to do it by quarters.  So the first quarter will run from Jan.-April, then we will re-evaluate for the next quarter.  With that said...I am in somewhat of a, when HH asked if I wanted to stop at Fabric Depot before leaving Portland....well...I couldn't resist!  But, I can tell you won't be that hard to go on this diet...because the fabric price was $11.99 - $13.99 a yard!!!! YOWZERS!!!  Of course I bought some anyway cause in 5 days I'm not going to spend myself broke! LOL  This diet will blend well with the UFO challenge.  Won't you join me???

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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Party's it just beginning??? Give Away Alert!

First things first!  Thank you all for the holiday greetings yesterday!  I hope everyone had a Christmas filled with good cheer!  Unfortunately I was unable to send my greeting because being in a hotel...the wireless here does not recognize my mail box.  Secondly I have been dying to show you the completed Christmas wall hanging I made with the scraps of fabric I won from Kim's Big Quilting Adventure  My dear DIL loved it and I am finally able to show the finished project!  I think it turned out adorable but not as adorable as that bump you see peeking around the quilt!  It was so wonderful sharing the holidays with my cousin & family, my son and his family...especially playing nerf basketball with my grandson...he was so sweet to give his nana extra chances! LOL

While relaxing at my son's house, the hotel or in the car I was able to stitch the final block for Henrietta Whiskers!!! and make some headway on Block 9 of my BOW from Primitive Gatherings.  I feel the UFO Challenge excitement and can't wait to dive in starting next week!!!!

The second quilting surprise of the day was a minki blankie I made for my DIL's sister, Becky!  She was so surprised and I know she is going to enjoy all the yummy soft warmth and love that the blankie brings with it!

Don't forget the Grand Prize Give Away just click on this link, be a registered follower and leave a comment on the link that you are interested!  Registration will end at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Give Away, Grand Prize...Merry Christmas!

Next to Dindle Bells this is my all time favorite Christmas music video.  Enjoy and may the holiday be one filled with joy!

And now for the Grand Prize Give Away which will run today until the ball drops on New Years! You must be a registered follower and leave a comment on this posting...and you must not be a "no reply" to comment email address because I can't track you down.  I have on the right side of the blog how to change from no reply to having your email address. for a peek at the wonderful wool kit from QuiltWorks a Wooly Sheep kit which includes everything you need to complete the wall hanging!

...including the backing and the binding!!!

Good luck!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve, May You Be Blessed With Peace

WOW!  Look at those intense blue there is a great voice!

Short and sweet cause the next couple of day are gonna be busy!  I am gonna see the family this weekend including the star of Dindle Bells !

Don't forget the Give Away posted for Christmas Day will run from tomorrow till the New Year!  It is a great one!...confusing...hey, it's Christmas Eve and I am toooo excited to talk straight!

The winner for yesterdays Give Away of the Under The Garden Moon glory pattern is....Cakers who said, "I love that pattern.  I would make two; one for our house and one for my brother-in-law who is a lawyer.  Enzo, please pick me!!" What can I say...Enzo loves Cake!  Send me your mailing address and after Christmas I will be dropping it in the mail!

Have fun you last minute shoppers!!!  I had a blast with the Give Aways and hope you win the Grand Prize.  Check in tomorrow...and have a safe and love filled holiday!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Give Away, Day 11!!!! It's Not My Fault!

According To Brian know Brian, he an associate professor of psychology and neuroscience at Stanford University...well anyhoo, he said, "we are built to forage, just like rats, just like dogs!" so we have brain circuitry that "compels us to go out get good stuff, even if we don't know what the good stuff is!"  Scientist say we are to some extent wired for shopping.  It seems to tap into circuits that originally spurred our ancestors to go out looking for food!  No wonder I break out into a cold sweat when I think of the quilting diet that Sandy, Anne & I are embarking on in the first quarter of 2012.  Today I shopped on the Internet, ordering stuff and then deleting just to work up my "denial muscles."  My nucleus accumbens is at work when I am considering a purchase...that is according to Brian. prefrontal cortex is where I decide to buy or not buy...hummm  There were 5 tips from experts on how to control shopping urges but since my quilt diet doesn't start till the 1st of January...I decided to ignore those!

The give away for Day 11 is close to my heart because I loved working on this project and finished it before July 4th this year!  It was fun to I hope you are the winner!!! (must be a registered follower and leave a comment you want it!...this was said in one of those fast pharmaceutical voices)

And now for the winner of the 12 days of Christmas!!!...Tammy who said, "Congrats Stray Stitches. Oh, those patterns would look gorgeous in wool!  Put me in the dog dish for sure! Thanks!
Congratulations Tammy!  Send me your email I expect those to be finished in 2012!!!

Today's Christmas Carole is by Dr. Elmo a Veterinarian who wrote one song that he puts it, paid the rent...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Give Away, Day 10...The Big Guy is Coming Soon!!!

I made it through yesterday! 24 hours of being in my PJ's crying every time I opened a Christmas card.  My sister always sends out one of those family photo cards and she warned me that the one she was sending included mom on her last visit.  Even knowing it was coming didn't prepare me for seeing it...((sigh))  What do they say...time heals all wounds...or better yet a great cup of coffee and a fun Give Away!!!  Enzo was such a sweetie, just hanging out with me and agreeing to ball chasing down the driveway while I stood in the garage...I really did not go outside all day! LOL

This morning I am upright, dressed, makeup on...and have a full day scheduled of "have too's" ...and I started it with a great cup of cafe mocha! YUM!

Coffee consumed I am ready to announce what the dog dish revealed!!!!  Stray Stitches who said, "Take care of yourself!  What a darling pillow.  I would love the opportunity to win the pattern.  I am a regular follower :)

Remember how I said that the 23rd was going to be a big Give Away day (along with the one on Christmas Day) to commemorate by parents wedding anniversary...well here it is!!!  The 12 Days of Christmas included in 6 patterns by Brandywine Designs !!!!  You must leave a comment and be a registered follower (I am still looking for that #300 before 2012...such a nice #)  This pattern can be done in any applique method...or wool???

Enjoy a little love from Dean!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Give Away, Day 9! 4 Days Till Christmas...NO WAY!

I am not sure about you but it doesn't not feel like Christmas is just 4 days away! It might be...because it is sunny and there is no snow on the ground.  Or maybe it is because my family is all over the place this year...I am looking forward to getting a kid fix this weekend.  Christmas is more fun with least for me.  Today or rather last night, I hit the wall.  I have been non-stop since Sept. 10th when my mom unexpectedly departed these waters and between my back giving me fits and my "can't slow down a moment" attitude  I finally reached a day where I can't put one foot outside my front door. Although I am not able to respond to all the emails during this Give Away time I really appreciate all your notes. So today I nurture my back and my soul....but...

...yesterday I took Lucky Charms class with Tamra at the Stitchin' Post.  It was such a pleasure to take a break from life and be a student.  It had been so long since I had used my little sewing machine that it took me 20 minutes to set it up and get it working! lol  I can't wait till next months class...we're gonna make a Valentine's Day table runner!  Check out the slide show of my day in Sisters.

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If you get a chance take a look at the link I added to the right side of the blog!  A Free Motion Quilting Challenge!!!  I signed up and am going to give it a shot in 2012...along with my UFO Challenge! 

The Day 8 choice by Enzo's dish is....Fiesta who said, "Anna, thank you again or the chance to win."  Send me you snail mail address and the snowman will come to you!

Remember this project!  By Bareroots  it was a UFO I finished earlier this year!

Well...the dog dish wants to reveal you as the winner of this pattern!  Comment and be a follower!

Looks like the Transfer Eze tutorial will take me a couple more days to put meantime enjoy Mel and Judy!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Give Away, Day 8 with the King of Rock 'n Roll

Watching these old Christmas videos is not only a personal walk down memory lane but as I look at the other people in the video I realize how much society has changed...notice the big hair and how all the fans are dresses! lol

I am using the new Valdani Tweed thread with my latest embroidery project.  I got this newest selection of thread from my friend Anne of Cottons 'n Wool but  you can find it on the Primitive Gatherings web site.  I love it!  The mixed colors are perfect for the basket in this project.  This project is a combination of embroidery and wool!  I am in heaven! lol  I of course used Transfer Eze and my college roommate Terri has asked me to talk about Transfer tomorrow I will post a step by step on how I use it!  A Transfer Eze tutorial!  

The Day 7 Give Away Winner is...Pauline who said, "Luv your Merry and Bright table runner. I'm a huge fan of Robin Kingley's Bird Brain Patterns too......I've stitched lots of them Don't you just luv the new snowman table runner, Snow Happens.....I luv it and have it started. Thanks for the chance."  You can check out what Pauline is up to on Quilt 'n Queen  and yes Pauline I am really excited to start "Snow Happens!"  Send me your mailing address and I will brave the post office! lol  Yesterday I was standing in line listening to the 2 women in front of me argue on whether it was good to hold the door opened or closed and emailing Debbie from Wool 'n Sails. In this day and age there is more than one way to pass the time in line!

 It is so much fun picking out the next days pattern Give you remember this one!  It is a Bird Brain Design !  The pattern was for a table runner but since I had this cool hanger I decided to make a banner!  If you win this one you can make a table runner or a banner...cause you're a winner!  Leave me a comment and be sure you are a registered follower!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Give Away, Day 7...Hear Ye, Hear Ye...I've got news...

Good Monday Morning!!!  Lots of things to share today but first...the winner of Day 6 Chubby Chicks pattern is Rosa from Spain...who said, "I hope your husband is fine.  Thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas."  Rosa let me know how to address that envelope so it will arrive...most likely after Christmas.

And, to give all the Woolie followers fair warning on Dec. 23rd is a big Give Away.  I found 6 patterns-2 blocks each from Brandywine Design called the 12 days of Christmas.  The 23rd was my parents wedding anniversary and my dad was such a Christmas freak...wonder where I get it???  This give away will be in memory of the parental units! lol

With Day 7 I am taking the pattern giveaway back to Redwork.  This one is great because it is created with all the different embroidery stitches!  And...for those who have never tried Redwork this is a great first project.  In fact as you can see from the close up, it was my first Redwork...done this year!!!  I chose it because I wanted to learn to embroider and if you have been following the blog, I am hooked on embroidery...but this one was the first (you can tell I am a Bird Brain Design fan).  So, leave a comment and be a registered follower!

I sewed sashing and framed it...I used Transfer Eze which allowed me to prep the project in 5 minutes and I was ready to stitch!

See, I was telling the first Redwork was this year!!!

Last night HH and I had a group of friends over for dinner.  I wanted to share a meal in thanks for friendship.  There were 5 "girls" and 4 "boys".  When I do something like this it is because I want too and when I want to do something, it is not stressful.  The preparation is joyful.  There is the message...don't do anything you don't want too! lol  So, in my attempt to mind meld with Martha and Alma I presented a variety of pre-dinner treats.  Doesn't it look yummy!!! Dinner followed consisting of Roasted Boneless Prime Rib, Roasted Vegetables, Pasta, Bread with seasoned dipping olive oil...Alma if you need any dinner suggestions just call me (I'm waving my hand like a phone).

My guest came bearing gifts.  I couldn't sleep last night because my mother was talking too me.  You ask how can my recently deceased mother be talking to me...if you knew her, you would know that it would not be a problem.  The reason she was pestering me was about the bouquet of flowers a friend brought over.  When I received the flowers I "stuck" them in a vase.  I felt a twinge as soon as I did it because I was raised to "arrange" flowers.  So, after much pestering I woke up this morning  took the flowers out of the vase and arranged them into 2 beautiful arrangements!  Can you believe that all those flowers were stuck in one vase...all the same height!  Mea Culpa mom!  You will also notice that in the second photo there is a candle which was brought by another guest. This candle was the only candle that was allowed to be burned in the White House by former first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis.  I am feeling quite  I do not have a photo of the fudge that was brought...for obvious reasons!

Oh...and one of the guest brought Enzo a surprise.  That &*^% dog is growling at the camera right now! lol  I think he is worried the camera is gonna take it from him! 

And to wrap up this post...a sax as big as the musician!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Give Away, Day 6...Unloading the Joy! LOL

 Wow, it is already Day 6...who would have thought time would be flying by this fast!  According to the drivers out on the road...some one is pretty stressed about time passing. I spent a couple of hours quilting the wall hanging I have been working know, time is running short!  I love how fun it is and I know my DIL will enjoy hanging it up during the holidays.  Then HH and I went to buy some shoe inserts to deal with his ongoing plantar fasciitis issue.  No fun and a big pain in the heel! We stopped for a good cup of coffee at Strictly Organic and then headed over to the grocery store to pick up some veggies for our dinner party tonight.  All this is 50+ degree weather!  As you can see, not a snowflake to be had!!!  In fact I think the lawn may need to be mowed! LOL

I thank the dog dish that I don't have to make the choice of who is the winner each day...cause I would be in a pickle!  I wish I had a bottomless pit of give away patterns.  Today's winner of the wonderful 3D birds and a little piece of red of WoolenSails who said, "I love these birds! I love doing birds and have never seen these before, gorgeous pieces and something I make a lot of."  So Debbie...send me your mailing address!

...And now for today's Give Away!  Remember the Chubby Chicks that I made early this year.  Well it is now going to be one of my 2012 UFO challenge projects! LOL  But, to get me going I am giving the pattern away!  I adjusted the size of the pattern so it could fit on my wall above my cutting table.

So if you want this a registered follower and leave a comment.  The chicks are made out of a  5 inch charm pack.  I originally purchased the pattern from Holly Hills Quilt Shoppe in West Linn, Oregon.

Here is something that will bring a smile to your face...and if must be the Grinch Who Stole Christmas!