Friday, October 28, 2011

Definitely A Tortoise and A Peek At Quilt Market From Bunny Hill

Yesterday proved it...I am definitely in tortoise mode!  Although I had the benefit of stimulating company I was still moving at a very slow pace.  It took me the entire Civil War group quilting time to make one block! And, I had to finish it after Lori and Irene left...sheesh. Although I like the block it is indicative of the quilting metabolism that I currently have.  I wonder what you guys do to stimulate the quilting juices???  I was moving along at a nice clip, completing UFO's, PIG's and WIP's...but now I can barely thread my machine.

I am excited about my new pincushion!  It is a compressed wool ball that I picked up at the coast on my last retreat.  The pins looks so cute all organized that I don't want to move them around to much...maybe that is the problem...I am too organized! ROFLOL

Today is a day of meetings and an appointment to get my boobies huh! But, I am going to leave my little sewing machine in the dining room in the off chance I get the gumption to make another block!

Here is a beginning peek of Quilt Market 2011.  The Bunny Hill booth is a valuable piece of real estate and our Woolie Anne from Cottons 'n Wool is helping Anne of Bunny Hill along with Nancy and Kim in Huston, Texas.  Who would have thought that quilting would also require some real estate construction!  Maybe by tomorrow Anne will send us some more juicy photos!

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  1. you should take out the mystery from sisters and start it it will just take you along with it and soon you will be envolved,,on the second mystery clues...

  2. I get into those moods, I just change projects and work on something new to get me motivated again.


  3. Going to a good quilt show usually gets me fired up to either finish a WIP or PIG, or start something new! I just returned from PIQF. The quilts were phenomenal. The problem with big shows like that is you often leave feeling as though you should sell your stash and machine because you will never reach that level of quilting. I have to give myself a pep talk before I go in. "This is inspiration to build better quilts." :)

  4. oh Ann...I wish I could start my mystery but I can tell it is already become a hoo

  5. Sage advice Debbie from someone who knows. Thank you

  6. Oh Terri, I can't believe you feel that way when you make such beautiful quilts!!!