Monday, January 31, 2011

I told you I would post my purchases from Fabric here they are, 1 book, 1 pattern, 5 spools of #8 pearl cotton, 2 packages of Lite Steam a Seam 2, 1 batting and 1 plastic project box...all 25-40% off...see I am saving money shopping! lol

Every month the Material Girls celebrate the birthdays of it's members. It is potluck Monday and the food is always yummy! The group gathers at 10:00 and by's lunch time! This month was especially fun because we had a mini quiltshow. QuiltWorks referred the DH of a quilter who had gone to that big quilt store in the sky to the Community Quilt group and so they went over and picked up a few works in progress. Today they brought those to share with the group and it was wonderful to see the unusual patterns of the quilts. I find that quilt groups are not only wonderful from a quilt stand point but they are wonderful because of the support that one feels. Tomorrow I visit and post a profile of the Tuesday Therapy Group! I can't wait to see what they are all about!

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Enzo says that all this traveling, shopping and quilting is exhausting!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Well I told you to expect a slide show of my shopping experience at Fabric Depot, I have to admit to you all, I have been here before and so must say that it is old hat for me. But, I remember the first time I walked through the doors. The shock factor is incredible! You must visit Fabric Depot in 2 different ways: totally without a plan and stash building...or with a specific plan. You must NOT...come through the doors thinking that you will decide once here. It is totally overwhelming. They carry practically every designer and the fabric is arranged by designer, not type or color. About every other month they have both a "in store" and "internet" sale of 40% OFF!!!! It is a ZOO!!! But to actually find your fabric on the internet requires some skill. The orginal building was a K-Mart store and it is not in the best of neighborhoods but that does not keep anyone from coming. Although I did not buy any fabric...because I did not want to stash build...nor did I have a plan...I did buy some items which I will share with you tomorrow. In the mean time enjoy the slide show!
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Goodies

This afternoon I had to drag out my purchases and look at them all over again! I have unpacked them 3 times now because I am so excited about the potential! The thing about shopping at Holly Hills is that you can go round and round and round and still discover something new! The last time around I found the 2 patterns right below...I hadn't seen them the previous 5 times around!

I loved both of these patterns, one because it reminded me of our country roots and I could personalize it and the other...well, anything about "home" warms my heart.
It was hard to pass up this pattern because I love all things Santa and anything that has words, Believe in easy sell!
I have been wanting this Summer Gathering book ever since seeing Anne Bryson's of Welcome wall hanging. It is beautiful and so...welcoming!
I love the homespun fabrics and continue to collect little bits and pieces of wool where ever I can find them. I made a runner for the top of HH's cabinet in his man cave and wanted to make a matching "back of the chair" cover for his head to lie against the chair and a cover for his foot stool so they will all stay nice for a long time. I'll take a photo of them whenever I complete that project. Simple 5" squares sewn together and bound...but it so fit his cave.

So there it is...all that I purchased...but tomorrow brings... Fabric Depot...what ever will I do???

I forgot to mention that I have been emailing some of you on the email you entered when signing up as followers...I hope you have been getting them...anyhoo...I just wanted to thank you all for accompaning me on this quilting journey!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Holly Hills...Here I Come!!!!

My goal today was to document for the quilting world my trip to Holly Hills and to post the photographs of my shopping adventure! There were many a nay sayer who told me to forget my dream that there would be no photographing going on...but...I am a quilter who believe that what she imagines...will come true!

My first photo: Brian's shoes at Holly Hills...they are not his new shoes but his old shoes...but hey, these are acutally Brian's shoes!

Everytime I make the trip to Holly Hills I come away with my mind filled full of ideas and a heart brimming with hope! The hope that the many little projects I picked up on "this" trip will be done before the next trip! LOL But, I am realistic...I know that the project I bought on the last trip is still in its beautifully wrapped container...and I know the projects I bought today won't be done before my next trip in March...sooooo...why fight it...just give into the joy! I hope you enjoy the slide show of Holly Hills and be sure to check out Brian's Blog with the latest update of events happening at Holly Hills! what I do know is that they know how to throw an event!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bag Man

When I was reorganizing my quilt room I found a drawer stuffed with quilt store bags. The thing is, quilt store bags are usually nice heavy plastic or strong paper bags. And if you are a recycle person such as myself you can't throw them away. Well, I had found about 20 of them stuffed here and there around my sewing room. I thought, I would just put them in the kitchen drawer that HH get his lunch bag out of and he wouldn't notice if they were grocery sacks or quilt store sacks.

Oh Honey...."what are all these bags????" Oooopppps. I need to give up my hoarding tendencies of quilt store bags, cause I think they may give HH more information than he needs!

Friday, we head to Portland to visit our kids and watch our grandson play basket ball. On Sunday we have family breakfast with the kids and my cousin's family which is always wonderful! But...before that we actually have to drive over the mountain and, as I have plotted the course it will take us right past Holly Hills which is one of my favorite quilt shops in West Linn. Since I still have some Christmas gift money left...I figure I can spend some time and money! Come Friday evening I'll have a new slide show! That is if I can convince Brian to let me take a few photos of my visit!

There's A Box Out Here....

2010 was a blurrrrr for me. I hardly had time for my own life. My oldest son was married and I had the good fortune to be able to pretty much plan the whole wedding since it was here in Bend and the bride's mother lived out of state. I totally had a blast! But it did take the entire first half of the year. Then there were the family health issues, work...yada, yada, yada.

Which brings me to 2011. I have jumped back into my life feet and heart first! The joy I feel these days reconnecting to my quilting self, taking time to be with HH and pay attention to my dear Enzo is so energizing!

The other things that has happened is that I am SOOOOO exited when I find something I absolutely love and have to have. I on a good day am not patient...on an excited day have absolutely no control and both Penny and I cannot say NO. Thus the regular delivery of my internet purchases. When they put out those statistics about the power of internet shopping...well, I am one of those numbers. I was sharing my "dirty little quilting" secret with my Woolie group and told them I ordered sour dough starter and a 9" Brotform to make bread. I do not bake bread. So last night when HH and I got home from dinner at mom's house he was taking Enzo out for a potty break...I heard him say...there's a box out here! Oh really...I wonder who that is from...When I explained what it was HH said, "I like bread." Phewwww

You ask why, I ordered what I was a link to King Arthur Flour site which was linked off a quilt site which, I got the fabulous chili recipe. I DON'T HAVE A CLUE...why I ordered it but, now I find out in the instructions that the sour dough starter requires me to babysit and take care of it and, I may have to take it to Portland with me this weekend! I am going to look peculiar walking into my grandson's basketball game while carrying my sourdough starter!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Things Come In 3's

There are some in the world who think when something bad happens that 2 more things are going to a bad way. That things always happen in 3's! For me...I try to move through the world in a positive way, dragging my little angel on my shoulder with me. And although these days my angel is a 2 ton woolie named Penny...I look for the silver lining, the dark chocolate center...or the perfect fabric!

Today was my day of 3's. Great 3's! I had a day off and lo' and behold I needed to visit all 3 quilt stores in Bend. You ask why I needed to...first of all I got a message from my favorite LA that the 2 quilts I took to her were done. She lives outside of town and picks up quilts at BJ's Quilt Basket and that is where she drops the completed ones off to Bj's I go!

You ask why I had to go to Sew Many Quilts? This is my story and I am sticking too it! My mother is the oldest and thus I am the oldest cousin. Although I qualify for a senior discount I have many cousins who are still having babies. In fact there are 3 babies due in my family this year. And, though I have a stack of baby quilts in bright colors I made the mistake of facebooking a question to my cousins about the decor of the soon to be new arrivals...the answer...pastel pink! Do I have a pastel color in my stash...NO. This meant a stop at Sew Many Quilts was required for some Lily & Will fabric from Bunny Hill.

As for why I ended up at QuiltWorks...making it quilt store number is one of my favorite days of the month...Woolie Tuesday! A day I look forward to like none other, a chance to roll around in the wool, talk wool, and buy wool....hummm

Today, I helped the economy of Bend and the Quilting World...tomorrow I go to work at the crack of dawn. Enjoy the slide show!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Vortex Reported in Bend, Oregon

Bend is the home base for a lot of snow birds. Come November they pull up stakes heading to the Southern United States...most to the land of the vortexes. But I have a little know secret...that my quilt/sewing room is my very own vortex and I don't have to leave Bend to experience it! This morning at 4 am I got up,showered and dressed for step...even before Enzo is taken outside for his first constitution of the day, we head to my sewing room. We stand in the middle of the room and silently look all around. We feel satisfaction that there are now 2 Star of Orient blocks completed on the design wall. We absorb the energy and good feelings that exist within these small 4 walls...and then, I am ready to head into the day and Enzo is ready to take a poop.

The Vortex of at our house. Do you have a Vortex at your house?
The Central Oregon Quilters Stock Page arrived in the mail earlier this month...and like the real stock pages makes your blood pressure go up and down with excitement. Everyone around here knows that you are pretty much toast if you don't get on it and sign up...because classes fill up fast. When you go from a town with no stop lights to having the highway re-routed for the day of the quilt know there are a lot of people coming this way! But life got in the way and so Sat. was the day my girlfriend and I put in our registration for a class...and now we sit, with out fingers crossed hoping we are accepted to the class of our choice...together! I am more apprehensive waiting for my acceptance letter to the leaves wool class than I was to the University of California, Santa Barbara!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Girlfriend JuJu

What is girlfriend JuJu? Well it is what occurs when you are shopping, listening too or watching girlfriends. You purchase more than you would by yourself, you feel like your body has been possessed with the need to have things you don't need become fixated on quilting tools.

Although the BFF's are wonderful, you gotta watch out for the JuJu!

I bought this drawing book because another blogger said doodling will help my artistic mind...I have had it 2 weeks and there are no drawing inside...I wonder what that means?

I already had a bottle of Roxanne's Glue Baste it...but when I saw my girlfriend Marilyn used one with a squeezy bottle...I thought I needed it. Now I have a bottle I haven't used in 5 years and a new bottle...hummmm

My very favorite magazine published in France...this months issue brought tears to my eyes because they referenced my second favorite magazine, Mary Jane's Farm

Sandy told that if I sprayed this on my quilts it will give them an aged looked. I have to be very careful not to get any on my face or hands!

I bought this because I had a discount coupon for signing up for class. I couldn't let it go to waste!

Enzo says, "Her constant struggle to reorgainze her quilt room is just exhausting!"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who's Ya Sista

Today was my class day with Ann, executive director of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. She was teaching a class called the Star of the Orient. When I received my directions with the notation that you would be making a couple of blocks...I scoffed. Only 2 blocks for the entire day? It was a precision cutting and piecing class and I have to tell you...I got 1 BLOCK completed and I am absolutely exhausted! It is the coolest block but the real treat of the day was being with other quilters.

This was my first class of the year, sharing it with friends, laughing and sewing...well it doesn't get any better than that! It was a gorgeous day in Sisters and at lunch we walked down to Season's for the best sandwich in town! On the way back we did a little shoe shopping at Sundance Shoes! I have never gone in there without finding the prefect pair of shoes!

So, enjoy the slide show and be sure to put a trip to Sisters on your bucket list!
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Friday, January 21, 2011

You're Not The Boss Of Me!

Enzo said, "off to work with you...I need more food, more not approach the fabric!"

I want to scream "you're not the boss of me" today! I have fabric to still cut for my class tomorrow at the Stitchin Post in Sisters and I want to work on my BOM...but, I have to pay the bills, still have a kid in college and need fabric money for off to work I go! But I thought I would show you what I have been up to on my BOM!

My medallion block looks like a winter tree but soon it will be filled with leaves and look like a summer tree! I used the fusible applique technique and then button hole stitched around the pieces. I also completed 2 more wool blocks! Now off to work I go!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Filling My Well With Fabric Not Water

I work every Wed. from 5:30 am to 4:00 pm. For me to accomplish this I wake up at 4:00 am take a shower, get ready, read the paper and drink a cup of coffee. Then I spend a 10 hour day getting people ready for surgery. So the fact that I signed up for a BOM at that meets on Wed. evenings sounded nuts...but, I did love the challenge of this particular BOM! It started June 2010, I signed up Sept. 2010 and had a lot to catch up on with the intention of doing it without, the camaraderie...but what I didn't realize until last night when I attended my first group meeting was how emotionally important it was to come to the meetings. As tired as I was I dragged myself down there and spent an hour and half meeting my fellow BOM's. It was so dang much fun! To see what others were doing, to share what I had done and to know there was another quilter who intended to do some applique while on vacation!

I have always been a person on the go who needed to find short cuts to everything I do and, so when I decided to attempt my first applique for the Hoffman Fabric Challenge I choose to not baste my applique, but to use Roxanne's Glue Baste-It. While sitting on the beach over a long weekend on the Oregon Coast I appliqued this pattern by Pacific Rim Quilt Company . Years later when Nancy (of Pacific Rim) and I were teaching at the same time during the Quilter's Affair in Sisters I told her I glued everything before appliqueing...I thought she would swallow her thread! lol Hey...some of us have to find the shorter route! And besides...Hoffman liked it and so my wall hanging traveled for a year with their quilt show. Little did all those purest out there know...I started with glue!

Of course, while at my BOM meeting I had to take a peek at the displays that were so much a part of the look achieved by Sew Many Quilts. Gayle and Sharon's displays grab you from the moment you walk in the door...and with each little nook and cranny you hear the chant, "BUY ME."

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Cookin' Quilter

I know, I know...this blog is supposed to be about quilting and specifically quilting in Central Oregon...but, as you know...I did add through the eyes of one quilter. And this quilter has to crow about her cooking accomplishments! If you knew my history you would understand how truly excited I get when a dish turns out! It was during my early teen years that I set fire to my first kitchen. It left a life long emotional scar and I have feared every kitchen, every pot and every recipe I have come across! I have ruined pots, I have exploded hard boiled eggs (more than one) which now has to be added as a disclaimer in paperwork for real estate sales, because of the lingering odor...and, one of my Christmas gifts this year was a kitchen timer with a pager! Yep, you heard me...a pager which clips to my clothing so no matter where I am in the house it lets me know when stuff is done.

So, can you see a trend here? HH feels much better knowing that if my monkey brain moves me to my quilt room , I won't forget what is on the stove. The timer is made my Martha Stewart, my girlfriend (yes, I have talked cooking with her personally).

In a way this is a quilt related blog...I can now quilt and the same time! I SUCCESSFULLY made a recipe posted on which is now one of my favorite cooking blogs because it has pretty pictures! Aren't all quilters visually stimulated? The only change I made was I did not bake the cornbread on top of the chili because with just 2 of us we knew there would be left overs and I hate soggy cornbread! Another plus for this recipe is that it did not talk back to either of us...if you know what I mean...

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Quilter's Home

I plan to feature a local quilt group and a quilter's sewing space and home/quilts monthly. This month featured quilter is Marilyn Will who has a lovely home in the Touchmark development. Marilyn has been quilting since 1976 and pretty much does it all. Well, I take that back...she does not machine quilt, but hand quilts all her projects! And in Marilyn's mind more does not mean better as you will see by the pitiful...I mean, lean stash she has...she is not a fabric hoarder in the least. She does favor the color purple and hand work is a staple for her. She is an avid horsewoman and it could be this case, that you can take the Queen out of the country...but you can't take the country out of the Queen! Although she is holding onto her crown as Queen of the MG's there has been an ocassional incident where she might have lost her for at home, I am not sure who is the Queen, Marilyn or Lacey. Enjoy this peek into one quilter's home in Central Oregon.
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The Material Girls or MG's for short have been meeting since the early 90's. I know I have talked about them before but since I am starting a regular series on our local groups I thought I would start with the one I have been a part of the longest. These women are dear to my heart and have been a part of my child rearing years, passing on sage advice when needed, a good laugh or a big hug. Not every one was there today and some trickled in as the day progressed, some are snow birds and others had colonoscopy appointments...but we all come together when we can and share the tools of our quilting life, providing emotional support when needed. Once a month we break bread together to celebrate the birthdays that particular month. Quilting has always been a chance for women to gather and take a break from the men folk...and this group is no different.
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday BOM Madness

Enzo, the guardian of the fabric and my loyal task master has helped me get my blocks done on my Green Pieces BOM. I am only allowed out of this room for a potty break and then it is back at it because today is the day to catch up.
The only way I can survive in my quilt room is with a book on CD. Along with fabric, books are my other passion. I can at any one time have 5-6 books going at the same time. Remember that monkey brain I was talking about! I have a car book, a bed time book, an E-Reader for waiting in line or traveling, a book on my Ipod for when I am out on the trail, a book to read on my lunch hour and book on CD in my quilt room. Currently I am listening to the second book in the InkHeart series and Brendan Fraiser is the reader...absolutely wonderful. He was in the movie InkHeart and having seen the movie this book just comes to life as he is reading.

It is madness this thing we call quilting and with 3 BOM's going I have added to my insanity! I got up at 0400...yes that is 4 AM because the BOM's were calling my name. I really had to get control of them because I have so many other projects in process which I want to get to also but I love my BOM's...they are like children evolving and eventually growing up and maybe moving out! Out of the 3 BOM's only one is like looking at a I wonder who your father was?! The other two I have totally fallen in love with and already know where I am going to hang one of them.

The thing about BOM's is they are sooooo dang labor intensive. It is not like strip piecing or cutting fabric in is one block at a little flying 2 and 7/8 inch square. It takes almost an hour to cut and finish a block!

My 3 BOM's include 30's print from BJ's Quilt Basket. Green Pieces from Sew Many Quilts. And, Henrietta Whiskers from Bunny Hill. I NEED to stay on top of this little group because next weekend I am taking a class out at the Stitchin' Post in Sisters...and I haven't even begun to chose what fabric I want to use in that class. But at least I now am pretty much caught up on my Green Pieces BOM as you can see by the blocks below.

I am really happy with how this project is coming along and have enjoyed every month...wait till you see the medallion block that goes in the center!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Relationship Made In Heaven

I am not bragging just feeling the good fortune to be married to the perfect quilter's husband. The challenge as in all relationship is how to balance the need to spend every waking moment quilting and fitting in the time for a relationship with something other than fabric. So, when he wants to go and do some shopping I take along my hand projects! That way he doesn't feel the pressure of me waiting in the car, I don't get impatient and we spend time together. Here I am working on one of my wool projects with Enzo watching my every stitch. I think I should be a quilt counselor...I could solve may a martial problem.

Years ago when we lived in a small farm house on acreage, 2 bedrooms, one bath...I got a bee in my bonnet and bought a claw foot tub and decided HH and his friend could remodel the one and only bathroom on a weekend. Little did I know how much work was involved. The CAST IRON tub that was to be taken out took the 2 of them 4 hours to remove and place in the back of the property. It weighed a ton...only to discover the sub floor was rotting and needed replacement. That weekend project took a month and required that we buy a camping port a potty for our bedroom and take showers in our friends airstream that was parked in our back yard.

The pattern in my life is to always have high hopes for a quick project...this is leading into my Friday BOM afternoon. I had planned to complete and catch up on all 3 of my current BOM's in one afternoon. When in fact it took me all afternoon and into TV time to finish my first Henrietta Whiskers block. It is adorable and I can't wait for the next one...but the rest of my weekend sewing time is now adjusted for the other 2 BOM's which I now realize will take me longer than I anticipated. Wish me luck!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Zone

A Friday off to do WHAT EVER I want...Not! I was up and off to work for a staff meeting. Yes, we do have staff meetings at 0530 and 0630 in the morning! Although this staff meeting was anticipated to evolve into a much heated discussion, it turned out not to be that bad...although the vote is still out on if we accomplished anything. Life is different for everyone these last few years and it is soooo important to find a friend who can lend you an ear and to be involved in something outside of the work place. Sitting in the staff meeting was made much easier because I was sitting next to girlfriends and I knew I was coming home to my quilt room!

As you know my quilt room is a "No Flogging Zone" which I had to really focus on this morning because I decided to see how many tops I had done but, not quilted. First of all I should have done this with a stiff drink in my hand! When I opened my tops drawer and counted how many tops were in there (I preface this with the fact that these are a combination of full quilts, table runner, wall hanging and baby quilts) there were 20. TWENTY!!! I could feel the flogging coming on but I stopped! Yes, I have 20 tops that are not quilted, but I loved making each and every one of them. And yes, I could start thinking about quilting them. BUT, what I did was chose 2 out of the pile, put a back together and take them to BJ's Quilt Basket where Sandy Lachowski has been quilting my quilts for years. Sandy is like my quilt therapist and one of these days I am going to take a slide show of her studio which is located is a very peaceful place outside of Bend.

Your long arm quilter is as important as your hairdresser, manicurist and gynecologist! We are blessed here in Bend because not only do we have a wonderful selection of quilt shops but our long arm community is prolific!

Thanks to you who have already signed up as followers it is encouraging to me not to feel like the slightly whacked guy I see who is talking as he is walking down the street alone with no one listening...but then that I think about that, it might be my banker on his cell thingy. If you have thoughts feel free to leave me a comment and I promise to take my aluminum foil beanie off and answer you.

Even Enzo was in The Zone! He is the most content when I have a day off and we head to the sewing room.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

All A Girl Wants To Do...Is Sew!

This is a slide show of my quilt room from 2010. I have reorgainzed a little more, both projects in the slide show are done but I just wanted to look again before I head out to work.
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My sewing came to a halt with my work life interferring! Yep, this is what I call my long week where I work more days than I have off during the work week and it really crimps my quilting life! Getting up at 0400 for work and then putting in a 10 hours day leaves little passion for sewing when I get home. In fact, it leaves very little for anything. Some days after relaxing for a little while and sipping a glass of wine I will pick up a wool project and stitch while watching a little TV. I think my sitiching is really good after a glass of wine! The reality of it is, when you get up at 0400 you gotta get in bed around 8:00 PM. which doesn't leave much evening for diving into a project or watching any decent TV. We DVR everything we want to watch because we can never stay up to watch a show.

This last week I have taken to absorbing the karma of my sewing room. I get up at 0400, take a shower, dress and then walk down the hall to my sewing room. I turn the light on and just stand in the middle of it! I can see my BOM's on the design wall, my king size quilt blocks on my sewing table and I feel centered. I have a spiritual moment! Ahhhh Then I can turn around walk out and start the work day.

I can't wait till tomorrow! I am off and I will get to dive into a project.