Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday?? It Can't Be....!!!

I can't believe it is Monday already!  Time seems to be flashing by...and I can barely keep upright on Terra Firma.  HH and I had a full weekend. We decorated our tree, hung lights on the back deck, put the door decor up and started to unpack my Santa collection.  Our tree is not a designer tree but a memory tree.  It was bitter/sweet hanging the ornaments.  So many of them were given to us by mom from her travels around the world.  On the other hand...hanging the ornaments was also a fun walk down the family history lane.  There were a lot of ones that the boys and I collected that have meaning to us.  Others that were hand is a tree filled with love.

The tree skirt was made by me back in the '90s a giant dresden plate!

This is a little felt ornament I made when my oldest son was 3 months old.

As you can tell our ornaments are a conglomeration of our own creations and likes over time! lol

Thought I would give you a peek of Block #8 of the infamous BOW that I was a participant this past summer.  Yes...I am making headway!


  1. I love it all! We haven't begun to decorate yet.

  2. So many memories when we trim the tree.
    Love your new block, beautiful applique.


  3. I love your Christmas tree. Isn't that just what it should, a tree filled with the memories of family and loved ones no longer with us. Wishing you a blessed Christmas filled with the love of family.

  4. Your tree looks a lot like ours. Mostly family ornaments collected over the years. No particular style, just stuff we like or have inherited. Ours won't be up for another week or so. DH did get the lights up on the roofline though. That always makes our elderly neighbor across the street so happy!

    I love your BOW! Very nice!

  5. Love your tree! Ours is a trip down memory lane too. I love the ornaments we've collected and the kids have made over the years. :-)

    Have a happy day!

  6. Ohhhh love that block! Isn't it wonderful how a Christmas ornament is like a walk down memory lane!! Love it!
    Enjoy the season!

  7. My tree is so similar! I'm the sentimental type and kept all the kids' ornaments over the years. ONce they married I started handing them over; the DILs don't like an 'eclectic' tree...they are all one color girls and don't appreciate the work of their hubby's hands...their loss I say. Anyway, it's lovely! :)