Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snowman Convention at Cottons 'n Wool

Well, yesterday was a wonderful holiday miracle!  An afternoon spent at Anne's house with girlfriends!  ...and, it looked like there was a Snowman Convention!  Anne of Cottons 'n Wool is by far the most incredible decorator I have ever met!  She has a way of displaying her treasures that is both wonderful and keeps you moving around her house looking for even more treasures.  This year was the "Year of the Snowman" opposed to the year of the rabbit, snake, horse...yada, yada,

You will need a cuppa coffee and some time...because you are going to want to watch this one over and over again...take notes for ideas in your own homes and know...that, she should have her own show!  Thank you Anne...I had a GREAT time!

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  1. What a delight to watch. I will be watching in many times....sEw full of inspiration. Her home and decorating is amazing...simply breathtaking...I luv snowmen too! Pauline

  2. I told Anne earlier on her blog what a treat to see her decor.....what a feast you have shared! You are so right, Anne has a great knack for decorating. LOVE it all and will be back for another viewing shortly:)Lucky you getting to visit!:))

  3. I love her decorations, so wonderful and love a lot of the snowmen patterns, will have to do some after christmas shopping this year, so I can get some things to make for next.


  4. You were right! I could watch that SB over and over and over

  5. Thank you so much for sharing Anne's house with us! I thought I had a nice snowman collection...not even close! I did see patterns I own - need to get going on those and loved a lot of others. If Anne ever wants to share pattern names, I suspect lots of us would be very pleased. The quilts were amazing!