Thursday, October 6, 2011

You Can't Take The Texas Out Of The Girl...

...but you can take the girl out of  Texas!  And so our dear friend Diane has made her Fall trek from Texas to Bend.  She is an honorary Material Girl and Woolie...and may be the only girl in Texas who is excited about Wool projects.  Anne opened her home for a small gathering...seems this is all I can handle these days (small groups)!  By noon yesterday at work I was fried...just no umph in my body or brain.  I saw my co-work Bill Keale at work and lost it...I had to write in a note that mom had sailed off and that his music helped her passage because I couldn't say it out loud (you can find his CD's on Amazon.  I am going to have to double my water intake because more is coming out in the form of tears than is going in...and the lack of sleep is getting to me.

Talking about music, my friend Anne said I should post the titles of the songs I use on my slide shows but I forgot to put it on today's.  I like choosing the music, sometimes it sets the mood, sometimes I am just being funny.  But today's song is the theme from Dallas...after all we got a Texan in town!lol  I am one lucky girl to have such wonderful friends and that they also quilt!!!  It's a short slide show but worth the peek...and if you scroll down you'll see how I soothed my pain.
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and now for the sharing of my retail therapy!
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