Friday, November 18, 2011

This n' That & The Give Away

Yippee Skippy!  Woke up to the first snow in town that was sticking to the ground!  I know there are people out there who are huddled under their blankies cursing this event.  For me...I love the first one!  It is not much but it is beautiful...which means I am making soup for dinner!  Soup is not HH's favorite meal so I have to choose a good one to make.  I made Enzo sit in the garage while I took the photo because he goes ape sh...t in the stuff...messing up Mother Natures winter design.


I am going to be posting reminder photos of the Give Away to encourage you to click on the link and leave me a comment their.  For those of you thinking about clicking on the "join this site" button...Do It! Do It!  because I am going to add a second surprise!

Needless to say I have actually been making some progress on a few projects.  Can you guess what this braid of wool is all about!  for those Wool virgins who posted on the Give Away is wool quiz #1 (I love wool virgins...means the Woolie blog is workin' it!)


Isn't this pillow freakin' cute!!!  It was a PIG, then became a WIP and spent a good amount of time in the UFO pile and now it is completed!!!  Huston we have lift off!!!  Just in time for Winter,

...and lastly, I received an email from Bird Brain Designs that included this adorable wall hanging!  I have done Redwork.  I have done Blackwork...but, I have never done Bluework.  In fact if I hadn't seen this photo I would have gone "phmmmpt" at the thought!  Can you make that sound?  Practice, you might need to make it someday!

have a great weekend!  It is Robin and my weekend to work...hope we don't see you there!


  1. You are tempting me with all these gorgeous and fun projects. I saw that blue work this morning in my email from Bird Brain. It is just sew cute!! Your pillow is amazing!!!

  2. Your snowman pillow is the cutest! Love the braid around it. Nice work!
    Your follower number is a rising..but I'm still hoping I win :-)
    Happy Snow Day to you, HH, and Enzo!

  3. Love the pillow its great...and the blue work of course. I am one of the non snow fans...

  4. Really cute projects and I just loved the pictures of the snow. I miss living in the mountains but city life is so much easier for us senior citizens. Enzo is a keeper!!


  5. Can't wait to see what you make with the braid, I have an idea for some myself, so will try it this week and see if it works. Love the winter pieces and it really looks beautiful in blue.


  6. oh my that pillow is adorable, I just love snowmen!
    Ok that blue work snowman little wall hanging or table runner as I would use it is just great, I need to make one of those in red though :)
    yes I entered and yes I am a follower!

  7. The wool braid is very interesting. It's got my 'noggin' whirring around with ideas. Anxious to see what you're using it for. Also am hoping I win one of your wonderful give-aways.

  8. Love your pillow! Unfortunately we have to wait here in Austria for the first snow. Hope he will come soon for the ski races. Love your blog and now I'm a follower. Regards from Austria! Michaele

  9. So you're working blue these days, huh? lol Bluework for the Winter Wonderland project from Crabapple Hill is also stunning. Everything is so cute, but I must admit that I'm stumped as to what you're going to do with the braid unless it's like mini braided rugs for mug mats??

    I love the photo of the first snow! It's so beautiful! It was 80 here yesterday, so it's a treat to my eyes to see your shoveling but I get to look at it to my heart's content. lol

  10. How fun to use the braid as piping! I love your pillow! I love the snowmen too. And the first snow is my favorite too. :-) Have a happy day!!

  11. I got the Bird Brain newsletter this morning too. It's tempting me. I bought that same blue perl cotton and their heavy white muslin at PIQF to do the 3 little quilts project. You always see it done in red...but blue is my favorite color.

    Sandie is correct, the braid was used as piping on your darling pillow! Nice work.

  12. We've had our first big snow (6 inches) in Plain (NE of Leavenworth, WA), so now I'm ready for spring! Love the bluework. So cute.

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE your little snowman pillow!! The braid is perfect on the edge!! And the blue stitchery is very sweet!! Lucky you!! Not so much on the snow...hope you let the dog frolic in it...common..let him go ape****! haha

  14. Hi Anna, I am sitting here, feeling hot- it is 30C here Thats 86F and it is only midmorning. Love the picture of your first snow, wish I could jump through the screen and roll around in it. LOL. Sandy. :)