Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grimm (& don't forget the Give Away!)

I woke up yesterday morning to snow on my front porch.  The wind must have blown from the west to the east.  It was beautiful and the reflection off the snow created a bright glow even though it was dark. 

Now here is the part that creeps me out!  I have become a die hard fan of the new TV show Grimm.  Not only is it creepy but it is funny is set in Portland, Oregon which means I get to see a lot of familiar sites.  In fact in Fridays episode which I DVR'd because it is too late for me to stay up the suspect was having a drink in the Blue Moon which is a Mcmenamin's  micro brew pub in which my future DIL's father did most of the mural cool is that!  But on the flip side the show has creeped me out when I am in the dark...and, when Enzo looks off into the dark for long periods of in this photo!  He stands perfectly still and doesn't respond to he seeing a wild animal...or a Grimm character?

Finally I have a photo of project #4 which was provided by Debbie of Wooden Spools Designs during the Homespun and Holly Event.  A miniature wool tree skirt!

Or I could use it as a Christmas penny rug!

7 more followers and the Give Away party begins!!!  Just click on the link and follow the instructions and you can take home the wonderful Bunny Hill pattern and wool! and a little something else! lol


  1. OK, I would e scared. LOL!! Sometimes my girls stare into the darkness and I see nothing. Let's just say we all go back in the house and lock the doors. LOL!

    Cute little mini!

  2. I hadnt heard about that show i will have to check it out

  3. LOL that would creep me out too! Hopefully he is just seeing a little critter, or another dog. ;) Love the little tree skirt!

  4. You are funny, I love that show too. Maybe I should actually pay attention to it, when it is on, I tend to browse or sew when I watch tv and my brain is moosh as it is, lol.


  5. Just discovered Grimm. Love it. Cool to have a TV show filmed in Portland.

  6. I get creeped out easily, as the commercials are more than I can take, so I've not watched Grimm. Let's hope Enzo just spotted an animal moving a nice little bunny or something. lol

    The mini tree skirt or candle mat is adorable!!

  7. I've been watching Grimm too - and enjoying it, though it really is too bizarre sometimes. :) blessings, marlene