Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Flippin Bird Challenge, Block Two

The passing of the Flippin Bird Challenge quilts is proving to be even more challenging because we can't seem to find a day where all of us can meet.  Life is toooooo busy!  So a small group got together and passed what they have done on to the next FS (fabric stalker).  What is really weird is somehow I didn't get a photo of the addition I made to Robin's quilt...dang dorothy...that is what Robin would say!  Oh well, here a a few photos....

Irene added a boarder all around Lori's quilt
Lindsey added some spark around the star block in Val's quilt!  Hummm Lindsey looks pretty darn happy...wonder what that is about???
Robin created a 16 in block 4 patch!
Val created an exciting sampler out of my Kaffe fabrics...hey!!! are those batiks in there????

We decided because of the Sister's Outdoor Quilt show we won't meet and exchange until August...hopefully we'll be able to see some exciting progression!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Quilt Shack

The Quilt Shack is located in Prineville, Oregon.  If I didn't have to work...and could stay home and quilt...I'd live in Prineville.  It is a "throw back" town to a slower pace of life and when you drop off the ridge and head down the road into Prineville you swear cowboys will be greeting you as you enter town.  And you know what...I saw my fair share of cowboys!  Unfortunately Prineville is located about 40 minutes from where I work and I am not the commuter type...of course they just opened a Facebook headquarters there...maybe I should go work for Facebook!

Anyhoo, I stopped by The Quilt Shack which is one of my favorite quilt stores not only because they have fun fabrics but Rhonda the owner is a sweetheart.  
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Featured Quilter at the 16th Annual Country Quilt Show of Prineville

My friend Sandy was the featured quilter and with all that was going on in my life I almost missed it!  Having just arrived home I was standing in my sewing room trying to take in the sight and smells of my space when I noticed a quilt show card on my bulletin board.  Tomorrow!!!!  The quilt show is tomorrow and Sandy was the featured quilter!!!  There was no way I was going to miss that show and I thought...just the thing to bring me out of my doldrums.  Although she and her husband have a busy life on the farm and have raised 3 boys...she makes time for quilting and antiquing.  Her first quilt was made as a 4H project.  There are no idle moments in Sandy's life and you can tell by the slide show that...I speak the truth!  She is a kind and fun person to share the quilt life with and currently a QuiltWorks Woolie! and we are also working on a Civil War quilt together.  If there is a quilt in the slide show you must know the name of and where she got the pattern just note the slide number and comment you question on the post and I will ask her!  Have Fun!
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Roundup of Stars!

Just in the nick of time I was saved from my hole of depression.  Arriving home only created more anxiety for me since I couldn't see what was going on with mom...I had to do phone evaluations.  Since leaving and returning home she fell on her deck and developed a nice cough.  But, she is made of tough stock and was hanging in there, taking my counsel and waiting for home health people who I have sent up her hillside to figure out what was going on.  In the meantime, I had decided that I needed to get the heck out of my hole when I realized a good friend of mine was the Featured Quilter at the 16th Annual Country Quilt Show of Prineville.  I could take a break for the weekend before hitting the bricks in mom's care on Monday.  So I called up some Fabric Stalkers and off we went.

This show is held during the Crook County Roundup and, is smack dab in the middle of cowboy & farm country!  There was a parade, rodeo, fair, gem show and quilt show!  Needless to say...this lovely town was bursting at the seams.  You will need not only a cuppa coffee but your lunch or breakfast to get through this one...with 80+slides and...I included some close ups for those quilt design junkies amongst us!  There will be a separate slide show on Tuesday of the Featured Quilter...because, she is not only talented but prolific!  So saddle up and hang around for a while!
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Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's Just Sew Simple...Really...

I thought there was no other town like Bend!  We have within our city limits 3 fabulous stores.  Guess What!?  So does Redding, California.  They have  Sew What (you can see the slide show on these great shops by clicking the links), The Sewing Room and now, I have discovered "Sew Simple!"  Although they do not have a web site if you see something in the slide show that interests you, give them a jingle.  They are located at 2223 Larkspur Ln, Redding, California 530-222-1845.  And, let me tell you they are WELL worth the stop and are easy to find off of I-5.  Nancy Endy has been the owner for 21 years and you can tell she really has a sense of the quilters needs and wants!  Upon arriving I immediately headed to the classroom where I heard activity and lo' and behold a Quilt Group was in progress.  Each person working on their own project, providing all the oooohhh's and ahhhh's that we so like to hear. 

Even though life has been challenging this trip...I have met the person I was supposed to meet!  Vicki Bellino of Bloom Creek First I want to say....Fabric Stalkers, no hassle about this next section especially you Yo Yo makers!  I have decided to start making the one's in Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts and I wasn't sure how to go about it...then at Sew Simple I met Vicki, who is the queen of the hexagon and in fact will be coming out with a book on this very subject!!!  You also can watch a You Tube video English Paper Piecing done by Vicki for Connecting Threads

Enjoy the slide show of Sew is one you will want that cuppa tea or coffee. So, you can watch it over and over again!
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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Roxie and Joe Wood are the passion behind ThimbleCreek of Concord, California.  Their shop has been featured in Quilt Sampler magazine and was the encore featured shop in the Fall 2010 issue.  It is easy to find off of the 680 freeway and is worth the stop!  When I walked in the sight was breath taking for a quilter...and...I thought I felt the aura of one of my Fabric Stalkers if one of them has shopped in this very shop.  This being my first visit I was amazed and sooooo happy I stopped since I am addicted to embroidery right now and you can tell that someone in this shop is also!  I even found an embroidery group in their classroom!  Enjoy the slide show and as usually if you see something you must have (...and I saw several things I NEEDED and had not seen elsewhere) contact ThimbleCreek !

And just to get you all excited there is a new blogger who is giving away a Baby Go if you sign up on her blog!  Check it out, Vicki B Quilts.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Joyous Quilter!

The Joyous Quilter is tucked back off of Hwy. 101 is a sleepy hollow called Aromas.  As I drove out to meet Louise I passed home after home with lush groves of trees, gardens and yet the scent of ocean air.  She has an infectious laugh as she tells you that it is a funny fate that brought a British couple to live in Aromas, California with an eclectic Asian influenced home.  All I can say is that this is a recipe for a good life.  The surprising bit of history is that although she has been sewing her entire life she only started quilting in 2005!  When you check out her website that bit of history will even be more surprising.  Her biggest supporter is husband David, Panda, Tia and Twiggy (kitties) and one very sweet old dog.  Her philosophy is summed up in a statement she made to me, "Patterns (I wish you could hear this with the British accent)...Patterns are like recipes, they are just suggestions."  You really must take the time to check out her website The Joyous Quilter You will hear her name over and over again in the Quilting World!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Art Show at QuiltMaker Napa, Ca.

I always think it is a gift from the "quilt fairies" when I stumble on a quilt show in my travels.  I lucked out at QuiltMakers in Napa, California.  They were all small and sooooo delicious!  I hope you enjoy them...I sure needed the brain break! LOL
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

QuiltMaker of Napa

Little did I know when I walked into the quilt shop in Napa that I would meet someone who would understand my angst about my mom...but would take the time to listen to me!  And actually give supportive information...because, after all the people I have talked to...she was the first person who knew about the disease and had actually taken care of pediatric patients afflicted.  I can't thank you enough Diane for taking the time to listen to me...share my fears and let me pour them all out on the cutting mat in your shop!  I am a customer for LIFE!

This will be a two day blog as Diane had a wonderful little art quilt show in her classroom that deserves a separate slide show!  Enjoy and check out QuiltMaker .
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Random Life

Ah, I feel like I am living a random life...trying to keep my connection to my own life and helping my poor mother.  So much has changed in such a short period of time...even though I have only done a hours worth of stitching the entire time I have been gone...I have spent at least 2 hours a day connecting to quilting and my blog, and this has sustained me.  I really wish both she and I could turn the clock back and make it go away.
The road to mom's house...I fear her beautiful place may be a thing of the past for lane up a hillside..Yikes!
a birders paradise, you can't see it but at eye level off her deck is a huge hawk's nest and watching that mother fly in and out makes me want to cry for my mom.  She will be so sad if she has to leave this place.
This is my favorite room in her house.  We call it the Oriental Room.
Lover's point
When I was young I always wanted to stay at this Bed and Breakfast.  Totally out of my price range back then.  Now I can't afford it because I spend all my extra money on fabric! LOL
Only her face is untouched by this horrible disease.  But as you can see the Commodore of the Elkhorn Yacht Club still has a spark in her eye.

Monday, June 20, 2011

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon or Meet Jeanne Mills

I live a charmed life...I really do!  In the little town of Pacific Grove I met Jeanne Mills and she invited me to view her home and talk about her yearly textile tour to France!!!! Parlez-vous français?  Oh yeah, by next year I am going to be fluent enough in French to say, "combien est ce tissu un chantier?" or, for those who don't speak much is that fabric a yard????  I am going to start putting away some money each month in anticipation of tour in Sept. 2012.  Jeanne is heading over this September to scope out the quilt show and to see about transportation/lodging.  She lived and owned a home in the French countryside.  Which makes her very confortable with the country and its residents. To help you dream and practice, check out this years info on the quilt show, the link Carrefout Europeen du Patchwork

Now you might ask why I used the title 6 "Degrees of Kevin Bacon or Meet Jeanne Mills?"  She has been a long time resident of Pacific Grove, is a former quilt shop owner (1978-1982 Wild Goose Chase), founding member,3 time and current President of the Monterey Quilt Guild, and frequent assistant and hostess to quilt instructors for the Empty Spools Seminars If there is a "big" name in the quilt world she has met them, taken a class from them, been a host home or owns one or more of their quilts!

I know, I know you want to stop reading and get on to the slide show...but here is a list of websites that you might want to bookmark and check out!  I am planning this for next year!!!

All I can say is Jeanne was so gracious (I had French brewed tea!) and she is energizing! You are going to enjoy this slide show...and maybe you can put a tour on your quilting bucket list!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 Lighthouse Art Quilt

whoopeeeee, 99 followers...I wonder who will be #100?
 What a walk into Back Porch Fabrics and find a gallery of quilts.  They have 6 shows a year and in their history have had a total of 90 shows!  Currently the 2011 Lighthouse Art Quilt Benefit Challenge is on display until July 6th.  Proceeds benefit the restoration projects at the Point Pinos Lighthouse and Point Sur Lightstation.  The brain child of Claudia Sammis you can learn more about this exciting project on the web site Lighthouse Art Quilt Challenge 2011

The slide show is wonderful and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

PS... I had a hard time putting together this issue of the Woolie Blog because I was at a Starbucks using their wireless and at the next table is a group of senior citizens, men and women and they are gossiping about people who aren't here and boy is it juicy....well, since you can't hear what I hear...enjoy the slide show! LOL
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

On The Back Porch...

Yesterday I had the nicest little diversion.  I picked up a girlfriend of mom's to bring her out for a visit and while they were reminiscing about the old days (this girlfriend has known me since I was 3 yrs old) I drove to the seaside town of Pacific Grove to visit Back Porch Fabrics!  Gail Abeloe and her shop have been in Pacific Grove for 15 yrs.  The shop is a quilting "must see!"  They have a gallery with 6 shows a year and a total history of 90 shows!  Tomorrow you'll get to see the current show, Lighthouse Art Quilts.  The Shophop by the Bay I mentioned yesterday extends to this side of the bay and Gail's mother Dorothy has been making homemade cookies for the shop hop every year!  This year a total of 600 homemade cookies!!!  Her right hand person is Jean who you will meet later in the week...and you are going to enjoy that blog!  In the meantime sit back, spend some time with me (I can't express how important this connection is too me) and enjoy the show.  Anything you see you can check out their web site Back Porch Fabrics
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Quilts and Things

When you are traveling all around it is especially exciting when your bathroom stop includes a quilt shop less than a mile off a major freeway!  I lucked out in my search for the next best quilt shop when I found Quilts and Things.  It is located in Morgan Hill, California in a strip mall.  Laurie Perez shop owner was awesome! And her right hand person was Louise who designs her own patterns and has a commissioned quilt business....yes, if you don't have time to make a quilt you can contact Louise!  But more about her next week!

Laurie, owner of Quilts and Things has been quilting since 1994 and has owned the shop for 9 years.  She is always looking for the next best thing and if you see anything on the slide show you must have contact her through the web site.  I was sold on the Vanishing Design Wall.  It is built to be hung over a double closet door but can be hung anywhere!  Check it out and enjoy the slide show!
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tater Patch, Merrill, Oregon

Tater Patch in Merrill, Oregon is well worth taking the road less traveled.  It is anywhere from 8 to 20 miles off Hwy 97 depending on which way you go.  There is road kill along the way as Merrill is out in the middle of farm country.  You know it is worth the stop when you pass through the front door and all you see is quilts!  PS. don't forget I am trying to reach a 100 followers by Sister's Quilt Show so start nagging your friends to jump on board the Woolie!

And look who I ran into!  Linda Ballard!  She is a quilt instructor extraordinaire and is open to sharing her quilt experience with your shop or guild.  She is teaching in Bend this July at BJ's Quilt Basket.  You can contact her via her web site, Lets Quilt

Another member of "The Girls" is Deanna Charlton who is known for her mosaic quilts.  She is also available to teach and can be contacted at

Enjoy the slide show of Tater'll need a nice cup of tea or coffee and a snack for this slide show!  And if you see anything you like they will send it too you! They have a great BOM going on and Kim Diehl is coming this summer!  So check it out,
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One Block At A Time

The Green Pieces block of the month sponsored by Sew Many Quilts taught me more than stitching.  It taught me what can be accomplished by putting one foot in front of the other...that perseverance pays off.  I so needed to be reminded of the lessons learned.  Isn't that the way of life, you learn something, then something else comes up and you forget what you learned!  When I got the call that my Green Pieces was all quilted and ready for pick up I took it as a sign.  I am here this one day and really needed something wonderful to remind me that I am strong, that perseverance pays off and I can put one mile at a time on my car and and heart.  Sandy Lachowski is "my" long arm quilter!  I know I have to share her with a bunch of you but, for this moment she is all mine.  If you go back through the old posts you will find a blog about her and her creative sweat shop.  She did a fantastic job! And she quilts free hand, no computerized stitching!  I love checking out the quilting in pictures for ideas on things that I want to quilt.  The music is dramatic but it totally cracked me up...the title...Reaching the Goal!  I have the binding ready to attach but that will have to wait till I return home and then I might take a photo of each and every block!  In the meantime enjoy!  As for me, I hit the road again...and I am going to find even more interesting Quilt Shops to share with you on the blog...oh and just to let you know I am trying to reach 100 followers before the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show on July 7th.  Help me out by getting your friends to hop on board!
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Days Of Wine & Roses

I remember seeing this movie years ago called, "Days of Wine and Roses."  It was a horribly sad movie about a woman's decent into alcoholism and left my young heart permanently imprinted with the fear of losing time.  It also cured me of ever wanting to see movies that are supposed to make me cry, change my religion or donate money.  I became a "light hearted" movie goer.  Chick flick, snort your coke through your nose cause you are laughing so hard...type of movies!  I am especially fond of British humor.  Don't get me wrong  I am not opposed to a good cry, as long as it ends good and, I do like a "based in fact" documentary.  I now have 200+ movies to see on my netflix and I know I won't get to them all since I keep adding to the list.

You ask...why am I talking about the movies...or specifically about "Days of Wine and Roses?"  It is the idea of days running into each other, of losing time...or forgetting what your life is about.  I am spending a lot of time right now in an out of my life.  Life for me has no consistency (except for you guys) and I long for the boring "day in and day out" of my own existence.  Who would have thought I would miss going to work.  That showing up and concentrating on the tasks to be accomplished to get people into the operating room would look enticing?!  For sure I miss my sewing room...the same mess is on the cutting table and my 4th of July penny rug hanging is not going to get done before the 4th of July.   Whaaaaa.  Ok, there is my ugly cry.  So what to do?  I have one day before I hit the road again?  I have to cancel a stitch evening at BJ's since I will be in another state with mom and I hear that my wool quilt is ready for pick up...won't get that binding done since I can't figure out how to drive and stitch binding.  But, just like I thought Week 2 of my BOW from Primitive Gatherings was waiting in the mail box when I pulled into town!  So this morning I am going to prep it for travel...and take a little piece of home with me.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Houston...We Do Not Have A Problem!

Well our youngest son was successfully launched...he is the one just about to turn into his row...the tall one! LOL  5600 graduates and their families meant that at Trailblazer Stadium in the Rose Quarter there were over 25,000 people!  We are so proud of him!

He is ready to be your accountant!


Traveling too and fro, keeping my anxiety in check I finished my BOW...just in time, cause I think block 2 is waiting in my mail at home.  Tasks for today concentrate on mom and figure out where she is going to be this week!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Greenbaum's Quilted Forest

Yesterday we headed over the mountain to Portland in anticipation of our youngest son's graduation, birthday and departure for Illinois.  Call it a mother's need but, I decided that I needed to have Korean food for the graduation celebration...because I am not sure he'll be able to find any in Illinois.  It reminds me of my own move to Oregon 20+years ago.  I was afraid there would not be any refried beans in Oregon so I brought a case with me!  It still gives HH a laugh as he recalls a Mexican grocery store in town.  Since we needed to stop at H-Mart a Korean grocery store in Tigard we traveled over Santium Pass running into the Rodeo Parade in Sisters!  Although it was slow progress we had lunch in Salem which was around the corner from Greenbaum's Quilted Forest.  Downtown has an old feel with not much go into Greenbaum's.  Holy Smoke was it busy.  I swear you could put a quilt store in the middle of the desert and it still would be filled with activity!
This is Sylvia (she is the one on the left), owner of Greenbaum's a third generation family business that has evolved over time. It started as a dry good’s store, Greenbaum’s Dept. Store, in 1900; became a fabric store; Greenbaum’s Fine Fabrics, in 1946; and finally a quilt shop, Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest, in 1988. The shop is in a beautiful historic structure that was built in 1889, and is located in the heart of the downtown historic district in Salem, Oregon.  Her assistant manager is thinks it is a good thing I left Enzo home!
When shoppers bring their fabrics up to the counter to be cut they get to sit down a spell at the cutting bar.  It is here where I met Patric.  She is a new quilter, having retired in 2010 she is now working on her 4th quilt!  When I asked her if she had a stash yet...she said she cleaned out 3 college degrees of paper work to make room for her stash! you just gotta love quilters!

Enjoy the slide is one of those you will want to watch more than once and, if you see something you must have...check out their web site! Greenbaum's Quilted Forest
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Garden Fairy

I am heading off to work this morning but yesterday,  it happened.  I finally had to take my "quilt hat" off and put on my "garden fairy hat!"  I am working on my BOW but only in small spurts. Although landscapers take care of the grass in the front of my house they do not take care of any of the flower beds nor anything in the back.  I have a no yard in the back but a substantial slope that I terraced with lava rocks dug out from the hill to make plants and tree beds last year.  The little hill side is covered in trees and I had a ton of pine needles and pine cones to pick up.  It was so much fun discovering what plants survived our difficult winter and are now struggling to poke their new growth towards the sun.  It is interesting that the back has an entirely different climate than the front.  The back is just beginning to morph but the front is already blooming.  Here are some of the plants from the front.  Not much of a "in the know" gardener I am not sure what some of these are called.