Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Grief!

I may have been wrong about learning to become a patient person and enjoy the moments.  I tried it yesterday and all it did was create a lot of quiet moments where I couldn't stop crying!  First I ran into Costco...and then slowed way down walking quietly up and down each isle.  As soon as I saw the bottles of fresh oysters...I got teary.  My mom loved those oysters and the Costco in California didn't carry them.  Whenever she rolled into town she'd go to Costco and buy some.  Who would have thought a bottle of oysters would set off an afternoon of crying jags...good grief.  I rode my scooter over to her house and just stood in the driveway...what the hey...how could this have happened!

Anyhoo today is filled with activities outside of the house and I am going to try and keep a little faster pace so my grief can't catch me! LOL

Last Sunday on my way home from Portland I met up with a Fabric Stalker who lives part time in Vancouver, Washington.  Where did we meet...Fabric Depot of course!  5 acres of fabric and notions...the perfect rendezvous!

Here we are Dale & I, surrounded by 25% off everything...but, with the price of fabric that brought it down to last years prices!  I was shocked...all the fabric was $11.99 - $13.99 a yard!


A sea of fabric, a quilters dream.


Can you believe this landscape of PINK!!!

Guess who I ran into!  Linda (on the right) who is on retreat with her friend Liz from back east. If you remember from a previous blog Linda is the tour guide for Sew Much Fun Hong Kong tour.  If you are interested click on the link for the 2012 tour!

From the photo above can you guess which quilter has 5 projects at retreat and which one has 29 projects??? LOL

And finally here are my purchases.  I needed some red polka dots for my stash, a few pieces of the taupe Japanese fabrics, a jelly roll of Blueberry Crumb Cake, some batting and of course chocolate!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Shopping is always good therapy;)
    Wonderful buys and now you can create some beautiful things with them.


  2. Sounds like your grief is making sneak commando attacks. Stay strong!

    Did Dale used to live in Bend? I think I may have met her a really long time ago at the Sister's Quilt show.

  3. I agree Debbie...shopping is good therapy and I feel like I am doing something for my country! lol

  4. You got it Terri, out of the blue I turn into a crying, nose running, hiccuping cry baby...oh well...Greg says this will get to place where I can live with it. Yes, you met Dale. She still have a home base here but works in Vancouver so lives there Monday-Friday

  5. I **LOVE** your red polka dots!!!! You lucky duck, you!!! As for the slowing down and enjoying the moment leading to oyster grief....at some point there will be more fond memories when you see them than tears. Don't miss the quiet moments just to avoid the grief...but don't dwell on it either. I turn into a sappy crying baby from time to time still, but it's just a reminder that I had something wonderful to miss...and I want to enjoy the other wonderful in my life that I have today while I still have it...if that makes sense.

  6. I know, aren't the dots wonderful! I love what you said...especially, "it's just a reminder that I had something wonderful to miss!" Perfect...thank you!