Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Give Away Alert Count Down...to New Years!

Remember it is count down to the Grand Prize Give Away the Wooly Sheep kit.  Just click on this link and leave a comment...of course you have to be a registered follower!  Announcement on New Years Day!

The trip home was busy.  NO SNOW as we approached Mt Hood!  What the hey!!!  It is Dec. 26th...how can there be no snow!  Lots of traffic both ways and crazy drivers.

Then we turned the corner and...there was snow!!! sweet!!! we need the snow!

The we get over the hill...NO SNOW!!!  We need snow!!!

I'll be sharing some holiday photos during the week but today I decided to share my trip to Fabric Depot.  For those who want to go on a fabric diet with me...Sandy, Anne and I are starting Jan. 1st.  The only purchases that will be allowed are backings, notions and batting.  We are going to do it by quarters.  So the first quarter will run from Jan.-April, then we will re-evaluate for the next quarter.  With that said...I am in somewhat of a panic...so, when HH asked if I wanted to stop at Fabric Depot before leaving Portland....well...I couldn't resist!  But, I can tell you this...it won't be that hard to go on this diet...because the fabric price was $11.99 - $13.99 a yard!!!! YOWZERS!!!  Of course I bought some anyway cause in 5 days I'm not going to spend myself broke! LOL  This diet will blend well with the UFO challenge.  Won't you join me???

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  1. I definitely need to join you on your fabric diet. I will limit myself to whatever I need for the 2 big workshops I'm doing next year (including fabric), and any notions or other supply type stuff. I have zero room in my stash and really need to start sewing from that!

  2. That would be a great 2nd project for me and looks so cute!!!!I also have alot of "stuff" i have accumulated and a 'fabric diet' would be a good idea! Finish what i have or even just start :0.. Somethings don't even remember what my original idea was! HA!

  3. I love the scenery! How funny...snow...no snow...snow...no snow.

  4. We just have rain! Snow is far prettier!