Thursday, December 8, 2011

Belly Button Fuzz

Yesterday when I had a couple of minutes to sew...and I mean a couple of minutes (Still working on mom's stuff)...I noticed that with each stitch some fuzz was coming up through the fabric with the needle! I decided that I had better check out what was going on. sewing machine had a heap of belly button fuzz!   I have all kinds of tools to perform fuzz surgery.  One of my favorites for this task is a crochet needle.  I do not crochet but the needle is handy for grabbing fuzz and pulling it up out of the belly of the sewing machine.

Can you believe it!  If your stitches are looking funky or you see fuzz on your sewing machine need to clean your sewing machine belly button! lol


  1. Mine does the same thing! Hard to believe so much accumulates like that!

  2. Zowie! That's a lot of fuzz. :-) I clean mine with every bobbin change, it just becomes a habit. ;-) It depends on what I'm sewing to how much is in there. Flannel is crazy fuzzy. Happy stitching!

  3. Ewwww. You need to listen to Sandie-call me crazy! ;)

  4. And I thought I was bad, lol. I do need to get in mine and clean it out, it is so sensitive that if it gets a piece stuck in the wrong place, it stops working.