Saturday, October 15, 2011

Words To Live By

My dear friend Lori gave me these wooden flowers for my sewing room...but I feel like I need to carry them around with me.  Cherish Yesterday, Live for Today.  It is going to be my mantra as I leave my home and fly the friendly skies to California.  A week of meeting with the attorney, insurance agent, financial advisor, relator, banker...bottle washer and shrink...I will try my best to blog along the way but I won't guarantee that it will be worth reading or that it will be totally quilt related. And, you better believe I am bring some wool to work on!

Someone asked me yesterday what I have learned in this process of losing my mom...I said, "don't miss the moments."


  1. No truer words, wonderful gift for you.
    I hope everything goes well while you are getting her things in order.


  2. So true! Wishing you peace and comfort from your memories of good times with your mom. ~Roberta

  3. Keep all of those beautiful memories close to your heart, Anna. Safe travels, and hugs from Sandy. :)