Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat! I Dressed Up As Mojo & I Love You Alma!!!

I love some of the suggestions of what to do when your mojo is missing.  And so yesterday after long conversations on the phone updating the info exchange regarding mom's estate I took a shower.  Then I wrote emails.  Oh yeah...Wyatt's quilt!  So I popped in a book on CD...Sizzling Seventeen.  Nothing like a little Stephanie Plum, grandma Mazur, Morreli and Ranger to get the blood pumping!  I think I have about 2/3rds of it done!  But the emails sent by all of you so touched my heart, the encouragement, the real life experiences...that's what I am talking about...the quilter to quilter connection!

I did run out to pick up the Rib Kings home smoked ribs for the send off dinner on Tuesday for our very own Fabric Stalker who is moving to Nebraska!!!! on the 13th...what are we gonna do without our Lindsey who teaches us some much about the computer, phone, purses...I hope she has Skyp!

Then in typical Anna fashion of distraction I went to Whole Foods, bought some tomato sauce, wine and a tiny pumpkin pie.  HH made some fabulous spaghetti and I am going to have the left overs today for lunch at work!

OMG, I am star struck!!! The gals from Black Bird Designs !!!  If you do not know this because you are new to the blog...I love Alma!!! (forget everything else I might have said about her) I want to be Alma and I would only have to change two letters in my name to be Alma.  Alma, cooks, makes cheese, bread, name it Alma can do it.  As my girlfriends will tell you just changing a couple of letters does not suddenly allow you to create bread, make cookies or stitch like Alma.  Earlier this year it was Alma, Alma, Alma and I spent a small fortune trying to become Alma...there is only one.  Love that blue quilt in that background!!!  Anne, you made my day!

Have a great Monday and lets hope we get more photos from our very own Anne who living the International Quilt Market life!


  1. Procrastination is my middle name, lol.
    I do love their designs and that blue quilt is gorgeous, but I know I would go nuts trying to make it;)


  2. AHA I knew you could do it. 2/3 is a remarkable comeback. On a sad note, another grandma friend of mine has lost her darling Noah. He took his Thomas Train and went into God's arms this morning at 6:00. Noah was born with a defective heart and has had numerous surgeries since early July of this year. He fought and fought and fought with so much strength but as he weakened he ask God to let him come home so Mom and Dad could get some rest. Now he is watching over them, getting ready to do the job that God had waiting for him. RIP sweet little Noah. The two years you were here meant so much to so many of us. You taught us all about strength and fortitude. I'm glad you are home with God and are healed now. So Anna, today is the day to finish that quilt. We are both so blessed with our grandchildren. Say a prayer for Noah's Nana will you? Thanks

  3. ROFLOL...oh Debbie I can see us going crazy as we take years to finish that quilt!

  4. Jeanne i was a labor/NICU nurse for years and even is a litte one passed away at birth I knew that they were teaching us something. Noah will be in my thoughts and prayers. I am going to work hard on finishing Wyatt's quilt!