Saturday, November 5, 2011

Over The Mountain And Through The Hill...

Just so you don't freak out, I did not look through the view finder to take these photos while driving!  I just picked the camera up one handed and snapped...amazing that I caught such decent images!  And that is through the windshield!!!

Here I am leaving Central Oregon and climbing through Warms Springs Indian Reservation.  It is one of my favorite areas because you can just feel the history.

In Bend it has been spitting snow...just to make you say "awwww, I'm not ready!"  But, out here the land is dry except for those mountain ranges...Mother Nature is beginning to paint her winter palate.

Although I love my small town life...the city life always is close to my heart.  Our colors changed a couple of weeks ago but here in Portland, Oregon there is a riot of colors!

Here is our room at the Paramount!  I chose a balcony room because i love to feel the city and this is the only hotel downtown that has balconies.  If you ever decide to come to Portland and want the city life I recommend the Paramount.  If you like a quiet city, my other favorite is Inn At Northrup Station.  The only disadvantage to the Inn is they don't allow dogs...I have been begging them for 2 years to allow Enzo to way.

Here is Colleen, my dear girlfriend from childhood...the one who carries all my teen angst, my parental rants, my heart aches, my joys...and she is strong!  She flew in for a girlfriend weekend and to go to the baby shower!  We decided for dinner we would take the trolley across town to our favorite grocery store buy some wine, cheese, bread and cookies for dinner.  We don't need no stinkin' did finally take both of us to get this bottle opened!  She held on to the bottle, while I pulled the cork screw with both hands.  Lucky we didn't spill any!

From our room the view of where the shower will be held!...who has a baby shower at the Hilton!???  Actually, my DIL's sister is a chef there and procured a room on the 26th floor that used to be an old restaurant!!!  I can't wait because from what I understand the view is spectacular!!!

Ah, the city life...I love it for a weekend!  No photos of the quilt cause I still have 2 sides to tack down and the shower isn't until 3:00 PM!  First there is room service...girls just gotta have fun!


  1. I like the idea of a hotel like that in a city, then you are comfy, but close to everything. I went to NY once, lasted about 4 hours and went home, lol. We are getting a train station down the road, so maybe now I will go in by train and be able to spend the day there.


  2. Glad you have such fun things to do on this cold and rainy Saturday. Hope your walk to the Hilton is a short one.

  3. Oh this was a bit of a trip down memory lane for me. I visited Portland and surrounds on a Country Heritage Quilt Tour when my boys were about 4, they are now 15, and I loved it. Enjoy the baby shower and I hope you take photos. It sounds like it will be wonderful!

  4. oh Debbie...what fun to take a train into NYC! One of Sarah's aunts came down from the Seattle area for the shower on the train and said it was so relaxing!

  5. Synthia it was exactly one block! you can see in today's slide show a photo from the shower to our hotel! lol

  6. you know Cherry I have always wanted to take one of those tours where someone else worries about the parking and just drops you in front of the shop!!!