Friday, November 11, 2011

Quilts by Janelle Rebick

One of the many highlights of living in Oregon and specifically Central Oregon is the quilting community.  As a quilter you are inspired on a daily basis by the environment around you and the quilters who call this piece of real estate home!

For over a year we have been enjoying the latest addition to our quilting life...QuiltWorks!  The latest shop to make a statement, owners Marilyn and Dave offered a platform for a monthly quilt show in the gallery.  If you ever have a chance to visit Bend the gallery at QuiltWorks is a must see.

Because life has been a little bit packed and I am living a somewhat transitory life I have missed the First Friday events at QuiltWorks where the latest exhibits is unveiled...and that means I am missing MaryAnn's great eats!!!  Even though I have not been able to make it on the first Friday I have been sneaking up there and enjoying the display.  The display hangs for a month so you have many chances to check it out.

November's artist is Janelle Rebick a local elementary school teacher  and mother of 3...when does she have time to create these wonderful quilts???  She is a member of the Undercover Quilters who read a book together and then create a quilt from the pages of the chosen book.  There are so many wonderful quilters here and they continue to inspire me not only in quilting but the generosity of their spirits. 

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  1. Great quilts. I remember seeing the pig drinking Black Butte Porter (my own favorite brew)at the quilt show last year. Very cute! Looks like she is also a Judy Niemeyer fan. I have the pattern for the blue quilt, Crown of Thorns, and many many more. LOL! So far I have completed one and just started a new one.

  2. one day Terri I am going to have to visit you in Jacksonville and take photos of YOUR wonderful quilts! I foresee a trip in the spring!

  3. You are welcome to come visit anytime! (I will be in Mexico the first week in May)