Thursday, December 15, 2011

Give Away Day 3...Of Spreading the Cheer!

The Winner according to the dog dish is Phyllis who said, "That is one cute pattern.  I love your idea to give away patterns you have made and won't make again.  I will discuss this with my group.  Maybe we could do this.  Thanks"  I am glad I am not in charge of the dog dish drawings...cause I wanted to send you all a copy!  Phyllis send me your mailing address and I'll drop in the mail tomorrow!

Day 3 Give remember this adorable Redwork embroidery by Bird Brain Designs... perfect for Day 3 cause there are 3 quilts hanging on the clothes line!  I sewed a perfect red sashing strip and then had my favorite framer mount it for me!  I am so proud of this one!

The pattern includes some cute pillow patterns also!

yesterday at work was challenging...and it was not because of my wonderful patients...but, as a sign of the times my employer chose to eliminate 45 positions in the organization.  I totally get why this might be happening because there are companies across the country that have been downsizing and reorganizing...but REALLY...why do they roll these announcements right before Christmas.  Do they think we are having soooo much fun that we won't notice they have plans to downsize by April???  So the climate yesterday was suppressed filled with worry and anger.  On the other hand, in our department we were celebrating the retirement of one of our co-workers!  I loved this cake because at 62 yrs old wouldn't you love to be called Princess!  Lucky Duck!

I found this Christmas video and cracked up!

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