Thursday, November 3, 2011


Yesterday I was dragging home from work with my invisible tail between my legs.  I know I normally don't "beat a dead horse" but geez my brain is so full of details, have too's, worry abouts and what else do I have to do in relation to my mother's affairs that my own issues are taking a back my over the top-full brain!  If there is one lesson I am learning and I want to pass on to you...get organized and, if you have decent kids share with them the details so they won't be chasing their tails when you go belly up!!!  I now have a job and a half and I am pooped!!! 

When I picked up my mail after work there was a package from Homestead Hearth !  It was month one of the BOM I signed up for and I am so  excited.  I know there is a  real potential that it could become a UFO but, I am planning on a WIP!  I know somewhere around here my mojo is hiding and maybe with the first snowflake it will appear!

...and then this little pile of fabrics will become this fabulous quilt!!!  One has to have dreams!
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