Wednesday, November 2, 2011

작별, adieu, fo dea-, arrivederci Lindsey!

Last night was bitter sweet.  Life changes and we have no way in our magic quilted bags to keep it the same...nor do we want too or have the ability to protect our family from change.  And so, our Lindsey heads off to the wild blue yonder of Nebraska!  Professor she is and professor she will Nebraska.  The Fabric Stalkers wanted to say our farewell for now, with a nice meal shared.  We were missing a few that couldn't make it but they were there in heart.  The evening was filled with laughter, heartfelt sharing, food, wine and diet does have it's moments. 

I got a peek at the quilt the Fabric Stalkers made blocks for and Robin has been putting together in memory of mom...and I am in awe of how I ended up with such a wonderful group of women!  You can't quite see it but there is a block with mom's initials.  It is a sampler with Asian fabrics...and absolutely beautiful.  I am going to hang it at Quiet River which is mom's home here in Bend and where we so on quilt retreat each winter.  If you have been on the blog a while you know I have been wanting to take down that Loom blanket she hung on the wall! lol

Enzo really likes it and he missed his grandma, especially her feet...he loved to lick her toes and make her laugh!


...And I had to put in a little plug for See's Candies...OMG are these orange chocolate wafers soooo good.  I bought them in Napa cause we don't have a See's in Bend and the clerk said they only are available one month a year until they is your chance!  You can go on line and order if you don't have a See's near you!

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