Monday, November 7, 2011

Wyatt's Baby Shower!

I did it...through all the distractions in my life I finished Wyatt's quilt!  This weekend was a gift is soooo many ways.  I got to step out of my sadness and anxiety and be happy!  Connecting with my dear friend Colleen was good for both of us.  She gave me perspective in grief and the ability to see the future.  She is a beautiful, strong, hard working woman who has weathered the challenges of life and created a new beautiful and exciting life.  The weekend was filled with friendship, good food, shopping and the most awesome baby shower I have ever been too!  Who has a baby shower on the top floor of the Hilton???!!!  We do, because it is who ya know!  The view was spectacular with wonderful or devourers by Sarah's sister Becky who works for the Hilton.

The real gift I discovered this weekend was patience.  I recognize that I am NOT a patient person by nature.  I work hard, play hard and go 100 miles an hour.  But my mother's death has forced me to figure out how to be patient.  The process of dealing with a person's life takes time, both emotionally and legally.  How do I take stock of my own life and cherish the moments?  I actually bought a couple of hardback books!  I am going to take moments to "sit" and read.  I am going to "cook" rather than slap together a meal.  I am going to enjoy the quilt projects as I create rather than try to finish as many projects as I can in order to keep ahead of the WIPs, UFO's and PIG's...and Enzo is going to get a nice walk...every day!  I think I can feel my heart....

Here is my beautiful DIL, Sarah

Wyatt's Quilt!

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  1. What a nice place to get together and love the views of the fall foliage and the mountains. I am glad you were able to finish the quilt and enjoy the time with friends. Sometimes we are in such a hurry to reach our goals that we forget to enjoy the moments in getting there.


  2. Looks like it was an awesome weekend in Stumptown! I'm envious! I knew you'd finish Wyatt's quilt. As you said yourself not so long ago, you work better under pressure.

  3. We get so involved with keeping up the fast pace of our lives, that we don't really fully live it, because we're trying to get to/past (fill in the blank here) that we just give it "lip service". I think that perhaps the slower pace of life before all of these "labor saving devices" ( and packing in as much as possible into one day) was really a more fully enjoyed and lived life. Just food for thought...

    Thanks for the beautiful views from the baby shower. I'm glad that you got Wyatt's quilt done, but had no doubt that you would.

  4. Corney, how did you get so wise!