Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goose Jelly

Some of you that have known me a long time and my new blog friends who have been following along with "The Woolie" know that cooking is not my forte. My shining moments have not, been in front of the stove. I totally blame this on my mother, my former priest, my boss who retired recently, all the dogs I have owned, HH ( who cooks better than me...because he is not afraid of any product that has fat in it) and, my kitchen. The one thing I have been awesome at creating is "Goose Jelly." I learned about goose jelly in my early days of quilting. I read in some periodical about quilting that you could save all the little pieces cut off of flying geese and half square triangles, place them in a bottle and call them goose jelly. I don't know about you but, goose jelly sounds like you making something in the kitchen...not necessarily, something you family would eat. But, neither the less...something in a Julia Child's cookbook.

From that first moment I started collecting the little triangles and putting them in an old bottle. They are a testament to not only to my cooking skills but, my quilting life! The colors remind me of all that I have created. I don't care what anybody says! I make an awesome jar of Goose Jelly! Here is the recipe if you would like to make your own batch!

1. scoop up all the half square triangles you snip off your blocks.

2. as you hold them in your cupped hand, close your eyes and envision the quilt they helped create.

3. pour them gently into a container of your choice.

4. place them in a window where you can enjoy them.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sashiko At The Stitchin' Post

Yesterday, I took at class to learn the techniques of Sashiko Quilting at the Stitchin' Post in Sisters, Oregon. I love the format of the small technique classes they have set up for us with short attention spans! The class was from 10:00 - 12:30, which leaves lots of time for shopping! The class was full and everyone was eager to learn the new technique. There is nothing better than a short class, a professor who knows what they are talking about and a bathroom near by!

I came away from class with exactly what I wanted to learn. Now I will begin to tackle a Sashiko project which I began back in the late 1990's...oh yeah...I am talking back over a decade ago! I purchased it from "In The Beginning" which was a quilt store in Seattle, Washington which no longer is opened!

The Stitchin' Post is always a visual feast and Twigs, their home decor area was filled with new items. I did not purchase any fabric...but I did find something I had to have over in Twigs. Take a peek at the slide show and you'll see what I bought!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's The BOM!

I swear time is streaking by...although you couldn't tell by the weather. I usually accept the weather with a degree of decorum, but these days it seems I wake up and throw a full scale tantrum. I know it is Spring and, we are supposed to get intermittent rain, snow, sleet and a peek of sun but I am soooooo ready for more than a peek of sun. Enzo and I are ready to get out and hit the trail without my inhaler! And since, I jumped the gun and decided to get him shaved he is still giving me the stink eye. Yesterday he didn't eat all day, and I believe this was in protest. Finally, realizing that he lives with a couple of people who raised 2 boys (take no prisoners kind of parents, don't come whining unless there is a lot of blood)...he gave in and ate his dinner. Although he is still giving me the stink eye, he did eat his breakfast. I think he knows I am leaving for part of the day for a Sashiko Quilting class at the Stitchin Post.

This morning I got up early, had coffee with HH and then pieced my BJ's Quilt Basket block of the month. I got caught off guard by a busy month and realized I had not done any of my BOM's. Now the BJ one's are done! They are cute and if it wasn't for my friend Suzette donating a nice little pile of 30's fabrics I'd end up with a boring quilt. On Thursday I am going to do my Henrietta Whiskers because I know Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill is getting ready to post the next block and if she gets confused about what day it is like last'll be up there a day early!

Have a great Tuesday...and don't feel too bad for Enzo, he has a good life!

He thinks he is going but, I am not sure that Jean Wells would appreciate his shopping techniques. Because, I know what he does when he finds the perfect spot.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Break In The Bleakness

Every other Monday I work...and the opposite Mondays I get to spend with the Material Girls. I suspect our ages range from 50's - 80's but no one is telling. A wide variety of religious beliefs, political affiliations, family trees and quilting passions. But this one day a week the Material Girls gather at the Deschutes Historical Museum to share the quilting life. Sure there is talk about children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, vacations, cooking, husbands, health name it, we talk about it. What binds us the quilting. I love these Mondays because there isn't a one that I don't come away with a new piece of information! LOL

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fabric Stalkers...We Do Create With The Fabric That Is Captured!

The best we can figure it we became the Fabric Stalkers around 1996ish. It was a smaller group back then and there have been quilters who have come and gone over the years but the numbers remain around the 10 mark. We have challenged each other not only to make beautiful quilts but ugly quilts also. The ugly quilt challenge actually produced some cute quilts. Since Anne was joining us I figure it would be good to give her a taste of the ugly quilts. The challenge was to create a block out of the receivers least favorite color or pattern. The receiver would then have to make a quilt with the blocks. There were "white on white" blocks, Pink blocks, Red blocks, flower printed get the idea. This years challenge is called, "The Flippin Bird" challenge! Named for a quilt Nancy had been trying to put together for 14 years with "birds in the air" blocks. We all have a project we started that we never have been able to complete...those are the "flippin bird projects" and we are passing them around, ultimately to receive back a quilt that is wonderful...but doesn't resemble the original pattern. There should be some interesting outcomes!

We had a wonderful day of sharing and hand sewing. It was fortuitous that one of our members who lives in the Bay Area was in town...and we were also having a mini celebration of Irene's 50th birthday. All in all, a great soul filling day...enjoy the slide show and you can be a Fabric Stalker for the day!

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Treasure Hunt

I have been on the hunt...a treasure hunt for 2 specific items for a couple of weeks. One was a ladder that is interesting to look at but, clean enough to hang some quilts on. I am tired of making quilts or be given quilts, only to fold them away in the closet. I want to enjoy them! To roll around in the memory of their construction or the feel good moment of receiving them. My quest is to display on a rotating basis quilts from my history, holiday themed or gifts in my home. I have seen the ladder idea in home decor magazines and made the choice to find the perfect one. The other item is a hanging quilt rack, white, with a shelf on top to have on the wall of my downstairs bathroom. So far, no luck on the second item.

On a hunch I decided to head to the back streets of Bend and check out the Iron Horse, a second hand and antique store. The guy who owns it is extremely nice and trusting. The kind of guy you want to do business with...the kind of guy you want to give your money too. Since the last time I was there he had doubled the inventory and the two second hand businesses next door opened a connecting wall...SWEET! I found my ladder...and it had some old hardware on it which I liked. The best part is the seller had already painted it and it was ready to use. Then while I was paying I picked up this bamboo thing and said, "how much?" He said, "Well, it just came about $6?" Which is the amount he took off the ladder as a final price! SOLD. He then asked, "what are you going to do with it?"

It is going to be a quilt hanger for a oriental themed wall hanging I made! Great idea, huh! He thought so.

So, here is my ladder. When I first saw it, the black kinda threw me off but I thought I could paint it if I didn't like it. Then when I got home and saw all the other black accents in the room I realized it fit in perfect!

And now I can start enjoying even more quilts in my cupboards than ever before. I figure I can even change the quilts to fit the season. Ahhhh, I love it when a good idea comes together.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have reached Friday, with my sanity! I must have been that powerful moon but, work was CRAZY. Crazy as in personalities crazy! Seemed like most of the "powers that be" had their panties in a wad and you know what they say about #$%^ rolling downhill! Plop! I had to laugh because of some of the situations were absurd. Here we are, Friday...I have never enjoyed waking up so much. A wide open day, starting with Enzo heading to see Evie, his groomer. It is Spring after all and he is like a Velcro strip when we are on our walks. I also got a call from the framer that my Redwork Sampler was ready to pick up!!! I love it, and my friend Robin helped me get it on the wall right away. I am not the best embroiderer out there but what I can say, it is an amazing stress reliever. One thread color and Transfer-eze and you can sit and stitch with little prep or anxiety.

I really loved learning all the different stitches and my second project from Bird Brain Designs is moving right along.

Enzo is now freezing because he got a hair cut...and you know what started spitting snow again! OK, I am officially SICK of the cold. We are going to turn the heat up and head up to the quilt room. I know a lot of you like the slide shows and on Sunday my Fabric Stalker group is coming for brunch and some hand sewing so I'll get some photos of what they are up too!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mother May I?????

I must begin this post saying, "I love my mother." She is a force to be reckoned with and I am happy to be a part of her gene pool. Now in her 81st year she is Commodore of her yacht club, travels the globe and still believes that she is the source of all knowledge in the universe...and you know what? I am not sure she isn't correct. Speaks several languages, uses an I-Phone and has a lap top. She still is active in her what is the downside, you might ask?

This! is the problem. She got this throw blanket on a trip to New England and although it is pretty I do not think it looks great hanging on the wall of her home. And the Fabric Stalkers when we had retreat at her vacation home asked, WHY? I have for a few years been trying to get her to take it down so I can hang a quilt up there. But, the issue is that she believe quilting make me fat. Yes, in her mind living 12 hours away she thinks I am sitting on my kester 24 hours a day quilting and she wants me to stop. She would love for me to give up quilting and taking up running again. It is true I am a prolific quilter but it is not the amount of time but the consistently of moments that makes this happen. Although I try to quilt on my days off, life always interrupts. The majority of my quilting occurs at the retreats I attend a year and the 4 hours of quilt group meeting I attend once a week.

I decided to pick out a kit from Keepsake Quilting that I thought she would love, make it up and see if I can get her to hang it up in place of the Loon blanket. I think it turned out wonderful and I had my favorite LA Sandy Lachowski quilt it for me...because I didn't have time! Enzo really loved it and wished I would lay it on the floor so he could rub his face on it.

What do you think??? Will she go for it??? hummmm

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eureka I Am At The Top Of The Hill

The one thing I realize is quilt groups not only add richness too your conversation, gossip to your repertoire but, they add incentive to finishing projects. Between my 3 part time jobs (nurse, household manager/family worrier and go too girl for a very healthy mother) you would think I wouldn't have time for any quilt groups. But after watching the National Geographic documentary called, "Stress, the Silent Killer" I realize that my groups are what add balance to my life. They are the parts of my life that let the steam off. Although because of scheduling issues at work I can't make every group meeting, I still make it a priority behind everything else. There is something about the connection to women who share their wisdom, sense of humor, projects, woes and triumphs that fills my heart and I know, lowers my stress levels.

Knowing, I am coming to Woolies keeps me on task. Today I have made it over the top of the hill on my latest project! I have completely stitched one side and am now working on the other. I love this table runner! It is called May Basket, designed by Primitives by Lynda and QuiltWorks carries the pattern if you are interested. Their link is on the upper left corner under local shops.


I know I am a little late today but, I finally had to succumb and go in to do my taxes, see the insurance guy and check out a tree that fell on a fence at a property my mom has...and of course, I have been on the search for a ladder to place in my family room so I can display some more of my quilts...and I found it! But that is for another blog! My days off work are never really days off as life seems to change for me moment to moment. My youngest son is now engaged!!!! HH and I have been so blessed with the women our sons have chosen to share their lives with. The scourge I suffered with yesterday is history and I will not longer be eating fruit out of season cut up in a nice plastic box! I have narrowed it down to that as the culprit. And, Enzo got to spend his first full day out on the back deck as the sun was out ALL day and not a snow flake in sight.

Marilyn at Quiltworks showed the Woolies the latest Chapeau pattern...that would be hat if you're not French. But Chapeau sounds so much more than hat. She swears the hat looks good on everyone and I may have to succumb and try to make one, although I have never been a clothes making kind of gal...but the hat sure is sweet. You can see on the slide show, enjoy and see ya back here tomorrow.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

When You're Sliding Into First....

...and you feel a tiny burst...hummm. Yes, I went to bed not feeling so hot. All night my stomach was rumbling. So much that Greg said that Enzo woke up and barked! I was supposed to be at work today at 0900 and was going to take Enzo for a nice long walk. Instead I got up at 0400 and to save you the 0615 I knew there was not a bathroom close enough to where I work. I think the tofu I had for dinner might not have been so good. I don't feel sick, just exhausted from my trips to the head.

I have been sitting in front of the TV waiting for the next trip to the bathroom, watching the Today Show which I never get to see and I think Regis and Kathy Lee...oppps...I mean Kelly, that is how long it has been since I have seen that show. Even under the weather I can't just sit. So, I am piecing a new quilt!

I am amazed at how easy points are to make on this quilt! LOL I cannot say enough about Tranfer-Eze. I am ready for a nap and it is only 0900...oh well, I am trying to listen to my body these days.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stitch and Bark

Do you ever have one of those days when your normally exuberant personality is missing? Well, Saturday was mine. I have no reason that I can put my finger, news, hormones...all I know is that Saturday was emotionally quiet. Which made a sewing and doggy visit by Robin and Brim a blessing. Before we could get started we had to wear the 2 pups down with a walk to the park where they chased a tennis ball till their tongues were hanging to the ground. Once back home there was a short tutorial on the Transfer Eze product for Robin using my next redwork project. Afterwards Robin tacked down binding and I worked on preparing the other end of my wool table runner while the 2 pups took a short nap.
Here is Enzo's best friend Brim on Robin's quilt. He also loves quilts! This fabric is flannel and was purchased at a quilt store in Lebanon, Oregon on a previous trip to the coast for a quilt retreat.

I love those time when you sit and stitch with a friend, talking...solving the problems of the world and being inspired to get out a UFO, finish it and move it from the nagging pile to the happy pile.

Hope your Sunday is filled with peace. Although it is Spring...the snow is lightly falling and the landscape looks beautiful but I can hear the morning doves calling to each other..."won't you come over to my branch and hang a while?"

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Gypsy & The Frog

In yesterday's blog, Barbara noticed the table topper quilt under my St. Paddy's day dinner. It has been one of my most favorite patterns...mainly because my kitchen table is round. I love table toppers and table runners since I occasionally need a sense of accomplishment between the other projects! Also, since I LOVE fabric...and lines of fabric, I am addicted to those 5 inch packs. Many table runner patterns call for those 5 inch packs and I can scratch an itch without breaking the bank.

I decided to look for all my Gypsy and Frog toppers but only could find 3! I know I have made a Christmas themed one, a chocolate one and an Asian fabric topper...but I can't find them...I might have given them away! They are fantastic gifts. The pattern is an Aardvark pattern, and I made a permanent set of plastic templates because I have made so many and it made it easier.

As soon as I laid the 3 I found on the floor to photograph, Enzo came over to add his touch. I am not sure why he must lie on any quilt that is on the floor...but I suspect he may have been a quilter in a former life!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Suzette's Creative Space

Before starting the bio on Suzette, I had to show you the outcome of my St. Paddy's day dinner...not bad huh!

Suzette Shoulders is known locally for her ability to make a quilt crazy! She is an expert crazy patch quilter. Her web site will give you a hint to who is the woman behind all that fabric! If she were to describe herself she would immediately say, "Not a naturally tidy person." But, if I were to describe her I would have to say, she is generous of fabric and knowledge. She is always willing to share any fabric which you are looking for...if, she has it. Kinda like a fabric fairy. She has been a curator of her own collection for 36 years. At a guild meeting a woman shared a sign which hung on the door of her studio, "If I collected Hummels no one would ask me what I planned on doing with them." Likewise, her fabric collection is a history of her quilting life and she can recall the time and place of those special additions. In addition to fabric both she and her husband are addicted to books, just like me!

Suzette started sewing in 1972 and worked for Stretch & Sew. By 1975 she had begun quilting and crazy patching. But, she always knew she would quilt as her first memories are of a double wedding ring quilt her great grandmother had made. In 1998 she started a double wedding ring quilt of her own and as with a lot of us...someday it will be finished.

She moved to Bend in 2001 but had already been a member of the Mount Bachelor Quilt Guild for 2 years by then. She is an active quilter with many groups, the Material Girls, Liberal Women Quilters, Crazy Stitcher group, APWQ member (assoc. of pacific west quilters of Washington) and The Northwest Quilters in Portland. She is a valued teacher at BJ's Quilt Basket.

I hope you enjoy the peek into Suzette's life as much as I did.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Luck Of The Irish or Another Cooking Misadventure?

Today I have my crock pot going with Corned Beef. I like simple cooking because the more complicated stuff usually doesn't turn out...sometimes just gross to the eye...but tastes OK. Sometimes, just gross. One day I ran to the store and when I came home my youngest son met me at the front door and flatly told me he was not eating what was in the oven! I got my dander up and said, "oh yes you will...I am not fixing you something different!" At which point HH, who was washing the car said, "Go look at it first." Needless to say after taking a peek and seeing something that was a hot pink color we went out for Chinese.

I have made corned beef before and I remember it turned out OK but, for some reason I am nervous today. Maybe, it has been the recent cooking disasters. So, I went on the Internet to the Food Network and found out I need a rutabaga and carrots which I didn't have. I have potatoes and a cabbage...and the cabbage was a group discussion with 2 of the veggie guys at Newport Market since there were 3 kinds of cabbage. I got totally grossed out when I opened the corned beef bag and dropped it in the crock pot and all this blood!!!! poured into the pot. I know that the beef was soaked in seasons but I had to take it out and clean my crock pot. I then filled it with water like the recipe said added the potatoes. Not sure what made me go back to check the recipe but I did and it was supposed to be HOT water. Too late, so I have turned up the crock pot to high for 20 minutes to heat up the water faster. After Enzo and I go for a walk we are heading out in search of a rutabaga and carrots...oh yeah and I am going to buy a loaf of bread! Do you hear me Alma!!! buy a loaf of bread!!!

I guess cooking is like quilting. Some of us go for the simpler patterns because they turn out and some of us, like my friend Dale pick the complicated patterns because they can cook...after all she can make a pie!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eye Of The Needle

Who would have thought that threading a needle could be so complicated! I have as many needle threaders and scissors! I keep looking for that perfect one...remember when you could just squint and thread the needle. Well those days are gone for me! Now I have been on the hunt for that perfect threader. I bought a 2-pack of the old fashions thin metal ones and the first one broke on the first tug!

I broke my cute one that was shaped like a did last a long time but finally broke while in Portland. Then my friend Mary R. showed me was fascinating. She got it from Sew Many Quilts. I ran right over there and was able through the generosity of someone special, purchase one!

This is the perfect needle threader! It threaded pearl cotton with just a slight tug and it has a small hook and a larger hook depending on the needle size and thread thickness. Keep on the look out for on of these...I had never seen them before but I do know that Sew Many Quilts has them on order!

Oh...and after realizing my mistake with the Thangle I threw a tantrum and cleaned my house top to bottom and never entered my sewing room the rest of the day. Today I am off to maybe tomorrow I'll go back in there and wrestle with the Thangle!

Salt Instead Of Sugar

I was listening to Martha Stewart's show on radio and the guest was a author of a cookie cookbook. People could call in and ask questions (I have personally talked to my girlfriend Martha on the radio). One of the cooking disasters that was brought up was someone had put in a cup of salt instead of sugar. OH MY SUGAR Batman...I have NOT even done that in my cooking career. Yes, I did one Thanksgiving leave the sugar out of a cranberry compote...which is a testament to the loss of taste buds as you get older, because my brother in law's grandmother was the only one who ate it and loved it! I really miss her.

By this morning I was feeling pretty darn good. My self esteem in tact. Then I decided it was time to get up...I was tired of listening to the rain. I went down to the my sewing room at 4 am. I decided to crack open my package of Thangles which came with a new block by Primitive Gatherings Lisa (not a girlfriend yet because I haven't spoken to her personally) swears that in order to make these tiny blocks you need these Thangles. I read the directions 5 TIMES! for the block then, read the directions for the Thangles 5 TIMES! proceeded to pin and sew. When I started to cut them apart...they just came apart as if they hadn't been sewn. WHAT THE HEY!!! Ohhhhhh, sew on the dotted lines, cut on the solid line.....which made me realize humility is a good thing because I am only one recipe away from putting the salt in a recipe instead of the sugar.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

I am back home and feeling the relaxation seeping throughout my body and soul. Upon arrival I was greeted by a very happy and bored Enzo. HH was laid up with the worst virus of the year and barely moved from bed. While talking to him by phone I was worried that as soon as I arrived home I was going to have to pack his butt to the local ER. Although he sounded horrible his coloring was good and #1...he said he was starting to feel better!

I dropped a pretty penny but am happy to say that there are 2 kits that stayed in Portland! totally out of control impulse buying! I picked up some patterns, a book and a bunch of wool and thread. I did buy some Japanese Fabrics...which brings me to the news. Mostly out of the news loop this weekend it was really hard to watch when I got home. I swear that CNN does provide a service but stop already with the emotional news over and over heart is already broken for all those families who are affected. I had to turn it off.

I feel safe tucked in my little corner of the world but, in reality the butterfly effect will ripple the pain around the world. Whenever I am stressed or sad...I quilt and this week...I see a lot of quilting in my future!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Living It Up At The Quilt Show!

The quilt show was so much fun...mostly because I was sharing it with girlfriends. The show was a wonderful display of guild member quilts and the locale was spacious. My only regret was having missed Michelle...but I so remember those days of running kids here and there, besides I am sure there will be many opportunities to connect! I wanted to share some vendor websites, they were are exciting as the show.

Tresa McConachie had a wonderful booth. One of her quilts will be featured by the Fons and Porter publication, Easy Quilts. You can check out what she has to offer at

I purchased some wonderful hand dyed wool and received a free owl pincushion pattern. Check out their websites

One of my favorite booths was Pieceful Designs by Pam Bocko. Log onto her site and you will see original designs which have been featured in major magazines!

Keep your eyes open for Tropical Textiles!

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Shop Hopping To Portland!

The 3 musketeers Robin, Lori and I started our day at a staff 0530!!!! Yes, it was still dark outside but, our department always has early morning staff meetings. Once it was over we headed over the mountain on our mini shop hop. It was a beautiful day, Mt. Hood stood out in all her majestic glory. Our trip over was filled with girlfriend talk and the tragedy in Japan...such a horrible event and one that will effect the entire world. I hope and pray that they can control the possible nuclear fall out and balance can return to our planet.

We stopped at 3 places, Fabric Depot, Pioneer Quilts and Holly Hills. We choose to forgo other stops because there will be vendors at the quilt show tomorrow. And we were able to boost the economy in more ways than one. I bought 6 raffle tickets for the most wonderful Lilac quilt from if you are interested in getting on the band wagon...otherwise I'll just take it home with me!

I am off to bed truly exhausted from shopping...go figure...and who would have thought I could find so much! Enjoy the slide show and we'll see you tomorrow after the quilt show!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Level Closer to Quilter's Nirvana!

The 2011 NWQ Raffle Quilt

I am one day closer to quilter's Nirvana! Today is my last day of work this week. Tomorrow I head over the mountain with a girlfriend to the NWQ quilt show!!! at the Portland Expo Center! I have not been to this show in over 10 years and am looking forward to seeing what is being created on the other side of the mountain!

We are shop hopping our way to Portland on Friday. Then Saturday will take the trolley and Max to the Portland Expo Center! Hopefully, I'll be able to meet Michele one of the Woolie followers who lives in the area. And!!! Sandy gave me a heads up to the vendor's list! I will have to be frugal on the way because who knows what fabulous items the vendors will have!

My mantra each day HH and I leave for work is...we can do anything for a day! And today will just be one day closer to the quilt show. I'll post our shop hopping late Friday and then on Saturday after we have seen all the quilts and spent all the money I'll put a slide show on the blog for your enjoyment!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Filled To The Brim With Quilting

Tuesday was a full day of quilting and quilt friends, starting at 3 AM! I actually started to feel nauseated at around 4 PM just from being tired. After Woolies I headed home with a half loaf of sour dough bread that my "bestie" Trish made from the "infamous" sour dough starter. I put it in the Brotform bowl in grand presentation and then took a 20 minute nap! When HH came home we had bread dipped in olive oil with our dinner and we toasted Trish!

The wool project of the day was done by Sandy F. from Madras. She is an amazingly accomplished quilter and has a real gift when it comes to wool! Her house is all ready in anticipation of Easter.

I love how Mary from Madras used wool to create the vines on the leaves of this sunflower!

Mary R. continues to work on her wool BOM from Sew Many Quilts. When you tackle a project like this you have to chip away a little at a time. It is going to be beautiful!

The newest participant of Woolie's is Brenda King! I have such fond memories of Brenda, she was my welcoming committee of one when we first moved to Central Oregon. She oriented me to the hospital in Redmond while we settled into our life in Central Oregon. Her daughter babysat my 2 sons. Now, my oldest son is 31 yrs old! How time flies! And now we will be sharing time at the Woolies! The two squares below are the blocks she is working on....I wish you could see the wings on the dragon fly more clearly, they are iridescent.

Remember that square of fabrics from yesterdays blog...well it was the center of my newest table runner project! I started button hole stitching one basket of flowers yesterday during Woolie's group! Another basket goes at the other end, once I get this one stitched down. As soon as I laid it on the floor for a photo, Enzo trotted over to make sure he got his paws on the quilt!