Friday, September 30, 2011

Retail Therapy

Oh the hills and through the woods to the beach house the Fabric Stalkers go...Of course some retail therapy on the way.  With 5 different cars and different fabric desires we arrived at the beach from different directions and retail therapy was the need of the day...and the healing begins!

First slide show was a stop at Pioneer Quilts!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mea Culpa, mea culpa

Ok...I am so disorgainized that there is no way I can post an enjoyable blog...I am supposed to be at the meeting site in 15 mintues and am still trying to pack...just know...I am going to give you a great slide show of my retail therapy on the way to the coast!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guess What

Guess what I am doing???  This week time has been crazy.  My cell phone has been ringing constantly with people who need brain is leaking cells that might help me...and now it is the day before I leave on the Fabric Stalkers beach retreat!  I went up into my sewing room with no clue and so, just sat in the rocking chair...frozen on where to begin.  Do I want new projects or old projects.  Ultimately I decided old projects.  It won't take as much effort to concentrate...I can just continue where I left off...and...there is the possibility of actually finishing something which will give me an extra boost.

My list includes my civil war blocks, Primitive Gathering star blocks, Primitive Gathering wool BOW, Henrietta BOM, Basket wall hanging, wool star coasters, apron box, pillow case box, wool snowman pillow and last but not least...quilting a baby quilt for my new grandson arriving in January who I was told would be named Wyatt Cash Bates...I love the little guy already.  As for new projects, I missed my first Lucky Charm class and a fellow Fabric Stalkers is bringing her so I may try to fit that in and I have the first step to the Mystery by mail with Lawry Thorn from the Stitchin Post.  I also have a Turkey wool project that would be nice to get done before November!....and of course there will be some retail therapy on the way and I might end up with a new project!!!! 

Anyhoo...I doubt I will be bored!  I'll be blogging my days at the beach quilting...I love the sound of that!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


What can I say?!  As I move through the process of letting my mom be free...I am going to share some of the lessons I have learned these last few weeks.  I have to preface this with the scene of me and mom back in June when I stayed with please fill your recycle bin, truck and garbage can every week.  It looked like she heeded me...a little bit.  What we were this past 2 weeks and will be facing is a house and 2 garages where 2 senior citizens have lived in for 28 years, both depression era and post war sufferers.  Everything might have a use....SOME DAY.  Although not hoarders in the TV show sense...they couldn't just throw away the extra packets of ketchup that were placed in the bag.  That is why I DO NOT eat at fast food not only come away with the caloric guilt but what to do with the 8 extra ketchup packets, salt, plastic wear and napkins?!!!

Although I have only been home for 3 days I have made 3 trips to Goodwill.  I have been cleaning my closets of all that doesn't fit, the style is old or has a stain on it...I have donated all my costume jewelry and only kept that which has value both monetary and sentimental.  And, I have viewed my house with the critical eye that someday my children will have to deal with our STUFF! And they will see that for some reason I owned 30 pairs of under panties when there are only 7 days in a week and 4 weeks in a month and I pretty much do a load of laundry on a regular bases.  oh by the way...Goodwill does not want undergarments.

That is not to say that I won't occasionally recycle something into my life just because I like it...and there will be no purging of the quilt room...I already had that moment and I love every single piece of fabric in there and have decided that fabric is my Achilles tendon and gives me JOY!!!

This tirade brings me to my photo of the day.  While down at mom's a delivery was made of a basket full of goodies from Connor's fiance Emily's parents in Portland, Oregon.  The goodies came in handy basket and I squealed with joy when I saw a BeeBop Biscotti which has a home base in our home town of Bend!  a piece of the past when I have received gift baskets for whatever reason the basket is usually one of those mass produced ones made in some country on the other side of the world.  This basket was lovely.  Had wooden handles and so, I chose to bring it home with me as a reminder not only of the lovely gesture but to use.  This is not to be put in the same category as a gallon jar of ketchup packets.  As you can see I filled it with fall gourds and pumpkins and was a perfect center piece to my table.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home

There is no place like home!  I am still waking up disoriented.  I lie in bed trying to feel the it mine or is it somewhere else. I slowly open my eyes trying to see in the dark if I am in my own bed. It feels it must be my bed!  Have you ever had times like this...where the world seems a little off kilter?  I have not re-entered my life with it's daily schedule and so time and space are still somewhat foreign. I am sure it will continue on in this way for a while.  I don't go back to work till the last week in Oct. and will continue to be in and out of town...and, my bed for several more weeks. I do have some high points which I am going to try and enjoy, the Fabric Stalkers Beach Retreat, Diane from Texas coming for a visit, getting together with friends at Anne's house, Woolies, the Mina Bag class in Sisters...these are all happening over the next few weeks.  In between the meetings and flight back down to mom's. 

HH and I have been married now for 34 years and we have been together 34 years and 3 months.  After two weeks of knowing each other he popped the question and I said yes.  My mother has been a part of his life for a long time also...they are and were both formidable personalities.  So she leaves us with not only a huge hole in our hearts but a massive space in my brain.  The Kim sisters have a micro managing trait.  It comes from surviving a war...loss, fear...if you can control can keep the bad things away and protect your family.  I have used a substantial part of my brain in a game of independence with mom and now the game is is so weird...I long to hear her voice but at the same time a part of me is peaceful.  I am not sure to what to do with all these emotions and so I am going to dive into my quilt life!


While I was in the midst of all the chaos down south I received a took me 3 times of listening to the message to understand that my Kathy Schmitz embroidery was ready at Bits and Pieces Custom Framing in Bend, Oregon.  I loved this pattern and it fits the feeling of, there is no place like home!  I of course put a little personal touch and embroidered "Bates House" on the front of the house.  Now I need to begin my "Which Witches Boot" and am at peace with the fact that there is no way it will be done by Halloween...but at least I will have something Halloweenie to work on!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back in the Broken Saddle Again...

I can't express my gratitude enough for all the support on this blog in helping me travel through my grief.  I could not respond to all the comments individually but know that I read each and every one and held them in my heart.  Both of my parents left this world in the blink of an eye.  Most of us hope for this kind of passage but for those left behind it was a nano second...and our hearts are still trying to take a breath of air.  Although I said I would start talking quilting again...I had to share a couple more photos and the slide show of the wonderful day I spent at Crater Lake while mom was sailing her last race...and there is a snip of reference to quilting in the slide show...just to ease myself back.  I am finding it much easier to communicate on the computer than face to face...which always brings the tears.

Look at what my son Connor found!  Peyton (my cousin's daughter) loves her Connor!
see the BunnyHill Quilt she is wrapped in!

My sister and I visited the boat which friends had placed some flowers/balloon.
I spent part of my younger years sailing and sleeping on this boat...and in fact when I was 7 months pregnant with Peter, my oldest son HH and my mom sailed to San Francisco and docked it on the Sausilito side of the bay.  HH and I stayed on the boat for a week and, because we were inside bay waters I had to pee in a coffee can and haul it up to the bathroom rather than use the bathroom on the boat!  Try that at 7 months pregnant!!!

Flowers spread on my parents grave site.  They are buried in a historic cemetery with the ocean in sight, sea breeze and fog rolling in.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Extraordinary Life of Bok Soon Jones

Here is my last post about mom and starting tomorrow I NEED to talk quilting.  I'll have to spend a couple of days figuring out where we left the last Give Away at and I really want to show you a slide show of our day at Crater Lake.  I met a wonderful quilter from Kansas that day.  Leave to me to find a quilter no matter where I go.

My mom arrived in New York City in 1953 with a 5 month old baby and was promptly left alone as my dad was shipped out the next week.  I found a beautiful love letter my dad wrote to my mother while she was alone in New York City...the only Korean.  Over the years she sponsored and brought her family and at last count she was responsible for helping several hundred people find a new life.

Today is our 34th wedding anniversary and we are going to spend it quietly on our happy to be back in Bend...if only for a short while.  My oldest son arrives on Monday and we are going to Skyp with my youngest on Monday night...I really need this time with my boys.  I am sure I will continue to have fits of blubbering but as I watch this incredible video made by my mom's nephew I rejoice in the extraordinary life she led.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Moments of Joy

Amide the crying jags, the quiet reflective moments there has been lots of noise and joy.  Most of the cousins have come together at mom's house.  I am the child of the oldest sibling which makes me the oldest cousin and so we sit for a rare photo of being together with the next generation on our laps.  As you can tell, my baby is the oldest of that next generation.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Commodore Bok Soon Jones 1930-2011

My heart is aching and I am not sure what my world will look like without her out there I so appreciate all your thoughts and prayers they have meant so much to me.  She was #1, passionate about her family, followed by country and then the Elkhorn Yacht club where she spent so much time.  Her world was black and were either right or wrong.  She was the original Yoda, there is no trying...only do or do not.  This photo is of her on the day she took off for that ultimate race. I do love that she left this life sailing.  That morning as HH and I were hiking around Crater Lake I got a text from her (yes my 81 yr old mother has an I-phone) asking me if I wanted a race tee shirt and I text her back asking if she wanted a Crater Lake tee shirt.  She didn't feel well and thought it was the meds she was on and collapsed.  In high drama that only she would appreciated the coast guard came out to "rescue" her...but she was having none of leave this life and meet my dad for their long anticipated around the world sail...well they didn't realize that I just needed a little more time.  I won't be on the blog daily but it is a life line of sorts for me so as i wade through the details of mom's life I will check in with all of you...

Saturday, September 10, 2011


mom had a heart attack while sailing in the Double Angle SailBoat Race on the Monterey Bay.  I am heading down and will be off line...for a while.  Pray for her, I am not ready for her to not be in my life.

Sabado Tarde + The Give Away

Yesterday was one of those crazy running around days.  It was supposed to be one of those days where I could catch up on my blog reading, sew and just be in my space...but...oh had to be a running around day.  After spending an hour in the pool exercising I came home spent just a few minutes on the computer and had to hit the road again.  First a stop at Hancock Fabrics ! they are having a huge sale and I needed pillow stuffing for my cute snowman pillow and some other items which will complete a surprise project that I will have on a future blog.  I was greeted by Keith, who is such a wonderful manager.  The store was hopping and sewers were wanting to show him what they had created!  Although he is a seamster??? is the the male form of seamstress??? He currently is in the middle of his first quilt!!! 

I finished stitching the top to my cute snowflakes in the star pillow.  I really should start and finish a Halloween project but, this has been on the back burner long enough.  I love how it turned out and am ready to put the finishing touches.  Those finishing touches will have to wait a day since HH and I are heading to Crater Lake!  It has been an embarrassing bone of contention that all the years of living with a National Park in our back yard we have never visited.   

Since we are taking a break I have decided to extend the Give Away another couple of days...because I really want even more photos.  So, you back row people who never put your quilts in a show, send me one photo, your name and state or country you live !  Maybe if I put a photo of the Give Away on Sundays blog you'll be encouraged to send me those photos.  The ones I received today are wonderful!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Whatcha Doin"

I really  want to know what you quilters are doin'???  I need more photos.  I know there has been an overload on the email but I have today off and can keep up on the download and I want as many of you as possible to send me one photo of what you are working on...or your favorite quilt!  I want at least 10 more photos...if not 100.  So post on the comments of The Give Away that you have sent a Jpeg photo to my email !!!

As for me...this is what I am currently working on...I am about to start stitchin on the Crabapple Hill  pattern "Which Witch's Boot."  I have resigned myself that it won't be up for Halloween this year...but come next Oct. it will have a royal place in my living room.  I love all the holidays and like to rotate theme'd quilts.

Making some progress on "the birthday" present!  aren't these half square triangles cute!  Using Bunny Hill Designs fabric.  I can't wait to show you the finished is going to be adorable!

I am now on my few day off stretch from work and plan on sitting down with a cup of coffee and soaking in all the information that SunShower Quilts has to offer on the Go....and see what Sweet P has been up too! Then I am going to check out Woolensails because I am really interested in the Digital Quilt Album!  But first I must go swimming!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Gotta Go!!!

When my friend Anne of Cottons 'n Wool and I were talking I said, "I gotta Go!" and she said, "Where?  Do you have to use the restroom?"  LOL  But in fact I received a Accuquilt Go! as an early birthday present from HH.  I am so excited but at the same time aprehensive.  It is a wonderful piece of equipement but choosing which dies are worth the money they cost is tough!  It came with a basic 5 inch square, half square triangle and 2 inch square.  I added a circle template and a hexagon template.  I have ordered 2.5 in. strips and 3.5 inch tumbler I need to just think.  If you have a "Go" what are your favorite dies???

Isn't this little hexagon block cute out of Bunny Hill Fabrics!

Don't forget the Give Away!  My email is screaming so if you can...send just one quilt photo and one stash/quilt room photo.  my email provider is lecturing me! LOL  send the photo to and post a comment on The Give Away 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lazy or Not So Lazy Tuesday

LOL for the Give Away which is linked at the bottom of the post I am making an addendum!  My internet provider explained to me last night that I am creating a problem for my account with the size of the emails I am that said please send me only on photo of your favorite quit that YOU have made and if you are brave enough a photo of your stash/sewing area.  I am going to publish all of the multiple ones I have already received but from now on BendBroadBand says I have to limit the photos coming in at one time!  What a party!!!

There is something sweet about having an extra day off during the week...but it does throw you off.  That is why HH was rushing to get the garbage can felt like Monday but actually it was Tuesday, our pick up day!  As for Enzo and I, we had an extra day off.  As soon as dawn arrived we went out for our walk and found 4 golf balls!!  Then off I went for my therapeutic swim class after a jaunt around the track.  I had to rush home because girlfriends were coming for lunch and stitching!  Life couldn't be sweeter.  I realized that I missed taking a couple of pictures including what I was working on...but here is a couple of gems.

Marilyn finished this sweet needle holder for her friend Beth and I was really tempted to keep it!  Sorry mom said possession is nine tenth of the law!

and Claudine is actually going to get this done before October!  I love this pattern and instead of wool she used some wonderful flannels!

Don't forget to send me those photos to in a Jpeg format to be entered in the drawing and leave a comment that the photos are on the way! on the blog entry  by clicking on Give Away!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Give Away!! But, Right Now I Am The Winner!!!

I cannot tell you how much fun I am having with the photos I have already received!  Right now I am the winner and my prize is photos!  I am going to repeat the instructions for this "Give Away" and they are simple.  This Give Away is mostly for my own and your enjoyment!  I, I NEED photos of quilts "you" have made, WIP's and if you are brave of your stash and or sewing area/room.  You must be a follower of the Woolie blog.  You must leave a comment on the Give Away Post that you have sent Jpeg format photos to and then you must send me photos.  The deadline will be Saturday night (my oldest son's birthday) and on Sunday I will post a awesome slide show of the quilts and WIP's and annouce the winner as chosen by the Random Number Generator.  On Monday...for those brave souls that have sent me stash and sewing room photos I will have a slide show and another winner as chosen by the Random Number Generator!  So send me those photos!!!

Now to show you what I did on Sunday.  After helping HH clean out the garage so we could see if his truck would fit inside this winter...he took me to JoAnn's for another peek at the Labor Day Sale!  Lucky for me HH had to use the restroom (the only reason he would venture into JoAnn's) and so I tapped his opinion on fabric for recovering the dining room chairs.  I have wanted to do this for at least 3 years!  I showed him the fabric I was considering and he totally agreed!  What was amazing is I guessed on the yardage and only had 1/4 yard overage which I am going to use in a table runner!

Chair Pad Before

Chair Pad After

Doesn't it look nice!

6 chairs, 2 staple guns, a hammer...HH helping...priceless!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Calling All Woolies...a Give Away

OK, here's the deal...I have been posting what I have been up too but, what I really want is to see what you have in your quilt closets!  I would like to put together a slide show of Woolie blog follower quilts and if you are brave of your stash!  What's life if we can't come out of the closet and be who we really are!  So, if you can email me photos in a Jpeg format then they will transfer to my slide show program.  I will create a slide show...of course, you have to be a follower and post a comment to this blog that you have sent a photo to please include the state or country where you live!!!!  oh I freakin' excited!!!  and, everyone who sends me a photo will be entered into a sweet Give Away!

Yesterday it was 90 degrees in the sun with a warm breeze on the back deck.  What better way to celebrate these fleeting days of summer...transitioning to fall and having friends over for a BBQ.  HH and I spiffed the house a little, cleaned the deck and filled the bird feeders.  Then I draped my outdoor table with a quilt and everything was perfect.  It was a simple pattern I made up with mitered corners so the chilis' would go round and round!

I love the way everything keeps going around...even the hot sauce bottles.  I sewed all the strips together for the 4 sides them I just mitered the whole stripped pieces together.  Quilted it just like a bed quilt and it has been my favorite table cloth for outside!

I hope you're enjoying the Labor Day weekend!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

September??? BJ's Quilt Basket BOM


I don't know about you but I can't get over the idea that it is September!  I no longer have that siren going off in my head alerting me to the impending school year...but, September remains a big month for me.  My sister's wedding anniversary, my oldest son's birthday, Robin's birthday, my wedding anniversary and for the last several years...the Fabric Stalkers Beach Retreat!

Of course yesterday was First Saturday BOM at BJ's Quilt Basket.  I swear every month that I am going to be prepared so when that 1st Saturday arrives I am relaxed.  Instead, yesterday I was up at 5 AM cutting my fabric and making my blocks!  If you show up with your blocks done each month it's free (instructions & fabric) but if you show up unprepared, you pay $5!  No Way!!!  All I could hear was, "Getter Done" and I did.  This is one BOM I am totally caught up with as you can see above.

Vicki, Owner of BJ's gives a nice infomercial, promotes classes, has a show 'n tell segment and gives out door prizes.  It is a fun way to get together...but...I have to say my favorite part is the after party where the Fabric Stalkers who are participating walk across the street and have coffee together!  I love that time.  Girlfriends, fabric and coffee...what's not to love?

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Humble Pie

Ok...after a long day at work yesterday...and I mean a long day...I was served a piece of humble pie.  Where you ask did I get a piece of humble QuiltWorks!  After work I scooted over to QuiltWorks for their wonderful First Friday event.  The featured quilter was Barbara Copeland and the Under Cover Quilts.  I am going to preface the slide show by saying...Barbara and I started quilting the same year, 1993.  Whereas I have become the queen of the BOW and BOM...Barbara has become an award winning in Paducah, know what I am talking about!  Even in a small community of quilters as I live in...I had not seen Barbara in several years but we connected right away.  Now, instead of being fellow quilters our relationship has progressed to teacher and student.  That's right, after seeing her quilts I signed up for her machine quilting class in October at QuiltWorks!

Before you watch the slide show...I want to give you the stone cold truth.  Barbara quilts by machine... on her Bernina. 

Excuse the shadow of my big head in some photos...and the place was packed so I could not get individual shots of the Under Cover quilts...but, they are still wonderful. I hope you are in awe of Barbara's quilt slides...I know I left there shaking my head...and, glad I got a slot in her class.  If you are local...head down to QuiltWorks and sign up for the Oct. class.  Barbara swore to me that I would learn to be one with my machine!!!

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Friday, September 2, 2011

I Have A Dream...

I have a dream of making an heirloom quilt.  The kind of quilt where a century from now quilters will see it hanging in some museum and wonder who is Woolie?

...and so I signed up to start a new BOM (not BOW) in October with Homestead Hearth Quilting to make the quilt pictured above.  They will ship 6 blocks at a time or portions of the border each month.  I have chosen the 1800's colorway and can't tell you how excited I am about this next project.  Of cannot attempt a project of this magnitude without doing it with some quilting friends...and so there is a merry band of 3...wild and crazy quilters.  If you are tempted...come along for the ride!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stump Town

Have you ever been stumped by a quilt???? Well, here is my "stump quilt."  I can't even remember what year I made it...but I do know it was a long time ago and it is now time to conquer the quilt!  I love this star pattern which I learned in a class with Debbie Caffrey.  She used to come to Bend and teach mystery quilt classes at BJ's Quilt Basket when there really was a BJ in the shop!  I loved her mystery classes because I learned so much, had a rip roaring great time and was fed a dinner.  I adapted this star pattern into a design of my own creation  adding little flowers which I hand button holed in the center.  Even quilted it...because I had the intention of making a prairie point border.  I saved the green fabric which has cute little chickens on it just for that purpose...then I was stumped.

I have never made a prairie point border.  This quilt is lying on top of a queen size bed and just covers the for a quilt that size how big do you cut the squares and how do you attach the points????  These questions so perplexed me that I folded it away to live in...a place called my "stump vortex."  It is where projects live that I don't understand why I purchased them, how to finish them or how to even get started???

Aren't these stars wonderful!

And this is where I ended.  The prarire points are supposed to somehow be attached to the red border...but I don't have a clue how???  I have already quilted the whole thing...what was I thinking??? you have a "stump vortex?"