Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Sew Many Quilt Break with Pam & The Winner of the Stash/Sewing Space

Sunday I was invited to the Wool group at Sew Many Quilts.  They meet the second Sunday of each month at noon.  The environment is stimulating for a quilter and it is hard not to take a break every hour and look around the shop.

Pam is the moderator of the group and is very helpful to the new Woolie.  It was wonderful seeing some old friends from my early quilt groups...and I got a little stitching on my BunnyHill quilt Henrietta Whiskers!  I am getting close!!  What a great bunch of ladies!...and Lorna made banana bread!

Fell in love with this little candle mat by Buttermilk Basin

Aren't these wool mats beautiful...the little blue flowers have a bead in each flower!

Linda is working on a project that reminds of the Kansas Trouble people!

Here they are...getting close!!!

...and now the winner of the Stash/Sewing area slide show...is the quilter who sleeps, cuts fabric and quilts in her bed!!! As chosen by the Random Number Generator...I think this photos says it all...I love this person...they are as obsessed as I am!  Let me know who you are and your mailing address and I'll send off a goodie for you!


  1. That is funny, love the bed photo. I have to clean today, lots to do and throw out before winter comes. Love the wool projects, those are always fun to make.


  2. Ah Debbie, you are hunkering down for winter...me too!

  3. The wool table mats are really lovely! Nice woolie work! Congrats to the bed studio quilter :-) or is that studio bed quilter? I like to have my fabric and projects all out where I can see it too!

  4. OMG!!! It's mine. I have a small bedroom that doubles as my sewing room, so there is no room for another table other that the one that holds my sewing machine. lol Thank you so much. I will send you my info.

  5. Lorri congratulations!!! Thank you for participating! turns out there was a woolie today who has cut fabric on her bed!