Friday, December 9, 2011

Yesterday was a running around like a chicken with it's head cut off day!!!  The gentleman at the DMV was very helpful...but I still will have to fill out another piece of paper and bring mom's car down to the office...which means I couldn't get it done and, it looks like the next time I will have a long enough time to stand in line is, next Thursday!  This photo says it all...I took this last week because I knew it would represent something down the line...and here I am, up against a brick wall made up of paper work and no matter what your just might run into a label like this... Toilet is not for use....doesn't matter how much you need to use it...I gotta just smile and keep putting one foot in front of the other! lol

I did have some satisfying getting my next embroidery/wool project printed on the Transfer Eze!  The only change I will make on this project is to take out the Holly on the basket tag and put in Anna.

Decided when I was at the end of my errands yesterday afternoon I would run into Pier 1.  Why? Because when you walk into Pier always makes you smile.  Then I ran into Anne and got some girlfriend chat time.  When she asked what I was looking for...I know, something that looks like the decor at your house! LOL  Copying someone is a compliment to their great taste and if you check out  the blog you can see why myself and several other Woolies want to be Anne.

and so I bought his little snowman plate...$5...I know it does not compare to what was at Anne's house but hey...I have started my Snowman collection! LOL

Remember this a previous blog I called it Block 8...and, I was feeling really smug about my progress on this BOW from Primitive Gatherings.  Well, when I decided to prep the next block I found out this was Block 7.  Not so smug about my progress...I am now prepping Block 8. is a work day and so I put on my scrubs and take off my Woolie hat.  Have a great Friday and I hope you get some stitching done!

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