Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nip & Tuck

Today was the first day I woke up and knew immediately I in my own bed...and, it was heaven.  I am finding that not only are the days nip and tuck emotionally but so are the moments and I am riding this wave with the skill of a big wave rider.  Last night I was zoning on a DVR'd episode of Survivor...and suddenly I said, "I can't believe she is gone." and both HH and I had an emotional moment.  I know all the feel good things about...not really being gone but she lives within our hearts...but the presence my mom had in our lives makes a huge "Gone."  So...I take each day moment by moment.

I had a wonderful weekend of forgetting...my list of things that have to be accomplished.  The Fabric Stalkers are wonderful people and each brings their own quiet or not so quiet way of helping one heal.

Last night when the Robin and Anna caravan pulled in my stuff was dumped in my sewing room and there it sits today...no time to organize I have more than my sewing room to think about.  But I am keeping my fingers crossed that a group of friends is still meeting this afternoon and I am going to cut a slice of time out...just for me.  I wanted to post a few more photos of what the Fabric Stalkers created!

you must click on Dale's photos and maybe you can see some of the wonderful embellishments she put on this Halloween wall hanging!

Julie finished her Fat Quarter BOM blocks!  Yeah!!!  each block took 1 1/2 hours to complete and boy did we hear about it!  It is so dang cute!!!

Jane spent some time making aprons and this beauty even matches her jammies!  I don't care what you say Jane...you have a 1000 watt smile!

Lindsey taught a bag class to mom and Jane and they turned out wonderful...they are stuffed with purchases made at the Center Diamond and other places

Again Jane models her minkie blankie she made...so soft and cuddly!

Irene finished quilting another project that she designed the layout and the quilting for...a gift from the heart to someone special.

...and finally a project that Robin started and finished in an afternoon...love the pear color of that green...yum

Tomorrow I'll post a slide show of my retail therapy and shopping at Holly Hills!


  1. I think it is very important to really grief. Do not push it aside- although it is very emotional. It is the only way to really come to terms with your loss. My heart go out to you. Glad you had a good time with your friends.

  2. Hi Anna, everyone grieves in their own way. You will have good days, and not so good days.
    The time away with your friends did happen at a time when you probably really needed company around you. They sound like a lovely bunch of friends to be sewing with. Hugs, Sandy.

  3. Hi Anna,
    My mom died 17 years ago and there are still times I think about calling her. I miss her a lot. You are lucky to have such a good group of friends to support you during this rough time. It looks like you had a fun time too!

  4. Thank you for the thoughtful comments. Yes I do have wonderful friends...Now it is that process of telling my story to people I haven't seen since the service and that is hard.

  5. Hi! Greetings from Finland! I love the quilts! It's so nice to find other quilters from other countries! :)

  6. Hello Ullan! Glad you could join us here in oregon! I loved the Japanese quilts on your site and am in love with the little stuffed lamb!