Sunday, July 31, 2011

Born To Be Wild

Ok, there is a real issue here! I am having a BLAST!!!  with my new scooter...meaning no sewing getting done! Nor dishes or mail...I did force myself to sit down in front of the computer and pay bills.  Enzo is looking at me like I am a total loser. This week will force me to regain some balance as my grandson will be with me for part of the week.  Today we head up the Santium to meet my sweet/funny DIL to get my grandson.  Since the scooter does not allow for 2 riders it will be a "NO Scooter" hoo.

I guess realizing who my father was..."I was Born To Be Wild."  I remember at the age of 6 riding on the back of my dad's chopper, no helmet, hanging on to him with one hand for dear life and holding a quart of ice cream with the was he a bad boy!

After my second scooter trip downtown (I swear I did not know the library didn't open till 1200 on Sat.) I met Robin for lunch at one of my favorite places, Jackson Corner. I was sharing that, since getting the scooter I have zero desire to's the open road for me, baby!  But I was reminded of 2 impending deadlines.  BJ's "Free" BOM (40+ courthouse step blocks) and The Flippin Bird Challenge.  I just couldn't face all those courthouse step block in 30's would take more to pull me back from the open road!  So, the Flippin Bird Challenge it was!  I know I shouldn't give you a peek but there is only one of the Fabric Stalkers that reads the blog and it isn't her quilt I am working keep quiet Irene!  Besides, lately we're lucky if the Fabric Stalkers can even get together let alone be in the same city and state at the same time!

This month I have Jane's quilt.  The box was filled with all these grids of 2 in squares and big blocks.  Originally left over from a Kaffe class she took called Grid Lock.   Languishing in her sewing room until she decided to make it a Flippin Bird Challenge!  I am the 3rd person to receive the box.  It looks like we have all been ripping or cutting apart those original blocks as you can see below...I am loving it!!!  The outer row of 2 inch square borders with the 4 stars in the corner is my contribution to the quilt...I wonder what the next person will do. It was starting to look like a pretty blue and green quilt so I decided to punch it up with some of the orange and pink squares!  In this challenge as the months go by it gets harder and harder because so many decisions/choices have already been made and to come up with something original...well it is a flippin' challenge! 
Anyhoo, at least the pull of the open road wasn't so much that I couldn't complete one project...although I fell into bed last night...all that fun and fresh air!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Winner & Born To Ride!

The FIRST winner of the FIRST shop Give Away on the Woolie blog is.....drum roll...Jeanne!!! who said,  "am a new follower of your blog. You have stolen my heart, you do wools and I so want to learn to do them too. Thanks for the opportunity to win Farm Fresh Fat Quarters from The Quilt Shop."  The winner was chosen using the Random Number Generator so Enzo's dirty paw wouldn't have get on my computer.  So Jeanne...send me your mailing address and I will send it along...and you had better do it fast cause I am bonding to the fabric!  I hear another shop is thinking of participating so keep checking back!

As for yesterday...I did not sit down in my sewing room once!  Why???  Because I was Born To Ride!

Yep, I am officially a biker chick!  I purchased a used scooter not only because it is sooooo dang cute! But because it gets 100 miles to the gallon!!!  Sure I only can ride it May-Oct around here and sure we had a lady in the OR who fell off hers and broke her arm and sure....yada, yada, yada...I hear all you nay sayers out there who think I am you see the 1000 watt smile on my face?!  So, yesterday was spent at the DMV, the insurance company (only $75/yr insurance!) purchasing a helmet and decorating it...and then, riding it around and around and around my subdivision.  I started out only being able to go 10 miles/hr and worked my way up to 25 miles/hr.  Today I will hit the open road!  It has a very cute wire basket on the back and I intend to make a quilted insert!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Freebie Count Down

It's count down to The Quilt Shack Give Away of the Farm Fresh fat quarters!  a new line of fabric! yeah!!!  Tomorrow Enzo will press the button on the random number generator and we will announce the winner!!!  So be sure to click on the link and follow the entry instructions!!!

Well, I did it!  I finished a new project from Summer Gatherings by Primitive Gathering.  There are at least 10 projects in this books that I want to make so it was well worth the purchase!  Although I have purchased books just to look longingly at the pictures, never to make a thing out of them. LOL  How about you?  Do you always make stuff out of the books you buy or are you like me...just wishing they would appear already done.  I remember as a little girl pouring over the Sears Christmas catalog...that's what I am talking about.

I used the Big Stitch technique for the quilting. Which after watching some of the Woolies use this technique...I really like!  I used a milk chocolate brown color so it would show a little and I cross hatched...which I absolutely love!  I now have two wool signs for outside my front door.  I am leaving this one up till October...cause I need at least a couple of months to make a Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas sign!!! 

Today is filled with want too's, have too's and can I please start a new project...or...should I finish a UFO...oh, and then there are those pesky BOW's...hummm

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Cat In The Hat

For some reason beyond my comprehension I was lucky enough in this life to be born the oldest cousin!  Which means that I have cousins who are still having babies...I know, I have bragged about this before!  I don't just seems so great to be a quilters and be able to have a reason to make fun quilts.  One of my cousins has 3 daughters and I have been working on making a quilt for each of them for their birthday.  Due to the unforseen issues with mom I was not able to finish the youngest ones quilt in time for her birthday...but guess what...I now only have the binding to finish. 

McKenna walks to her own story and so I want to make her a Dr. Seuss Quilt!  It is so fun and maybe it is because I am still a big kid...I just LOVE the fabric, I collect the books and if I have a problem I know that Dr. Seuss will have the answer!


I made a fun quilt featuring all the Dr Seuss fabrics!

It is bright and funny just like McKenna!
and if you have some time and want to have a great time, check out this site!
Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ahhh The Woolies are back in the saddle again at QuiltWorks!  We had to take a break during the Quilt Show Event but now...we're back!  It was a nice afternoon to catch up on the chapters of our lives, look at the latest photos and share our projects.  Marilyn, owner of QuiltWorks has the best selection of wool and got in a whole range of Valdani thread colors!  Yummm!
Mary's latest quilt project down to tacking the binding!  Which feels awesome.  She said this went together quickly as it is a series of 2 inch and 4.5 x 2 inch blocks. She used a jelly roll!

Anne already has her next project prepped from the latest issue of Primitive Quilts & Projects magazine!

Another Primitive Gathering BOW devotee...Sandy, is that Block 4...or maybe Block 3???  I'm working on Block 6...

Anne B. finished another project! Some people can't help themselves...they start and finish stuff, making the rest of us look like we a twiddling our thumbs.

Beth's UFO...soon to be Marilyn's pin cushion...

...and finally an adorable card wallet made by Marilyn using Valori Wells' pattern and the Farm Fresh fabric that is part of the Quilt Shack Give Away

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh Happy Days!

Some people are a cup half empty and some are a cup half full. I think I am basically a cup half full.  I seek the blessing in each day. That is not to say that I don't occasionally have an ugly cry or fall into the depths of depression...but, for the most part I think each day is a gift.  I am so happy that I am alive during this period of time! Why you ask?  Because of Skype!  I have adjust fairly well to my youngest son and his fiance moving across the country...sort of...but what has helped me is Skype!  Oh my god, I can't believe that I can actually talk to them in real time, see their faces and that they can walk me around their apartment.  What a blessing it is when I consider that when my mother moved to America she would write her mom...who, 2 months later would receive the letter.  Oh yeah, I am soooo lucky!

So yesterday when my oldest son came down from Portland to spend 3 days playing with his dad I had to get his brother and Emily up on Skype so we could all talk to each other.  It was so wonderful to laugh with both my sons even though we are time zones apart.  Then, when I saw that there were some bare walls in their new apartment I asked if they would like a wall hanging.  What kind?  Wait...I'll go get it and show it too you!  Can you believe it!!! I could actually bring the wall hanging I had made down to the living room, hold it up in front of my lap top and they could see it!  They liked it and so now I have my next quilting project.  I just have to choose a backing, layer and quilt.  What a great world we live in!

Pattern is called Sidelights

Don't forget the Quilt Shack Give Away...only 4 more days. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Freebie:don't forget...oh, and Welcome to Bend

Remember to check out the Freebie by The Quilt Shack by logging on to the link and follow the directions...cause someone is going to own a nice pack of just released fabrics called Farm Fresh!  I don't know about you but I am seeing the prices climb in the fabric world so anytime I can actually win some is sweet!
Here is my latest wool project all prepped and ready for stitching.  I LOVE it!  The pattern is in that great book called Summer Gatherings by Lisa Bongean & Carole Charles.  There are at least 5 or more projects in that book that I am driven to create!  Once completed I am going to hang it outside my front door.

OK, what gives???!!!  This is Block 6 of my Flower Penny Garden Block of the Week!!!  Do you get is a BLOCK OF THE WEEK!  No BOW should have a block that has 91...NINE ONE...pieces in it! That is going to be a lot of stitching. I think Lisa is trying to kill me.

It's pretty though...huh?...sigh...what's a girl to do when she loves wool...

Now a little slide show of what was happening in Bend this past weekend...never a dull moment.  If you live here, this is a reminder of how wonderful it is...if you don't, wish you could be here!
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ooddles of Giggles

Yesterday was filled with Giggles, crazy ones, happy one, and hiccuping giggles.  Enzo and I walked down to the mailbox and found my favorite magazine Primitive Quilts!!!  Packed, really packed with wonderful projects!  I am going to make the squirrel because I already have the acorns! Remember The Blog where I showed you those hand knitted acorns with the real tops made by Pam in MN.!  They will look great displayed together. 
THEN, I dug deeper into the postal box and there were 2 Packages...not just 1...but Lisa had sent 2 packages at the same time.  I was just about to prep block 6 and I had block 7 lurking on the shelf...and now it looks like one of those housing tenaments I lived in as a baby when we first came to the US.  All crowded and loud!
I'm OK, I remember what everyone has told me about enjoying the trip.  I decided to add the embroidery to my blocks because my friend Sandy said they are not really finished until the embroidery was I did and, she is right, I can now say I have 5 blocks completely done.  They really are beautiful and the wool provided by Primitive Gatherings is wonderful.

Now  for the hiccuping giggle...we have this little green frog that lives on our deck, actually in a big flower pot on our deck.  He disappeared a few days ago and we haven't seen him since...until yesterday.  Enzo discovered him in an old corn grinding bowl on the deck and jumped back...he really is a careful guy.  Anything he has not seen before...or is out of place...he gets freaked!  I piled a stack of rocks about 3 feet high in the front yard and the first time he saw it he started growling! LOL  So, here is a little slide show...not of quilts but of one crazy dog that made me laugh so hard I got the hiccups!

PS. Don't forget to log in on The Quilt Shack Give Away
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Give Away by the Quilt Shack!!!!

Yippy-Kai-Yeah!!! The Woolies first shop sponsored Give Away!!!  The Quilt Shack has donated a pack of fat quarters from the NEW line of fabric called Farm Fresh!  Not only is it adorable...but the fabric itself feels so wonderful...a very high grade of cotton..and, we know what's happening to cotton prices! can you win this wonderful pack of fabric???  Be or sign up as a follower of this blog, leaving a comment that you also signed up as a follower on the Quilt Shack blog by clicking on their link above!  Enzo will draw a winner a week from today!

You will love the slide show of The Quilt Shack. Rhonda is the type of shop owner who's customers love her!  While there,  the customer traffic was high...even on a beautiful outdoor kind of day!  A long term seamstress she taught Ballet and loved to make the costumes for her girls but her first venture into quilting was a slice & dice place mat class at the former Prairie Girls quilt shop.  With the encouragement of "girlfriends" (aren't they the best) she opened The Quilt Shack in June 2008 with the support of her husband and 3 daughters.   Granddaughter Mia is now the youngest quilt enthusiast in Prineville!  Come Fall The Quilt Shack will be moving into their new digs which will be located at the West end of town.  In the meantime...enjoy their site, sign up on the Woolie blog, leave me a comment and sign up on  The Quilt Shack Newsletter! 

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Friday, July 22, 2011

June Jaeger, Log Cabin QuiltWorks

Yesterday Marilyn and I had the best day!  We drove about 9 miles outside of Prineville to June Jaeger's place to visit the designer and her studio.  The drive through farm and ranch country was wonderful.  Upon arriving we were greeted by Willow and June, who is the sweetest person to open her home and studio to us in blogland.  June is one of 3 sisters, Jean, June and Judy (who lives in Texas) and, they are all artist.  June of Log Cabin QuiltWorks started quilting at the encouragement of her sister Jean Jean Wells Quilts during the long wet valley winter of 1979.  From that first quilt she continued forward to designing her first pattern while working for Daisy Kingdom in 1980.  Missing her country roots and slower pace of life she moved to Pendelton where she owned the Log Cabin QuiltWorks store from 1992-1998.  Now, calling Prineville home she continues to design patterns and works at the Stitchin Post in Sisters.  When you are in her company you can really tell that she has been a horsewoman her entire life.  She and Marilyn spoke and understood each others love of horses...they are both REAL horsewomen!  Marilyn and I have already decided we are going to take the "Friends" class next year at the Quilter's Affair.  It is the class where you make a quilt of your best friend (Enzo).  Be sure to check out June's website and enjoy the slide show!
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pondering Pools of Thoughts

After receiving some input yesterday from Woolie's about my guild musings I woke up with a whole lot of brain activity.  I preface these next few sentences with a explanation for those who do not know me or have not followed the blog regularly...I come from a genetic background that has the pedal to the medal.  If my pedal is not the medal..then..I am in a state of depression, which I choose to avoid.  As a child I drove my parents crazy.  Which is funny because both of them were always on "full steam ahead" mode.  I remember my dad working 3 jobs and, even when he was sleeping he had headphones on listening to study material! LOL  My mother's brain is like a huge computer that needs constant what can I say...I come by this naturally.  If I have quiet time it is because by the grace of God I met HH...who taught me to day dream and there are my friends (which includes you) who give me perspective.

Today I have already put an hour in the garden, and it is not really a garden it is a hillside terraced with lava rock that I having been trying to conquer for a couple of year.  Enzo especially likes these times because he jumps and runs, interfering with the golf courses early morning ritual of mowing a 1/16th inch off the blades of grass. I decided before Marilyn and I head over to June's place that I would finish piecing the binding strips for Chubby Chicks and prep my next wool project.  I have given up my angst over my BOWs and although I am just about finished with Block 5 and have 2 more sitting in my sewing room with another 5 to arrive over the next few weeks...I really don't have to get them done before end of summer (thank you Sandy).  In fact I have all those winter months that need filling! 

Before Summer ends (the weather this past week made me think it was over) I am going to start a project from Summer Gatherings.
Welcome!  I have the pieces I need and today I will fuse and prep, that way it will be ready when the mood moves me to work on something different!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yesterday I got to spend some time with girlfriends.  Lunch, chatting and a little stitching.  There is nothing sweeter.  I grab every opportunity because this summer has proved to be a scheduling nightmare.  I don't believe I have been able to attend any of the Material Girl Gatherings because my work/family schedule has had some changes.  But, then again in the Fall the schedule will change again. 

I have been pondering whether to join a guild.  There are 3 that are in fairly close proximity to me but they all have a different culture.  One is a daytime guild and the other 2 are evening guilds.  If you have been following the Woolie for more than a week you know that time is a hot commodity in my life!  To add another activity...even if it is quilt related...takes careful consideration on my part.  What do you think?  Do you belong to a guild?  What is the structure?  Do you enjoy the meetings?  Do they have inspiring speakers and classes?  Do tell...I need to know before I decide to even take the plunge.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the things my girlfriends are working on!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Woolie Lesson

Yesterday at work I needed more than roller skates...a jet pack would have been more useful! LOL  Tuesdays are my consistent week day off and I pack it with errands and fun.  I can only handle the errands if there is always a little fun around the corner! Bend is struggling with it's summer and rain has been the order of the week...pleeezee come back summer...I swear I'll work in the garden rather than sew.... 

I have had a couple of people ask me how I prep my wool projects and so this morning I put together a short slide show.  If there is anything you are curious about, just ask and I'll explain.  I have a tendency to see everything so clearly in my head, whereas others go...huh???  There are a variety of ways to prep wool projects but this is mine.  I have little time and need products and processes that go from zero to sixty!  This morning when I got up at 4:00 am I knew I wanted to prep Block 5 of my BOW because I was spending the afternoon at a friends house stitching.  So, here goes...
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Chubby Monday

I finished the top to my Chubby Chicks with a few alterations.  I really wanted it to fit on a wall in my sewing room which is a very small bedroom.  I adjusted the pattern leaving behind 12 chicks.  Then, when I got to the final border I realized that if I put that plain green border on it wasn't going to fit my I left it off and will just bind it in the green fabric.  I like it!  Whenever I get it quilted and hung I will post a photo.  In the meantime I am going to enjoy the fact that I was able to give up my slight OCD/ADD tendency and have a weekend of fun quilting...not that the BOW's aren't fun...there is just something about doing 3 that may not be in my best interest!  I had decided after running errands I would pick up the mail which I had ignored for 3 days. So when my next BOW package arrived today the mailman wouldn't be cursing me about not emptying my box...and you know what?!  Next weeks BOW was in there...having been delivered on Saturday!  But...I wasn't even upset because I had so much fun making my Chubby Chicks, a pattern I had bought at Holly Hills in 2010.  The pattern is really cute and is designed by Black Mountain Quilts  Teri is a mother of 4 and tries to design simple patterns for those who have time issues! LOL

I have lined up a visit to designer June Jaeger's place on Thursday.  She is a spectacular designer!  Fridays blog should be a lot of fun!  As for today I fearlessly put on roller skates, scrubs and reading glasses!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sweet Sunday

Whereas yesterday was Sweat Shop is all about the sweet!  I have filled my quilting soul with the need to do something fun!  The center of Chubby Chicks is done!  I decreased the size because I had decided during the construction that I wanted to hang it in my sewing room!  Next is the pieced inner border and then the final border.  That will have to happen later this afternoon.  I have errands to run in preparation for the next week and I know for a fact tomorrow's surgery schedule is going to be INSANE!  It would normally be my day off but I volunteered to work...hummm, maybe not smart on my part but what the hey.  If you look closely at my chicks you will notice a couple of them are not following directions! One is me of course and, the other is a friend who always walks to her own drummer!  Can you find them? 

I realized that the blog had hit 130 followers and on my continued quest to reach a certain number by next years Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show I am going to keep pushing the envelope.  Friday I sent off the first Woolie Give Away to Mary in MN. and am already orgainizing the next Give Away when the blog reaches the sweet 150 number!  So keep passing the word along, forwarding the site and I will pick something really sweet for the next Give Away.

I love this photo!!!  While sewing the Chicks together I used the final strand of thread!  Yes, an empty spool...don't you love that feeling?!  I use AURIFIL MAKO 50/2 for piecing because surprising the type of thread you choose can have an effect on how your blocks lie.  This thread is thin, strong and most importantly, no lint!  But, it takes forever to use up a spool!  A little spendier but in the long run it is worth it.

Hope you all are having a great Sunday!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Saturday Sweat Shop

Isn't that a cool name for a Quilt Store! I told Kathy, the Information Booth boss that I rarely get to sit down and sew for extended periods of time (except on retreat). I do however accomplish a lot on a Fabric Stalker Retreat but, the next one isn't until the end of Sept.! Then I realized that HH and I did not have a thing scheduled this have too's, or oughta's, or why was a wide open weekend! We had planned on going to see the newest Harry Potter movie but really, do a couple of AARP people need to see it the first weekend? Especially when the Deschutes Dash is this weekend and one of the races begins down in the Mill District?! Heck NO! Which means we each get to leisurely enjoy our time in the way we both want to relax...and for me...that is time in my sewing room! 

When Enzo woke me up this morning I decided to dive into Chubby Chicks and in order to start I had to pick up my space because, I cannot see the top of my cutting table or ironing board. I found this book I had ordered after watching an interview with Jenny Byer by Alex Anderson on The Quilt Show It is a compilation of over 4,000 blocks from different sources.  For sure you need to already be pretty comfortable with constructing a block in order to use the book but I like having a detailed source for blocks. 

Just flipping through the book it looks like Jenny constructed each and every block using the fabrics she likes...hummm.  And  she is a hand piercer and quilters so some are definitely a challenge.  But, still I like the book.
Then I remembered that years ago I had gone to an old book sale in Sunriver which is a destination resort 10 miles from me and found this book.  At first when I picked it up I thought it was an old high school typing class book.
Then I opened it!  Someone had collected all the weekly articles on quilt patterns published in the Kansas and Nebraska from 1928-1932 and glued them onto the pages of this typing book!
I could spend days reading these articles...but, now I need to start working out with the Chubby Chicks!

Volunteers: The Wind Beneath Our Wings

This morning I woke up to that glowing feeling...reminiscing about last night.  You remember that feeling, the morning after "The Prom" or reliving that "First Kiss!"  You just want to play it over and over again in your mind...well, I am lucky because I made a slide show!  Can you imagine a slide show of your first kiss!!! ROFLOL  The amazing thing about the Volunteers Appreciation Event was the number of people who attended.  The deck at Black Butte Ranch was packed, over 100 volunteers attended on a Thursday evening and that was only a fraction of the volunteers...which made me many volunteers does it take to pull off an event like the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show?  Ann, the executive director of the show said it takes over 500 volunteers!!! to put the show on...and being a nonprofit organization, the price tag is $150,000 to bring this Free Show to the public.  On their site you can find out how to become a Friend of the Show so that this will continue for years to come.  The amazing thing is that the Volunteers are not all local but come from all corners of the globe!  Each year Ann needs more and more if you live in the neighborhood think about giving back time to the show and if you are from out of town, plan a volunteer vacation!

Enjoy the slide show the quilts are by the Black Butte Ranch Quilters!...and, I have already lined up some interviews and future sewing room/studios for the next couple of months!
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Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have heard of "menopause" and "manopause" but yesterday at work I learned about "mentalpause."  After spending some time yesterday with "the friends" listening to their sage advice and reading an article that Sandy brought me called "Deadlines are Beautiful"  I am taking a deep breath.  I liked the idea of working on one old project and then switching to a new project, then an old project...then a new project.  I need to take a breather from my Primitive Gatherings BOW and do something bright!  It is not that I am not going to try and finish those BOW's this summer...or this's that I need something different.  I need to put the pop back in popcorn, the fun back in funny, the sex back in sexy...ok...I know, I am losing it with all these rules!  I need to start playing in my sewing room.  How did I lose my Mojo?...could 3 BOWs push me over the quilter's cliff????  When I got home from work I started rummaging in my drawers of UFO's, WIP's, PIG's and kits...and I found the perfect one! Since my schedule was wild with trips back and forth to mom's I fell off my Weight Watcher Mojo also.  With this project I am going to get both WW and Quilting back on the fun side of life!

Chubby Chicks!

I had the pattern and the fabrics all together in a plastic bag...officially a PIG (project in grocery bag)!, tonight I am invited to attend the Appreciation Dinner for volunteers of the Sisters Quilt Show out at Black Butte Ranch!!!  The Fun is Back!!!  I just have to get through today at work!  So, since I am scheduled to call the colonoscopies for Fridays had better have followed your directions and be home with I call!  Cause I want to finish work and Parteeeeeeea!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sweet Tuesdays

I think Sweet Tuesday is the name of a restaurant chain???  Anyhooo, it was a sweet Tuesday.  The weather was moderate, clouds from the always thought it would be fun to be a weather girl!  A handful of girlfriends stopped by, shared some laughs and also what they have been working on!  Yes, I did go to the postal box!  I told my friend Irene that I need to get a handle on this BOW thing because I feel the urge to yell at the postman..."What are you doing here...You're not supposed to be here until after 1:00 PM!!!  When I opened my box I was tempted to just pick up the junk mail and leave the BOW package!

Today it is a work day but I'm ok with is less stressful to face a horde of surgical patients than 3 BOW's!  I think next summer I may take Sandy up on her offer...have them delivered to her address and she will dole them out as I finish each one....that sounds heavenly.  I also got great news...I get to work early shift on Thursday 5:30 am to 4:00 PM which means I will get to attend the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Volunteer thank you dinner at Black Butte Ranch!  It really is a Sweet Tuesday!
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Muses From a Quilter Gone Mad

Quilt Show Week is over and there is time to ponder all that was enjoyed, new people who are now "quilt friends" and to take a candid look at what is going on in my own sewing room.  Hummm, maybe this is why I like looking at other quilter's sewing rooms?  Then, I don't have to face what is going on in my own backyard!  I am currently in a face off with my mailbox!  Having signed up for 2 BOW's with Primitive Gatherings and Lisa being the generous soul, sends out a freebie each week...which means 3 BOW's.  I now look at my mail box as if it has an IRS notice hiding in it.  As you can see by my BOW design wall I have 5 freebies done which means I should have 25 stars done and 5 wool applique blocks done!...and it is Tuesday isn't it???  Which means there has been a BOW package sitting in there since yesterday but, I have not been down to the post box...if I don't have it in my doesn't exist! I may wait till Friday to pick up my mail! LOL 

Woolies was cancelled this week because QuiltWorks is trying to put the store back together after the "fabric storm" that occurred last week.  This gave me an opportunity to have a handful of people from various parts of my life to the house...and I mean handful.  My house is an illusion.  It looks huge from the street but, is actually small and can only handle a small group unless everyone wants to stand the entire time.  Which means...I have to clean a little...and this is where my facade crumbles. People are always asking me how I do everything...well, I don't.  I clean if someone is coming over. (that's a period at the end of that sentence) and I am not a "fabulous" cook.  3 times this week HH and I had cheese and crackers for dinner.  Thank god he is an easy guy!
I had to show you the "Freebie" I got from Sew Many Quilts!!!  I didn't tell you but last Tuesday was their open house to show off the shop to the locals and any quilt tourists in town...and...the power went out!  Someone had hit a pole or something and knocked the power out in a whole section of town.  When I arrived the shop was packed with no lighting and "how ya gonna pay without power?"  They figure out how to continue business but, it was challenging and they stepped up with grace.  They were going to have a drawing every so often all night but instead Sharron decided to give everyone a freebie as they left the shop with their new purchases!  How awesome was that!  And...this pattern was my freebie and I LOVE it!  I can do it in cotton or wool!  Sweet!