Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quiet Time

Yesterday I was running around gathering supplies for my locker!  Just like all the school kids.  I joined a gym and I didn't want to haul stuff back and forth so I got my own locker.  I wanted to decorate it but I noticed that none of the others were decorated.  In our locker room at work the lockers are covered with magnets, family photos, pets, greeting name it...but, at the gym it is all nice and tidy and the locker room has a deocrator feel about it.  Between that and shopping for a swim suit in August my morning was shot!  I did accomplish my task and am excited about the first day at the gym!

It is kinda dreary around here. There is so much smoke.  I guess with 6+ fires buring in the area you gotta expect a little I decided to hop on Patty and head over to Claudine's for a little stitching.  I worked on Block #7, Yeah!!!!

Working, no stitching is going on but I thought you'd like to see a little slide show of the quilts hanging around Claudine's house.  She did not want me to take photos of her sewing room...for some reason people want to clean up their sewing rooms before a photo shoot, like nothing is going on in there! lol  Anyway, enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who Ya Gonna Call? Quiltbusters!

I had an errand filled day yesterday morning (mailing off charm packs, joining a gym, dropping books at the library, grocery shopping...all the things I needed to get done on a the afternoon I got some "me" time and wanted to finish some hand work on a "need to finish this project!" project.  My shopping buddy Lori and I (both Fabric Stalkers) took this class together and "we" need to get it done. Because, we are heading on our yearly shopping extravaganza on the way to the yearly beach retreat in September.

So I worked on it all afternoon (I now have an empty project box...oh yeah...who's you're mama!)  While hand stitching I watched the latest Quilt Show, the quilt movie "Stitched" and found this video...which made me really happy about young people!  Stick with gotta laugh that a group of kids made this!

Here is my finished bag!  I am going to put some buttons and pins on it.

The inside has a pincushion, needle holder, scissor holder, ruler pocket, rotary cutter pocket, ironing pad and the middle ribbons hold the pearl cotton!

Have a good Tuesday!

Monday, August 29, 2011

WWWWaaaait!!! I Shoulda Had A V8!

Getta a cup of coffee cause this story is going to take a while to explain.  For the newbies to the blog you will have to start from about mid summer reading in order to get the full effect of my BOW drama! I had any control of this manic life I live, being predisposed by my genetics I had 3 BOW's going (that's Block of the WEEK) from Primitive Gatherings.  A beautiful wool flowered block, a 4 inch star block (5 would arrive at a time) and a freebie wool coaster.  Hang in there...this story has more the middle of July I started to have melt downs...they were coming too fast, a week would just breeze by!  In order to deal with the panic I stopped visiting my mail box, developed a adversarial relationship with my mail person (because of how full my box would get.)  There were times I would have to put my foot against the mail box to pull the mail out (ok, maybe a little too much drama) but that's what it felt like.  Then the envelopes started piling up!  I was plugging along working on the blocks as I could, never to reach that point where I was waiting for the mail to arrive so I could start the next block

Here is Block 6 finished!  I thought by ripping the tops of the envelopes opened that counted as half done! Until a fellow Woolie told me I should just take them out, separate the BOW's and put them in a project box.  Since I was going on retreat at the end of Sept. I thought I would get organized now (what a thought), that's what I did I took them apart, put them in separate project boxes without looking at them and then, prepped all the freebie blocks.  Feeling quite smug I decided to prep Block #7 and was looking through the project box...WHAT THE HEY????  There were TWO as in #2,  Block 8's!!!!  At first I was confused...then I felt vindicated...I wasn't overwhelmed...Primitive Gatherings was sending me too many!!!  When I looked at the baggies the name was Pati Beck???  Who are you Pati???  Then I checked my star BOW and there was a packet with her name on it!!!  Oh be still my freakin' heart!  There is another wacko out there who signed up for as many as I did!!!  I emailed Primitive Gatherings but have yet to hear back.  I would have discovered this mistake had I opened the packages earlier but hey, a quilters gotta do what a quilters gotta do.

Now, I am happy and my postal person is happy!

Here is my Henrietta BOM.  It is turning out really cute.  I have 4 blocks completely done.  Block #5 half done and 6-8 prepped!  I was thinking about giving it away as a gift but when HH saw it...he thought it was nice! So I decided to keep it an personalize it.  I embroidered our address on the front door of the house and put our street name on block #3.

Hope you have a great for me, I am feeling relaxed now that I realize my melt downs were not my fault!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Winners Are....!!!!!

First, I have to apologize for being late to the party!  For the first time in absolutely months I slept till 0730!!!!  What???  The day is half over!  So without further are the winners of the charms packs chosen by using the random number generator!  Wish you all could have won and am so happy you are joining me on my quilting is a joy each day to wake up and know there are quilters out there who walk the same path, have advice, exciting news or send posts of their latest completed project!  I think once a month I am going to post a readers slide send me those photos!  There will be another Give Away in the horizon...but we will leave that as a surprise!

Congratulations, please email me your snail mail address so I can send these goodies off!

Ann, who the cat one...I am a follower and am on my way to the stitchen post..."

Heartsdesire said, "I'm a follower of Wooly Mammoth and I signed up for the newsletter at the Stitchin' Post. It looks like you made 200 followers and more. Great! Love the charm packs. Thanks for a fab giveaway"

Cornwomen said, "I am a follower and have just signed up for the Stitchin' Post newsletter. I really LOVED my visit to Sisters and the shop a few years ago! I've never gotten a charm pack, jelly roll or layer cake, so it would be fun to win one! They're all bright and cheery..."

Kathy H. said, "I am a follower and signed up for the newsletter. Those fabrics are so pretty. What great color."

Saturday, August 27, 2011

To Go or Not To Go? and Last Day to Register for the Give Away!

Yesterday, I decided to go to JoAnn's and drool over the Go and Baby Go...just to check it out...there was only one  Go.  The sale is next weekend...hummm.  If they sold the one they said they could order another...but I am still vacillating.  I checked out all the dies, read some quilt books showing quilts all made by using the Go.  I have talked to Go owners, read reviews, and have considered all the pros and cons...thank goodness it is another week till the sale!  My wrist says Go For It!

After the drooling I crossed the street to BJ's Quilt Basket.  This time I had my camera and camera card! lucked out because I ran into Robin and her grandson, Clay (isn't he a doll!?).  They were buying some angry ladybug fabrics and then heading to the High Desert Museum.

Since I had forgot my camera card on my last trip to BJ's I wanted to share with you some of the Fall class quilts.  Hope you are having a great weekend and those in the path of Irene...wishing you a safe weekend!
Today, is the last day to register for The Give Away

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Friday, August 26, 2011

"Standing In Your Truth"

I am not sure about you but I tend to play games with myself in order to accomplish what I need too in my day to day life.  I lead a VERY busy life...of my own choosing.  If I have too much down time...I get antsy.  But, just being busy does not a successful person make.  You have to be organized, flexible and develop new battle plans for success.  I know I'll eat expensive cafeteria food if I don't make my lunch the night before.  If I don't exercise in the morning...I am not going to be exercising that day.  Last one out of bed, makes the bed so I always get up first!  Are you like that?  Do you manipulate your own mind  in order to get stuff done? 

Where I have my biggest challenges is in keeping abreast of the incoming mail and my sewing room.  Now the mail is not my fault.  There is way too much junk mail and I don't pick it up every day because I am afraid of what is in the box.  But now that the BOW is done I can start picking up the mail regularly and maybe not have piles of it on the table.  As for my sewing room...I am the General!...and I have a battle plan.  Unfortunately, so far I am not moving the battle all.

Then my friend Sandy (quilt therapist) asked me why I was keeping the BOW's in the mailing envelopes.  I thought just by opening the envelopes I could consider them half done.  Sandy made me realize that I need to "stand in my truth" (that's a Suzi Orman phrase).  I couldn't even sit in my rocker because they were all piled there...mocking me!

So I ripped open the envelopes and separated the 3 BOW's (who is their right mind does 3 BOW's)  no wonder I need a Quilt Therapist!

Guess what...opened...they all fit in the project box and the lid even closes!!!

So, I guess this blog is about "standing in your truth"  That sometimes when you face really isn't so bad and in fact taking off the blinders allows you to occasionally relax in your rocking chair.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stitchin' Post Class Schedule

Ok, Huston we have a problem!  My Stitchin' Post Class Schedule is falling apart!  I think the Stitchin' Post needs to think about sending 2 copies out, one to mangle and one to keep pristine and last till the next one comes out!

So here is the scoop direct from the Woolie.  The "C" ticket to Creativity is the bomb!!!  You pay $50 and you can sign up for any 5 classes throughout the Fall/Winter Schedule that is listed as a "C" ticket class...and there are over 30 choices!!!

Here is what I have signed up for...

Session 1 of Lucky Charms
(making something fun out of a charm pack)
Session 2 of Lucky Charms
Mina Bag designed by Valori Wells   
(Christmas present for my sista)
Fall session mini mystery by mail
Spring session mini mystery by mail

All this for $50!!!  For all of you who have signed up for the email letter and are out of town wouldn't it be fun to sign up for the Fall and Spring sessions of the mini mystery by mail?!  Those are only $10/session! Lawry Thorn who is the mystery queen at the Stitchin' Post will be our moderator...and you don't even have to travel to Sisters!...and you can use some of that stash!!!  If you love a mystery, looking to make something that you will finish,  join me for the mystery by mail and then we will have a slide show when we are completed! 

Only 3 more days for The GIVE AWAY  sponsored by the Sitchin' Post of Sisters, Oregon!

off to work...hope you all have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

He Said, "Wow, is that a Honda Scooter?"

Yesterday I traversed the city of Bend.  First BJ's Quilt Basket. When I went to whip out my camera for some photos of new stuff and to check out the Open House Classes...I had left the camera card in my computer at home!!!  Drats!!!  No photos but I did find a wonderful little pattern and a charm pack for my Lucky Charms class.  I headed across the street to JoAnn's to see if the Go Cutter was on sale and it was, for $299??? 2 weeks ago it was $244...hummm maybe I'll wait!

I didn't want to go a whole day without my camera so headed home before meeting the Woolies.  I tried to sneak in but he saw my big helmet head so I had to give him a treat and talk a bit.   It is a great thing to be prepared because look what I caught!   Across the street...he was totally hypnotized by the awesome beauty of my Patty.  I swear the sound of the scooter put him in a trance and he that one of those Honda Scooters??? so I was able to snapped my shot!

The Woolies group was awesome, so much talking, laughing, sharing and we even got to connect by text with our Woolie who is a truck driver and working on the other side of the US ( she is in Amish country and we are green with envy!).  One of the highlights is that Robyn of Rogers Roost Ranch came by selling fresh veggies and eggs!  HH and I had a very fresh salad for dinner! is sweet!

Count Down to the GIVE AWAY sponsored by the Stitchin' Post of Sisters, Oregon

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Girl Friend, Ragazza, Amie, Подруга 2

This is my latest book on CD.  I am drawn to her book (remember the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) because I am green with envy for those who have had girlfriends since childhood.  The characters in this series had mothers who were all friends and the sisterhood were all born in the same month...friends for life!  Do any of you have a bestie since childhood that you still connect with regularly?  I am thinking about this because yesterday when I had to sign up for an online view of  statement it asked me 3 security questions.  One was, "who is your childhood best friend?"  I always put "Colleen" because she is my earliest friend that I am totally connected with...we met at the age of 14, 2 girls starting high school in an all girls school.  There have been ups and downs, tragedies, broken hearts, tempered with soooo much fun girl time! 

My other long time friend is Terri, who was my college roommate.  LOTS of history there.  What is intriguing is that as time has passed and there were great spans of time where we were busy with life and only connected with Christmas Cards...we both ended up quilters!  I am grateful to Terri because she is who I learned my love of "the dog."  Her family had "Barney" who licked the dishes clean and always had a smile.  It seemed natural to her that when we moved from the dorm to our first apartment we'd get a dog.  "Beau" ...I loved Beau but, my family does not get dogs...don't understand dogs...neither my mother or sister have ever even owned a fish (unless is was on a dinner plate)!  When I graduated, Beau stayed with Terri and every time he saw me he pee'd on my shoes! Ahhh good memories!

Yesterday was the August birthday potluck with the Material Girls and I actually was off a Monday where I could attend!  Those girls are talented and so here are just a handful of slides on what they have been up too!

Today is the BJ's Quilt Basket Open House and Woolies at QuiltWorks!  I am lucky enough to have had a couple of days off because I worked the weekend.  So, I am going to jump on Phoebe??? I mean Patty and hit the open road!

Don't forget the The GIVE AWAY sponsored by the Sitchin' Post of Sisters, Oregon!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

....Count Down

Enzo and I went out for our early morning (mom has a day off) walk and I reluctantly opened my mail box...yes, there was another BOW in there...but, it was the last one!!!!  Thank you lord!!!  I am patting myself on the back because I gave up the rant I had earlier this summer...and...I count them as half done since I did pick them up and opened them!  Now the decision has to be made and made by Sept. 8th.  Do I want the finishing kits and if so which ones.  Primitive Gatherings shop blog had photos and choices...hummmm

What I do know today is,  I will get to attend the Material Girls with plans to work on one of these blocks!  I believe today is potluck celebrating a "princesses" birthday!  Fun, fun, fun!

Don't forget we are counting down to a GIVE AWAY sponsored by the Stitchin' Post in Sisters, Oregon.  Just click on the link and follow the instructions!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Give Away sponsered by The Stitchin' Post of Sisters, Oregon!!!

WOW!!! Tamra the Stitchin Post blog guru stopped by last week and brought 4...not 1, not 2, not 3...but 4,  5 inch charm packs to give away on the Woolie Blog!!  Like myself Tamra is a self proclaimed charm pack junkie...but what I am also addicted too... is packaging!  These charm packs are in a specially printed plastic envelope that can be used again and again.  I love stuff like that.  It is like getting 2 things for the price of one.

Each pack carries 40 (5x5" squares) ~2 each of 20 different fabrics at a retail price of $10.50!   I took a photo of 2 squares from each pack so you could dream about them.  So,  how can you become the owner of one of these babies....yes, the chances are good because there will be 4 winners! 

Again pushing the follower numbers up to 200 or more, you must sign up or be signed up as a follower of the blog (tell your friends) leave a comment on the blog that you are a follower to enter.  And, since Jean and Valori were so generous to donate these charm pack just head on over to The Stitchin Post Email and sign up to receive their email letter which comes out twice a month.  How sweet is that!  Hopefully by next Sunday there will be 200+ followers of the Woolie and the Random Number Generator will pick 4 winners!!!

In the meantime while Robin and I work away in the OR you can drool over these great cat lovers will go crazy for the "Catkin" line by Julie Paschkis! and included is some of Valori's yummy fabrics!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


I get it...I really do...especially since I became a passionate quilter.  Passion for something can occasionally replace passion for someone.  But, as with all thing in be happy there has to be balance.  I love my Janome 6600.  Maybe not as much as HH or Enzo or the rest of my family...but I can say unequivocally I even love my Janome more than Patty!  I have had hours of  creativity at the altar of my Janome and so this week when HH decided to get a pick up truck...I saw that same love in his eyes.  No, not for me but, for the truck.  He has worked hard to get the water spots off the windshield, buffed her paint job...and even let Enzo get inside.  The truck represents a dream of retirement, camping...traveling.  For me the truck represents retirement, traveling and new quilt shops.  Of course that won't come for a few more years.  Because...we gotta and need to keep working.

Anne of Cotton 'n Wool said I should have a "name that truck GiveAway"...HH didn't laugh.  But, he did agree to have a photo taken of him and his new love.  This is my weekend to work so I know they will be having a great weekend together!

Today as I am spending time with Robin at work.  (We are the duo scheduled to get the "weekend warriors" successfully into the operating room.) I will leave you with one of my favorite thoughts...

Imagine life is a game in which you are juggling five balls.  The balls are called work, family, health, friends and integrity.  And you're keeping all of them in the air.  But one day you finally come to understand that work is a rubber ball.  If you drop it, it will bounce back.  The other four balls - family, health, friends, integrity - are made of glass.  If you drop one of these, it will be irrevocably scuffed, nicked, perhaps even shattered.  And once you truly understand the lesson of the five balls, you will have the beginnings of balance in your life.

Have a great Saturday and I hope not to see you!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Today's blog requires a preface.  Yesterday, I completed my latest Redwork project and before you view it I must tell you about my sister.  I was a 9 years old only child when she was adopted.  She was 12 years old in the middle range of her sibling lineup.  In the first volume of our life she was actually a sibling of my mothers, living oversees.  From the time I was 5 years old I knew my parents were in the process of adoption but it took many years to traverse the legaleeze to accomplish the task.  And so at the age of 9 I became the youngest child and my aunt/sister became an oldest child.  Ahhh life has a wicked sense of humor!  Our early years naturally were a struggle and we had all the same issues that siblings have along with a scoop of the unusual.  But, both being in survival mode we figured a way to grow in love.  She is my Soul Sista!!!  And so, my latest project is in no way reflective of my feeling about her...In this life,  I ended up with a "wicked" sense of humor!

Anna & Kim
although my sister doesn't quilt she is a fabulous entertainer and chef!

...and so when a Fabric Stalker showed me her latest pattern purchase I had to make it!!! Because I love Redwork, I love the Wizard of Oz and I have a wicked sense of humor!  I needed a project to stitch tonight when I go to a friend's house for a little girl time.  I am going to big stitch the project and hang it on the door of my sewing room!  Doesn't it just make you laugh out loud!!!! (Lasting Treasures) if you click on the photo it will enlarge.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

QuiltMania & A Great GiveAway by DaffyCat!

This past Tuesday I was scheduled for a massage (no it is not a foo foo massage but shear torture!) which I schedule regularly to keep me out of a surgeon's office.  I had finally finished Harvest Home by Kathy Schmitz and was taking it to my favorite framer...Bits & Pieces.  But, he doesn't open till 1000 so I had an hour to kill and decided to read quilt magazines at Barnes and Nobles.  OH BE STILL MY FREAKIN' HEART....they had a special children's issue of QuiltMania!!!  Only one copy!!!  Are you listening Paulette?  I had never seen this issue before and was so amazed but the color, the fun and possibilities...that I bought it.  Not cheap either, $20 but take a look inside. 14 projects!!! I won't show you every project but just wet your appetite and show you the ones that are at the top of my list!!!

I am making this bag but am not putting a labrador on mine...guess who is going to be featured on my purse!

Look at this Doxie purse!!!  Hey need a Doxie purse!!!

This one is so crazy fun!  I may make this for my new grandbaby's room!

And Owls are this years Dogs...everyone wants one! lol  Looks like I am going to be very busy this about you?

Before you go check out this sweet GiveAway on

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eat Cake!

Yesterday I had decided to start a project that was on the back burner.  I found the pattern in June while traveling back and forth to care for my mom and knew that it was perfect for my best friend's birthday which is coming up.  I didn't have the right color of blue in my stash which led me to Sew Many Quilts.  I can show you the fabrics but not the pattern until after the birthday because there is a slim chance she might stumble onto the blog.  I know I am rambling a little here but, I want to share a story with you about the wonderful designer of the pattern.  When I opened the pattern I read through it 3 times trying to figure out the cutting directions...there were none in the pattern.  Maybe she thought I was smart enough to figure out the cutting...hummm, never had that happen.  She must not know me!  But, in this day and age of the world wide web I Googled her, got her phone number and left a message.  Within a couple of hours I got a call from Holly and after explaining my dilemma, she apologized and immediately sent me a PDF filed of the cutting instructions.  What a business woman...and one of my favorite designers!  So if you have a chance check her site out you won't be disappointed! Eat Cake Graphics!

While delayed from the above project I decided that I needed a new pincushion.  Digging through my patterns like a dog...I found the perfect pattern by Hatched and Patched although you can't see it very well in the photograph I embroidered Enzo's name at the bottom.  I used walnut shells mixed with lavender that I collected last year from the plants outside my workplace...smells divine.

Alas, it is a work day but riding Patty to and is a breeze!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wool at Sew Many Quilts!

On the second Sunday of each month a group of Wool aficionados meet at Sew Many Quilts!  I lucked out because I am starting a new project, sacrebleu (damm in French. I am practicing for my trip with  Jeanne on the textile tour 9/12) I didn't have the right color of blues I needed...but, I did know that a shop in town would have just what I required for this project.  Hopping on Patty I headed to Sew Many Quilts only to stumble upon the Wool group!!!  hummmm how many wool groups can I fit into my life...possibly one more!  Anyhoo...after seeing what wonderful stuff they are creating I may have to amp up my wooling (is that a word?)  Pam is the group guru and a wonderful resource so if you are working Monday-Friday (to pay for that wool addiction) one Sunday a month to hang out and stitch on wool may be just what the Wool Doctor ordered!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Flippin' Bird Challenge

Yesterday was the meeting to pass off the Flippin' Bird Challenge Quilts.  Since there are new followers I thought I would take today's blog to explain the Challenge.  First...a little history...(all dramatization of this blog do represent actual people but they shall remain nameless to protect their quilting reputations.)  Several...and I mean several years ago one of the Fabric Stalkers (who shall remain nameless) started a project that consisted of Birds in the Air blocks.  For whatever reason, and I don't have to explain this to many of became a UFO.  I mean the kind of UFO that haunts.  A Blair Witch UFO! The project traveled to every retreat in the box seat of said quilter's sewing chair being referred to as the Flippin' Bird Quilt.  In the beginning we sympathized..but many of you bring your UFO's to retreat just to torture your fellow quilters.  So, last retreat I had had it!!! And said, "give me that UFO.  I'll finish it but it won't look like you intended it to be!"  Said quilter then came up with the brilliant idea that we should all drag out a UFO we just aren't bonded too and will...NEVER finish.  You know that's hiding way back in the closet or drawer.  We would then pass it around with the fabrics (fabrics could be added) but the original pattern is out the door.  It has been the most FUN challenge we have ever done!!!  Mine was a Kaffe Diamond Quilt which was left from a class I took with him a few years ago using strip fabrics.

Enjoy the evolving quilts and maybe you will consider this kind of challenge with your quilt group!

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Winners are....and the MT. Bachelor Guild Quilt Show

Oh man was this a difficult decision!  With over 50 suggestions I have decided to never buy another
Scooter and have a "Name that Scooter Give Away!"
But the winner of the coffee fabrics by Random Number Generator is....
Delores who said, "How about 'Belle"?"
the winner of the Charm Pack by Moda
Terri who said, "I still like Peppermint Patty. :~)"

Delores and Terri if you could email me your mailing addresses you'll have a surprise in your mailbox before next weekend!

I chose Peppermint Patty...well for a couple of is my favorite candy and the Fabric Stalkers on retreat always have a bag in the freezer (they are best frozen) or a box of Junior Mints.  And, since my pet Woolie is named Penelope...I thought Penny and Patty was sweet together!  So there it is, another Give Away done and this one was a challenge.  I loved all the names and even dreamt about them!  Thank you so much for participating.  Later next week we will have a special Give Away sponsored by the Stitchin' Post of Sisters, Oregon so keep checking back.  In the meantime, get a cuppa coffee and enjoy the slide show of the 2011 Mt. Bachelor Guild Show in Pioneer Park Bend, Oregon!

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Give Away! Last Day! News Updates!

I have been overwhelmed by the response to giving my sweet scooter a name!  You guys are awesome!  Just when I get close to making a choice someone posts a new consideration.  So, this is what I have decided to do...I am going to toss everyone who gave a name suggestion in the coffee fabric/apron pattern give away and use the number generator and then I am going to give something (I haven't decided yet) to the follower who's name suggestion I decide to use!  2 Winners will be announced tomorrow.  Today will be the last day to join as a follower & post a suggestion for this GiveAway. I will keep adding the names to the list on yesterdays blog.  It is fun to read all the variety of possibilities...kind of like what my son and DIL are doing now in choosing a name for their new baby who will arrive in January (now they are calling it McGoober).

This morning I will be heading over to Pioneer Park to view the Mt. Bachelor Quilt Guild show.  It is a lovely show with quilts hung all around the park and, it is a beautiful day.  Which means...slide show tomorrow!!!

...and if you think that all I do is talk on this blog...yada, yada, yada...blah, blah, blah and never sew...guess again!  My cousin and family are visiting Bend this weekend. I have been feverish working on tacking the binding down on the Dr. Seuss quilt for McKenna's belated birthday I was doing that I got distracted by the idea of making a skirt for her out of the left over fabrics.  I used Valori Well's card patterns (simple & only $3) you can order them on the Stitchin Post website.  Isn't it adorable!!!

Have a wonderful Saturday.  See ya on the open road...cause a girl has gotta feel the fresh air against her age spots! LOL

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Give Away Name Game

Here is the Give Away I put together!  Almost 2 yards of coffee themed fabric to make this awesome apron.  I picked up the pattern at the Stitchin Post and thought it would be fun to make with coffee fabrics.  You can add some of your own solid type fabrics to give it a little punch.  Being a coffee junkie...must be because of how early I have to get up in the morning I love these coffee fabrics! 

The Give Away rules are to sign up as a follower and post in a comment the suggested name for my new scooter which you can check out on the blog Born To Ride !  The suggest names have been wonderful and I am going to have a hard time choosing a name!  Here are the suggestions thus far...

Rosie Rider
Skooter Speed Racer
Flying Quilter (FQ)
My Pet
Peppermint Patty
Fannie Freedom
Scootie Poot
Woolie Walter Scooter Pooter
Miss Pinky
Easy Rider
Aloha Breeze
Flying Quilter
Scottie Poot
Petunia Pedals
Flower Power
Quilt Traveler
Rotary Cuter
Wild Woolie Wander
Wild Woolie Woman
The Wandering Woolie
My Hog
Betty Sue
Miss Sue
Petunia the Road Runner
Scootie Pootie

WOW is this ever going to be a hard decision!  I will keep it open till Sunday and then decided which name I think fits her the best!

PS...the Stitchin Post in Sisters, Oregon is sponsoring a Give Away right here on the Woolie Blog in the near future!!!