Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Enzo ever deligently keeping an eye on his boy.

...and at the end of the day he dances and sings for everyone who will take the time to listen...

Yes, I am bone in working a 12 hour night shift and delivering 10 babies...or...working the OR and having 10 add on cases from the ER...but...there are rewards trying to keep up with a 9 yr. old boy!  Yesterday we or rather he made a pillow cases.  He picked out the fabric from my stash. Cat In The of my favorites!

Pinning the layers carefully

concentrating on keeping that quarter in seam

Learning and sewing French seams

cause we don't want it to fray in the wash!


Today we head to the Deschutes County Fair!  Yes, I will have to attend the Carnival portion but the animals and quilts are on the top of the list also! Tomorrow I'll have a slide show....ohhh, I can't wait!  Have a great day and see ya tomorrow!
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