Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat! I Dressed Up As Mojo & I Love You Alma!!!

I love some of the suggestions of what to do when your mojo is missing.  And so yesterday after long conversations on the phone updating the info exchange regarding mom's estate I took a shower.  Then I wrote emails.  Oh yeah...Wyatt's quilt!  So I popped in a book on CD...Sizzling Seventeen.  Nothing like a little Stephanie Plum, grandma Mazur, Morreli and Ranger to get the blood pumping!  I think I have about 2/3rds of it done!  But the emails sent by all of you so touched my heart, the encouragement, the real life experiences...that's what I am talking about...the quilter to quilter connection!

I did run out to pick up the Rib Kings home smoked ribs for the send off dinner on Tuesday for our very own Fabric Stalker who is moving to Nebraska!!!! on the 13th...what are we gonna do without our Lindsey who teaches us some much about the computer, phone, purses...I hope she has Skyp!

Then in typical Anna fashion of distraction I went to Whole Foods, bought some tomato sauce, wine and a tiny pumpkin pie.  HH made some fabulous spaghetti and I am going to have the left overs today for lunch at work!

OMG, I am star struck!!! The gals from Black Bird Designs !!!  If you do not know this because you are new to the blog...I love Alma!!! (forget everything else I might have said about her) I want to be Alma and I would only have to change two letters in my name to be Alma.  Alma, cooks, makes cheese, bread, name it Alma can do it.  As my girlfriends will tell you just changing a couple of letters does not suddenly allow you to create bread, make cookies or stitch like Alma.  Earlier this year it was Alma, Alma, Alma and I spent a small fortune trying to become Alma...there is only one.  Love that blue quilt in that background!!!  Anne, you made my day!

Have a great Monday and lets hope we get more photos from our very own Anne who living the International Quilt Market life!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh Wyatt...I hope I get done!

And so here I am on Sunday morning wondering if this will be my new grandbaby's first disappointing moment with his nana???  His baby shower is next Saturday, now less than a week away and I have yet to quilt his baby quilt!  He is due at the end of January but I really want to have it done for the baby shower.  Today is the day!  Because this next week is a brain twister.  My quilting mojo is totally off and it is my long work week at the hospital.  My one day off will be spent with business stuff and then I am driving over the mountain on Friday to pick up one of my dearest friends from childhood who is flying in for a girlfriend weekend and to attend the baby shower!!!  You know what that means...I am driving, so no stitching in the car! Dang!  No tacking the binding down!  It has got to be done and wrapped before I pull out Friday morning!

Which means...I gotta get off this computer and start quilting!  Send me good quilting mojo thoughts!!!

Sorry, no quilt market photos because Anne Cottons 'n Wool is exhausted!  She needs you to send her some good, send them here cause she'll check in here when she gets a chance and maybe she'll send us more photos!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quilt Market!!!

I am here to tell you I wish I was a piece of fabric at Quilt Market!!!  These photos are wonderful and Anne of Cottons 'n Wool is in quilters heaven with the Bunny Hill booth right across from the Primitive Gatherings booth!!!  That is like the perfect quilters storm!  I wonder if Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill would hire me to be a baby model in the crib???  I was going to do a little slide show but by posting the photos individually you can click on them to enlarge and get better detail.  The Bunny Hill snowman quilt out of the French General fabrics is absolutely adorable!

This was the BOW I was stressed out about all summer! Now I wish I had ordered the fabrics for the pieced border.  I declined because the photo didn't do in justice but I should have trusted that Lisa is never wrong.  Shoooot!

I am very taken by this Christmas, love, love it!

These wool stocking projects are wonderful! especially the mini ones!

What an amazing looks so fun but I know there is a lot of working going on and both Anne's must be exhausted.  Keep those photos coming!!!

It is Breast Cancer Awareness month and since it is my birthday month I always schedule my mammogram in Oct.  Yesterday was the day and I feel better for doing this one thing to take care of myself.  They gave me a pink rose for getting it done and I hope all of you are doing this one small thing to put yourself first!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Definitely A Tortoise and A Peek At Quilt Market From Bunny Hill

Yesterday proved it...I am definitely in tortoise mode!  Although I had the benefit of stimulating company I was still moving at a very slow pace.  It took me the entire Civil War group quilting time to make one block! And, I had to finish it after Lori and Irene left...sheesh. Although I like the block it is indicative of the quilting metabolism that I currently have.  I wonder what you guys do to stimulate the quilting juices???  I was moving along at a nice clip, completing UFO's, PIG's and WIP's...but now I can barely thread my machine.

I am excited about my new pincushion!  It is a compressed wool ball that I picked up at the coast on my last retreat.  The pins looks so cute all organized that I don't want to move them around to much...maybe that is the problem...I am too organized! ROFLOL

Today is a day of meetings and an appointment to get my boobies huh! But, I am going to leave my little sewing machine in the dining room in the off chance I get the gumption to make another block!

Here is a beginning peek of Quilt Market 2011.  The Bunny Hill booth is a valuable piece of real estate and our Woolie Anne from Cottons 'n Wool is helping Anne of Bunny Hill along with Nancy and Kim in Huston, Texas.  Who would have thought that quilting would also require some real estate construction!  Maybe by tomorrow Anne will send us some more juicy photos!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Upside Down - Inside Out

So, here I am still trying to get a grip on my life...but sometimes you just feel upside down and inside out!  Yesterday I worked my 10 hour shift starting at 0530 and realized by the end of the day...I wasn't recovering from the cold I picked up when I was working at mom's house.  Although I recovered from the initial cold the cough has been like a monkey on my back!  After work I decided it was time to throw in the towel and go to Immediate Care.  Nurses and doctors are the worst patients.  Once someone listened to my lungs I was in for a chest xray and then 3 hours later arrived home after 7:00 pm with a bag of medications.  I am definitely not a pill popper and already have decided I am not going to take one of them.  But this morning I almost feel human.  Slept most of the night without coughing!

Although today I have nothing quilting to show you I can tell you I am getting a massage this morning!!! Yeah!!! and my Civil War girlfriends are coming over for some block building and by tomorrow I will have some photos!

Have a great Thursday...I know I am!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Little Piece of Heaven

Although I have accepted my days are filled with details that have more to do with mom than with me  I am taking sweet moments to fill my emotional well.  Yesterday I was running around like a marathon runner...hey, I was a marathon runner! the middle of the day I took a couple of hours to be with some of my favorite peoples!  The Woolies!  I lucked out and arrived in Bend to see the Fall colors do their art...and believe is nature's art!! ...and then I spent time talking with people wiser than myself and taking a stitch or two.

One of the Woolies is off to Market tomorrow!  And she said she would be sending me photos of market to post on the blog since she will be too busy to be blogging!  yeah, Anne B. who is helping the Anne of Bunny Hill present the latest in Bunny Hill magic  will be keeping us up to date on what is coming down the quilting path!   Enjoy the slide has real beauty!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blazin' Saddle

...Or Back in the Saddle Again...I arrived home on Friday night and spent the weekend in a comatose state.  Yesterday was a 5:30 AM start to the work day and actually was a much needed slide into a familiar pattern!  I am learning so much about myself and those around me and what I do absolutely know is...when someone dies...the s...t hits the fan.  The emotional state that each of us resides in is soooo different.  How we grieve, the rate at which we move through grief and the history...well is makes for a s...t storm, excuse my French.  You hear things differently, you say things differently and all this emotional foreign language...makes you extremely tired.  But now that I am home life seems better and I look to the future with a hopeful longing for peace.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Can you believe the entire time I was in California I did not take one stitch on my wool was like the quilter in me disappeared.  Although my days off are now filled with estate errands I am pushing the quilting back in...I need my quilting and I need my girlfriends.

To begin my quilting roll I want to tell you about Cathy.  My first day back to work I was introduced to Cathy by Julie (my boss) who saw her quilting away in the waiting room.  She was working on a whole cloth block design with a very light pink thread on white fabric.  Her stitches were fantastic!  The other amazing thing is...she owns a quilt shop in Silver Lake, Oregon!  I had heard rumors that there was a quilt shop out in the dessert but now I can officially confirm...yes, The Desert Rose Quilt Shop does exist...and besides store hours they will open by pre-scheduled appointment or fill you web check them out. 

Keep hanging in there with me and I am going to catch up on my email and start blogging again!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What Wool?

I have been so swamped...drowning in paperwork with a brain that is so taxed with information and decisions that yesterday neither my sister or I could remember the name of Eggs Benedict!  And as I sit here typing I see my little box of wool projects that I brought with me...and guess what???  I have not taken one stitch...not one...sigh...

After leaving a meeting in Carmel we realized that we hadn't even had lunch and it wat 5:00 PM!  That's when my sister remembered a Greek restaurant she had eaten at...boy did we have a wonderful meal.  The host greeted us with the dimples and smile that would make any woman swoon...and he kissed us in greeting...sigh...  We sat next to a couple on their honeymoon and while the music was playing they grabbed my sister and danced!  After the day we had...we needed a little light hearted fun!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Quel est ce tissu une mitre?

This is Jeanne's house.

This is a photo of Jeanne working at Back Porch Fabrics

Jeanne is the tour guide for a dream trip I am taking in Sept. 2012!  Yesterday afternoon my sister and I walked up the road to Jeanne's house to make sure I had a slot in the adventure!

2012 Art & Textile Tour
September 6-19, 2012
Patchwork-Europa in Alsace, France

Limited to 20 participants
Exciting itinerary -Fun Loving of which will be ME!!!

Contact Jeanne @

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It was a lovely flight to San Jose and there is something really awesome about looking down on the world.  It is like the world down there is frozen in time as you are speeding across the sky.  My sister met me at the airport and off we went to sooth our souls with Korean food for lunch. 

The weather was spectacular!  As you can see and it was interesting walking around Pacific Grove not as a local resident but as a visitor.  Lots of sister talking going on and not one stitch was made! 

Martine Inn was our place of lodging and it was charming beyond belief! Work was being done on mom's house and so we couldn't stay there...poor us...we had to stay in place! lol

Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Words To Live By

My dear friend Lori gave me these wooden flowers for my sewing room...but I feel like I need to carry them around with me.  Cherish Yesterday, Live for Today.  It is going to be my mantra as I leave my home and fly the friendly skies to California.  A week of meeting with the attorney, insurance agent, financial advisor, relator, banker...bottle washer and shrink...I will try my best to blog along the way but I won't guarantee that it will be worth reading or that it will be totally quilt related. And, you better believe I am bring some wool to work on!

Someone asked me yesterday what I have learned in this process of losing my mom...I said, "don't miss the moments."

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Need A Wife!!!

Yesterday I felt like I was going crazy!!!  With all the details involved in dealing with my mom's affairs I now have a job and a half and I am trying to claw some personal time.  My phone never stops ringing!!! I couldn't make my Mina Bag class at the Stitchin Post because I couldn't seem to figure out how to fit it into the day!  I work at the hospital today and I fly out to California tomorrow for a week of details....I need a wife!  Have you ever felt like that??

When you think about it a wife is a human file cabinet of details, bills due, doctor appt., grocery list, laundry list...I am overwhelmed and HH is a pitch in kinda guy!!! So What the Hey???!!!  I think every marriage should include an extra wife!

Ok, my rant is I can share my latest postal arrival!  When I was on the way to the coast with the Fabric Stalkers we stopped and shopped at Pioneer Quilts and I found this adorable pattern called An Autumn Mood...but I wanted a kit.  So the sales clerk took my info and said they would make a kit up for me and call with the price.  Next thing I know it is in my mailbox!  You can enlarge the photo by clicking on the kit included the pattern by Nutmeg Hare , all the wool and floss to complete the project...the price...$34.95!!!  If you decide you want one be sure and tell Pioneer Quilts you saw it on the Woolie...I love those gals!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love and Peace on Thursday

Helen L. Hanson Estergreen

Jan. 10, 1935 - OCT. 6, 2011

Learning to sew by age 6, she was an avid seamstress. Helen was passionate about quilting for the last 25 years. Her quilts, works of art and labors of love, have been displayed and sold at the Sisters Quilt Show. Helen's quilt patterns were marketed throughout the U.S. She was an active member of Tuesday Therapy, a quilter's guild. She also enjoyed woodworking, stained glass and gardening.

The quilting community in Central Oregon is huge, and yet small.  There is no way that you can know every quilter here but, because of the weave of the quilting community you have many opportunities to meet each other.  Helen will be missed by her Tuesday Therapy and by those who never met her...because she is and was a quilter...and quilter's touch others who do not even know they are being touched through their love and generosity.

This is my latest project.  I hope I get it done before November!  It is for a special little guy!  I am on a time probably don't have a clue what that is! LOL, ROFLOL!  I work tomorrow and fly out on Saturday to take care of some "mom" business and will be gone a week????  Then I get back and will have to quilt, quilt, quilt!!!  in order to get it done!  Today I am piecing the batting and layering.  And, I am trying to do this with love and peace so that those feelings will weave themselves into the batting of the quilt and bring those feelings to the special little guy.

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One Of Those Days...

Today was the most interesting day I have had in a was packed with activities and new learning experiences.  I took Enzo for a nice walk on the River Trail and he met several of his buds...then it was off to the pool for me.  I love my water exercises class with Lena.  I can not believe how great my shoulder feels since starting this class.  Next, it was off to Diana's for a massage.  Diana is not a foo foo massage person...there is pain to be had...but, I was so tired that I feel asleep!  When I woke up it was off to Woolie's at QuiltWorks and then the day got even more interesting!  Not only was there great "show 'n tell" but, I received emotional support for my recent struggles, a fashion show (Sandy had 2 dresses to model for her son's wedding) and then...there was a very interesting discussion on female facial hair...looooo and behold there were some woolies who get the wool taken off on a regular basis!!!  I had no idea...just always thought they had skin as smooth as a baby's butt...!!!  So how many of you go under the wax????

Here is a little slide show of what was going on at QuiltWorks!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Sew Many Quilt Break with Pam & The Winner of the Stash/Sewing Space

Sunday I was invited to the Wool group at Sew Many Quilts.  They meet the second Sunday of each month at noon.  The environment is stimulating for a quilter and it is hard not to take a break every hour and look around the shop.

Pam is the moderator of the group and is very helpful to the new Woolie.  It was wonderful seeing some old friends from my early quilt groups...and I got a little stitching on my BunnyHill quilt Henrietta Whiskers!  I am getting close!!  What a great bunch of ladies!...and Lorna made banana bread!

Fell in love with this little candle mat by Buttermilk Basin

Aren't these wool mats beautiful...the little blue flowers have a bead in each flower!

Linda is working on a project that reminds of the Kansas Trouble people!

Here they are...getting close!!!

...and now the winner of the Stash/Sewing area slide the quilter who sleeps, cuts fabric and quilts in her bed!!! As chosen by the Random Number Generator...I think this photos says it all...I love this person...they are as obsessed as I am!  Let me know who you are and your mailing address and I'll send off a goodie for you!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Winner & The Next Slide Show

Let me preface the winner reveal with my process for choosing the winning quilt.  I had none.  There was no way I could begin to decide who the winner was.  All the quilts were made with creative juices that just could not be judged.  So, all I did was assign a number to each quilt and put the total into the Random Number Generator and let the spinning wheel spin!  All quilts had an equal chance...and like I said before in the chaos of my life recently I lost the file which had the corresponding names to the roll please...the winning quilt is...

Send me your name and mailing address and a surprise will be coming your way!

I loved having this slide show of what quilters are working on around the world and I would love to do it again!  But, to keep my server people from complaining about overloaded files keep sending me photos with only one photo per person!  I would like to have another show in December so start sending me your latest creation, especially if you have made something for someone for the holidays!!!  And if you are on a roll try to arrange all your holiday gifts into one photo.  On Christmas Day I'll have another Woolie Creative slide show!!!  My gift to you and me!!!

For those of you who were brave enough to send me photos of your creative spaces and stashes...I LOVE you.  I carefully looked at those slide, laughing at your genius, insanity and saying out loud...I wonder where she got that piece of fabric!  Thank made my week!!!  Tomorrow I will use the Random Number Generator and the winning photo will be chosen and winner posted!  Good Luck!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Woolie Quilt Show 2011

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to view quilts made by Woolie Followers from around the world!  I hope you enjoy this peek of what your fellow quilters are up too!  As I put together this slide show I was humbled, encouraged, surprised and now...I am going to start quilting!  Winner to be announced tomorrow!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Give Away??? I need my Binky!

Lookie what I got for my birthday!!!  Robin made me a big scrap bag!  Isn't it cute.  I always have a desire to make scrap quilts but learned from my friend Dale that making scrap quilts is not as easy as it looks...but this bag is just adorable!

Inside the bag was another bag with flower bulbs with a note saying the labor was included!  yippy, since a totally fugue state I bought a bag of 90!!! That's nine-o daffodil bulbs that need to be planted sometime before the snow flies.  Our mountains are already covered with the white stuff. Also attached to the bag was a binky...cause god knows I could use one lately! lol

If you remember before I was unceremoniously plucked from my Oregon life and planted in a temporary California life  I was working on a Woolie Follower Quilt Show, A sewing space/stash slide show and a Give Away.  Now since my brain is like a sieve and I can't remember exactly how I was going to do this...I am rewriting the script.  Tomorrow I will have a Quilt Slide Show and the slides will be assigned a number and will be put into the random number generator for a chance to win!  It will be up to you to contact me as I seemed to have lost the names/places associated with each the winning quilt will be posted on Monday...and you have to contact me within the week otherwise the prize goes to the winning  stash/sewing room. What an adventure...see you tomorrow!!! 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, 생일 축하합니다, Joyeux anniversaire, feliz cumpleaños

Today is my 58th birthday!  I am not sure why but the number 58 has a nice ring to it.  I usually celebrate my birthday for at least a week but, was a little off kilter this woke up ready to greet my 58th year! And plan on celebrating all weekend.  When I came downstairs HH had a cup of coffee waiting and a big pink package!  He really has me dialed included a card by one of my favorite artist, Susan Mrosek of Tuscon, Az.  I have always loved her art, quirky, unusual, funny, sad, name it.

The script on this card says, "The day came when every morsel craved was placed passionately upon her tongue, and she felt deserving enough to swallow.

Don't you just love this bag!!!  lots of colorful tissue and the bag is real sturdy!  I am a sucker for packaging!

...and look what was inside!!! A clock for my computer desk!  Isn't it it's burnt red glory.  The one thing about HH...he is always going to surprise you.

Then I remembered that when I was down in California a couple of packages arrived which I had just dumped into my sewing room unopened.  I decided today was the perfect day for them to be opened!  A birthday surprise to myself!  I can't wait to use that tumbler die!!!

I know I will continue to have moments of the "ugly cry" but my mom was a strong adventuresome soul and she would want me to pick myself up, and start putting one foot in front of the other towards an adventure...and in many ways I am cut from the same cloth. In a card I received from my sister she wrote, Have a great birthday because mom in her spirit wants you to enjoy. Even though mom was going to be visiting me on my birthday she gave me my birthday gift a month early...very zen of her...a gym membership.  On Tuesday I was crying in the pool and then I said thank you.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

You Can't Take The Texas Out Of The Girl...

...but you can take the girl out of  Texas!  And so our dear friend Diane has made her Fall trek from Texas to Bend.  She is an honorary Material Girl and Woolie...and may be the only girl in Texas who is excited about Wool projects.  Anne opened her home for a small gathering...seems this is all I can handle these days (small groups)!  By noon yesterday at work I was fried...just no umph in my body or brain.  I saw my co-work Bill Keale at work and lost it...I had to write in a note that mom had sailed off and that his music helped her passage because I couldn't say it out loud (you can find his CD's on Amazon.  I am going to have to double my water intake because more is coming out in the form of tears than is going in...and the lack of sleep is getting to me.

Talking about music, my friend Anne said I should post the titles of the songs I use on my slide shows but I forgot to put it on today's.  I like choosing the music, sometimes it sets the mood, sometimes I am just being funny.  But today's song is the theme from Dallas...after all we got a Texan in town!lol  I am one lucky girl to have such wonderful friends and that they also quilt!!!  It's a short slide show but worth the peek...and if you scroll down you'll see how I soothed my pain.
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and now for the sharing of my retail therapy!