Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wool at Sew Many Quilts!

On the second Sunday of each month a group of Wool aficionados meet at Sew Many Quilts!  I lucked out because I am starting a new project, sacrebleu (damm in French. I am practicing for my trip with  Jeanne on the textile tour 9/12) I didn't have the right color of blues I needed...but, I did know that a shop in town would have just what I required for this project.  Hopping on Patty I headed to Sew Many Quilts only to stumble upon the Wool group!!!  hummmm how many wool groups can I fit into my life...possibly one more!  Anyhoo...after seeing what wonderful stuff they are creating I may have to amp up my wooling (is that a word?)  Pam is the group guru and a wonderful resource so if you are working Monday-Friday (to pay for that wool addiction) one Sunday a month to hang out and stitch on wool may be just what the Wool Doctor ordered!

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  1. Thank you Anna for the beautiful slide show of wooly goodness. Do you happen to know the name of the set of flower blocks in one of the first few pics of your show - those blocks are talking to me, lol.

    Hugs Karen

  2. I also want to know the name of the flower blocks and where we can get the pattern.

  3. Oh Karen and Marie, I hate to break your hearts but the gal who was making those blocks designed them on her own...adapting motifs from other BOM's she has done...whaaaa