Thursday, December 1, 2011


I thought I would start December off with a BIG Bang!
It is one of my favorite shows!

This year has been incredibly difficult for so many people that I wanted December to be especially fun leading into 2012...which is gonna be the best year ever!!!  You know how I have said in the past that once I make something I am pretty much done with that pattern and I usually pass them on...starting Dec. 13th every day until Christmas I am going to post one of my patterns that I am passing on for a Give Away!  All you have to do is post on that particular day that you are interested (you might not like some of them) and on Christmas day a grand prize will be given away!  Depending on how many days you comment between the 13th and the 25th your name will be entered...and of course you have to be a follower of the blog!  I figure if I can give myself the Christmas gift of #300 that would really be awesome!  December 13th...mark it on your calendar!!!

Second announcement....drum roll...please!!!  Robin and I are business partners in the Woolie Mammoth Patterns which by June of next year will have patterns posted on our own Etsy site. have a little fun we are going to start posting in January a.....

Here is where I come in....I have got to figure out how to upload the designs to a PDF file that can be accessed from this far, I have NOT figure it out and have resorted to asking complete strangers...but, rest assured I will prevail...I think....

And lastly, I have sure been enjoying visiting the other blogs which show their Christmas decorations so I made a little slide show to share also...may your Dec. 1st be a beginning...of a smile.

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  1. Big Bang Theory is one of absolute favorite shows. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today!

  2. Not sure but i think i saw those candles at crafters wearhouse in salem

  3. Thanks for the Christmas Decor Show! Love your slide shows!

  4. I love Big Bang too! :-) You are so very generous to have so many giveaways. Have a happy day!

  5. Thanks for the show :-)). I'm looking forard to a cance to win a pattern.
    This ste has some helpful tips for PDF's ( and lots of other blogsot items.
    Hope it helps,

  6. I love that show too, we all need some comedy in our day.
    I always email my pdf's, but I am sure there is a way, I would like to do that myself. I have an older version and i do need to upgrade mine, but most of the new programs have options for uploading onto other sites.


  7. Can't wait to see your patterns, they are sure to be awesome. What fun to make a ornament every month next year, Thanks!

  8. Wow, where to begin. Your home looks so festive and I especially like the message regarding Enzo.
    Can't wait to see the patterns and possibly win.
    Wish I could help with the PDF problem.

  9. lol What a lot of wonderful stuff going on in the blog today! First, let me say that I love Big Bang and it was a great clip! Thanks for the laugh...

    The giveaways sound great and I'll be looking forward to your hitting #300 too.

    Congratulations on the Etsy pattern business! I hope that it just takes off and does wonderfully. I'll be looking forward to the ornament per month in January too.

    My Word program will save files as PDF's, but how to put them on your blog is something that I don't know how to do. I would think that there would be a place that you can ask Blogger about how to do that, though.

    The slide show was great, though the goggly eyes are not the kind that freak me out on the prim dolls. It's the stitched ones that freak me out. lol

  10. I have never watched Big Bang but might start after watching your clip. It was hilarious. Andy would have definitely appreciated it! Your house looks so beautifully festive, it felt like I was there walking through it! You did a great job decorating. Love, Colleen

  11. You should have no problem reaching 300 followers. Big Bang is our favorite show, thanks for the laugh. I LOVE Sheldon! Your Christmas decorations are beautiful, I wish I were as talented a decorator as you are. ;->

  12. Gotta love Big Bang!! Can't wait to see what you two come up with for patterns. How fun! House looks great.

  13. congrats for starting a pattern company
    I look forward to the ornament a month as I have started to collect wool to make ornaments :)
    already a follower !
    thanks for sharing your decorating I love seeing others homes decorated for ideas !