Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunriver Quilt Show

This past Saturday was the Sunriver Outdoor Quilt Show in the Sunriver Village.  It was an absolutely beautiful day and so Robin and I headed out to enjoy the show.  Sunriver is an all inclusive destination resort and community with about 1000 year round residents but can explode to 10,000 on a good summer weekend. Sunriver Resort has a lot to offer the vacationer and this past weekend it was a quilter's delight!  Besides the show we had a wonderful lunch which included fresh guacamole made right at our table!!! yummm!

There were several vendors and of course I ended up adding to my wool stash!  Enjoy the Quilt Show I am off to work...which will be a 12 hour day!

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  1. Awesome quilt show! The quilters in your neck of the woods are amazing...prolific and they do lovely work! Thanks for sharing the show!

  2. I thought you were not going to buy any fabric that day! Nice show. I can't wait for the show in Pioneer Park this coming Saturday.

  3. that was wonderful and how wonderful of you to share it! thank you

  4. Loris you are right about the quilters around here being prolific and making beautiful quilts. It can be inspiring and intimidating!

  5. no, no, no...I was only going to buy wool that misunderstood

  6. You welcome Vicki...I think quilters are such sharing people that I love passing on the love!