Saturday, August 27, 2011

To Go or Not To Go? and Last Day to Register for the Give Away!

Yesterday, I decided to go to JoAnn's and drool over the Go and Baby Go...just to check it out...there was only one  Go.  The sale is next weekend...hummm.  If they sold the one they said they could order another...but I am still vacillating.  I checked out all the dies, read some quilt books showing quilts all made by using the Go.  I have talked to Go owners, read reviews, and have considered all the pros and cons...thank goodness it is another week till the sale!  My wrist says Go For It!

After the drooling I crossed the street to BJ's Quilt Basket.  This time I had my camera and camera card! lucked out because I ran into Robin and her grandson, Clay (isn't he a doll!?).  They were buying some angry ladybug fabrics and then heading to the High Desert Museum.

Since I had forgot my camera card on my last trip to BJ's I wanted to share with you some of the Fall class quilts.  Hope you are having a great weekend and those in the path of Irene...wishing you a safe weekend!
Today, is the last day to register for The Give Away

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  1. Well, one benefit is, if you buy from jo anns, you save on shipping, so comes out the same. The second is, if you buy from them and you don't like it, easy to return;)

    No hurricane yet, but we have rain now, was hoping it would hold off for a bit longer.


  2. Anna I love my Go!Cutter. I have the big one and the only downside is that you need so many dies - least I WANT them and they can be pricey - but depending on your personality the Cutter can be a great addition to your sewing life. I have some issues cutting - fatique, neck and shoulder problems and I don't mind wasting a bit of fabric (some of the dies do waste -eg dresden,I am told.)However, if you love cutting and/or are really accurate and quick, and hate any wastage it may not be for you. I just bought a small flower die and am going to try to use it for hand applique as well as machine. I say GO for it. haha

  3. Oh Debbie I have been thinking about you allllll morning! glad the Hurricaine is holding off a bit longer!!! the CNN News is crazy scary!!!

    I didn't think about the return policy...good point!

  4. Thanks Vicki! I love the input...and like you I have my issues and think the Go will be a great addition. I always save my extra cuts and pass them down the line to the Fabric Stalkers and so never feel like I am wasting fabric! lol

  5. I have a Vagabond by Sizzix, which takes most of the dies for other machines, though I've only been able to buy 2 so far. If you have carpal tunnel and have some shapes and sizes of fabric that you cut frequently, these machines really are time savers as well as wrist savers. The first one I got was to cut 2 1/2" strips, which is not only a common size for piecing, but is fabulous to be able to cut binding so quickly and easily! There are some less basic but more decorative dies that I'd love to have for appliqué too.

    One of the things that I looked at before deciding which cutter to buy were the machine itself and how many/what type of dies were available or able to be used...that I already do frequently. Most machines only take their brand, and I found that some of the dies that I wanted were for other machines, plus I liked that it was motorized rather than having to crank it by hand. But your needs/wants might be met by the dies of only one brand of machine.

    The other thing that I looked at was the cost of the dies, since the cost of the machine is a one time thing, and it's the dies that actually end up costing the most because there are more of them in the long run. Were there enough repetitive cutting sizes and shapes to warrant the cost of each of the dies? For cutting binding alone, the reduction of cutting was worth it for me, and I think over time, for the other basic die that I got (3 1/2" squares). There are tons of them that I would love to have for appliqué, and when I can afford to add another die to my collection, I am going to have to decide which one I want and need most.

    Not only is the machine saving my wrist from pain when I need to cut that kind of stuff, it's also fun and a very fast way to get the cutting done, which I find to be a boring task.

  6. I have the go baby and find that it has been a great purchase, on the dies...I get those off of ebay and have saved quite a bit of money that way...there is some fabric that is a waste, but if you are very very careful trimming it before you run it threw the cuts back on that...

  7. You could offer the use of it to your friends if they buy the die they want. Hmmmm, a win win!

  8. Corney I so appreciate your thoughtful and information filled comments. I have a lot to think about...go or no go??? The dies were kinda spendy!

  9. Thanks Ann, I keep forgetting that there are ebay or maybe craigs list postings of regretful purchasers??? I am going to check it out this weekend!

  10. Ahhh Anne leave it to you to figure a great angle. GoGo free use when you bring a die...hummm I am going to have to figure out a great sales pitch!

  11. Oh I say absolutely Go! for it! I have a Go! and I just love it soooo much. I can't imagine not having it now. Accuquilt is an absolutely amazing company with excellent customer service and tons of support for quilters. Check out their web site and look at the forum and all the free patterns and videos. You won't get that support from anyone else :-D I absolutely love my Go!