Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shopping Diva & Postal Connection

I have never been a "Shopping Diva."  What you ask is a shopping diva?  Well, my definition is someone who can shop for hours without any idea of what they are looking for.  Where funds are never a consideration only, desire and expects service immediately.  This definition was personally developed as a youngster when the very first indoor mall was built about an hour and a half from our home.  It was an all day event.  Multi storied with the ability to see all the stories from the center.  Each time my mother would take us there for the day I would get sick.  Headache, bloody nose and exhaustion...I would always end up going out to the parking lot and sleeping in the back sit until everyone was ready to leave.  "Traumatized by mall"...I now prefer to shop small individual shops.  Malls scare me!  I'd like to know what is your definition of a "Shopping Diva."

Earlier this week HH was heading out to check up the latest cowboy action shooter...please, just drop me off at Pomegranate, this wonderful shop is located in a in OLD house and out buildings located right off of a major road...between a mini mall and a big mall.  And for those lucky enough to be in anywhere near Bend they are having an Open House & Soiree on Dec. 3rd starting at 1100...cocktail soiree from 4-7 pm.  Now this is my cup of shopping!!!

At Pomegranate I found this really sweet candy dish and the old bugle below...just know that the holiday arrangement below is still a work in progress.

...and this big jar of scrabble letters and wooden trays!  You can check them out on line and they are worth the "shop"

I do support my local quilt shops and small businesses but, a lot of my shopping is done by Internet/mail.  It saves me the trauma of actually shopping and I can do in my PJ's with a nice cuppa coffee!  And when I get really excited about something I can just get up and head to the pot-tay...that is how you say it when you have a little culture.  In a huge mall I am the one at the lit up map of the mall checking out the locations of the restrooms.  So, if I get excited I know where my next stop will be! 

I love receiving real letters and packages.  Last night when HH took Ezno out to sniff the night life he found this box by the front door!!!!  Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill sent me a box FULL of scraps from her recent lines of fabric (It weighs as much as a baby)!!!  SWEET!!!!  Thank You Anne!!! the mailbox was a package from Karen, Yellow Farmhouse it is worth spending an afternoon reading her past blogs!  The visual feast is every quilters dream!  I love the 3 light colored wools...I see sheep dancing in my head!

Today HH and I are heading out to breakfast and then shopping...yes, shopping although it is a 30 in round coffee table we are off we & Enzo go, to hit some of the second hand furniture store in our pick up truck...Shopping Divas we are not...well, maybe Enzo is...he loves shopping!


  1. I'll bed Enzo loves riding with you in the truck best of all!!! Do you take him a blankie to wrap up in during this cold weather? Hope you find the table of your dreams.

  2. I used to be a marathon mall shopper in my younger days. Not so much anymore. I have sooooo much stuff already. I really don't need any more. I still hit Macy's now and then for work clothes, but after I retire I won't even really need to do that. Now shopping downtown Jacksonville is another story. That is really fun! Lots of boutiques where you can find one of a kind items.

  3. I define a shopping diva pretty much the same, except it starts with "Someone who voluntarily spends time...." . I truly dislike shopping at malls and haven't been in one for at least 2 years now. I don't go near them other than to occasionally go to one of the restaurants on the "outer ring". I much prefer the smaller local shops that have personality plus, if I absolutely must shop. Second hand/antique shops, a favorite Prim shop, and quilt shops are about it except for "must do's" like groceries and stuff.

    I love the new pieces you've added to your decor, but I really must know how to get one of those boxes that just showed up! lol What fun!

    The trip to a used furniture store sounds like it has interesting possibilities to find something unique and wonderful. Enjoy!

  4. I can't remember the last time I went to a mall, lol.
    I like small shops and in areas where no one else goes;)


  5. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did too. Glad the pears turned out and I want to do them for Christmas. Me, not much of a mall/shopping person. Too many people, not worth it! I LOVE Pomegrante. I always go there when my sister comes here. See ya soon.